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  1. Smolam.Net

    Titanium drip tips

    We make titanium drip tips. Handmade. Delivery from Ukraine! More models on our website
  2. M

    I am so lost!

    Hello, I am trying really hard to find the best vape and e-liquid for me. I am mostly concerned about safety & health since I am trying to do this to quit smoking cigarettes. I don't want to do just a different bad thing. I read some articles like this one . It seems like it is important what...
  3. cloudvape

    Types of Wire Used for Building Vape Coils

    Hi everyone, I wrote this article about the most common and popular types of wire used for building vape coils: Kanthal Nickel Nichrome Stainless Steel Titanium Just some information in case anyone can find it useful.
  4. K

    Help! Out of options!

    I have been using my Evic VTC Mini for 9 months now and have never had any issues up until this point. I have always used nickel coils but only had titanium left on hand so that is what I have in there now. Since I put in and primed my new coil it no longer allows me to use the temp control. I...
  5. Cloud_Generator

    SOLD - Mark Bugs Titanium Wizard and Ti Gem

    I was wanting to see if there is any interest in this Mark Bugs set up. I no longer vape MTL so this pretty much sits around. what I have is a Titanium 18490 wizard (serial# - W0036m) it does have one or two minor scratches but is really hard to see. It will be paired with a titanium gem...
  6. Cloud_Generator

    -SOLD- Titanium Provari with Ti Kabuki

    I hate to get rid of this set but it doesn't fit my style of vaping anymore so I thought that I would try to move it on out of here. I am asking $275.00 for the set and I am also open to trading it for something of equal value that is at least 70 watts or more. I am not wanting to split the set...
  7. patorpw

    To TC or not to TC

    I count myself as an experienced vaper for 3 years plus now. Plenty of experience with mods and building coils and all that good stuff. I've always stuck with kanthal up to now for my ADVs. I've dabbled with Nichrome 80 when the fancy has taken me but I've always steered away from TC coils...
  8. ATR SUN

    Mod mode/coil saftey

    Hey im getting a vape & thinking about getting the joyetech evic vtc mini with a kanger toptank mini, anyways according to many reviews the joyetech eats battery in wattage mode due to puff counter etc, so im wanting to use it in TC mode but theres only titanium and nickel for tc mode options on...
  9. anm1492

    Ti wire on my vtec pleasee...

    Everytime I put a dual coil build on my device, it switches from temp control to power mode. Can anyone give me any insight? I'm pretty novice when it comes to vaping in general. so any tips will help me out.
  10. K

    Titanium Ni200 Clapton

    So, I recently wanted to try making claptons with Titanium wire and was wondering has anyone tried build a titanium clapton with the titanium as the core and Ni200 as the outer? Does anyone know if this build would work?
  11. IntoxicatedChimp

    Need help with Xcube 2 Temp control Ti coil

    Hey I bought the Tf-Ti prebuilt coil for my tfv4 so I could try out TC mode on my xcube. I am a complete noob and google hasn't helped me with getting this set up. I have already upgraded the firmware to 1.93(i believe that is the latest, up to 180w) but I have heard you have to use bluetooth...
  12. P

    Titanium Coil on IPV 4S Question

    I have been building with Kanthal for years and tried Nickle for a little but found it difficult to work with. I went to Titanium and found it much easier to work with, however my question is what is a good ohm range to shoot for with titanium if there is any, i have been going around .08 dual...

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