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  1. X

    Selling my collection

    Just lost interest. Bought a ton of shit. I'm getting rid of it all. Please contact me if interested. Here's pictures of what I have:
  2. VapingReaper27

    Hohm Tech Run XL 21700

    i have a question! so imma buy a kennedy vindicator i was wondering if Hohm Tech Run XL 21700 will be a good battery for a 21700 mech mod? sorry if this is the wrong place but ive never used a 21700 or a 20700 what would your suggestions be?
  3. mikeybee

    HELP! Newbie: Ohms Law

    I'm trying to get into tube mech mods because I love how they look. Now I used a steam-engine calculator and it says here that if I use a coil with - 0.20 Ohms (Im just planning to use pre built coils) - 3.7 V batt - Atleast 18.5a (in this case a 20a batt) - 68W It'll be fine? Now that I know...
  4. Karjallo

    Searching Samael from el diablo philipines

    Hey guys I want to buy a sama el box mod from el diablo philipines, please feel free to contact me if you want to sell one or if you know where I can buy one used or new. Thanks
  5. irradiated

    Dakota Reviews the Noisy Cricket II-25 - a true jack-of-all-trades mod

    Hey guys! Dakota back with another review of gear from my personal collection. This time we’re going to take a look at something from the lower end of the spectrum: the Noisy Cricket II by Wismec & JayBo. About me: I’m a hobbyist who quit cigarettes and started vaping around 3 years ago. These...
  6. C

    Question about voltage drop

    Hello all. Just a question about voltage drop, if the voltage of my battery is at 3.8v and the voltage drops it to 3.3v~3.5v so 0.5~0.3 difference, do I need to charge my battery since 3.7v is where I'm supposed to be charging at? Should I just wait until the voltage of my battery hits 3.7v...
  7. Y

    HELP! ~ Stentorian AT-7

    Hello! I purchased an AT-7 about a month ago and it refuses to charge. I've pulled it apart and rebuilt it but it's still have g the same issue. Any help?
  8. T

    Tuglyfe V.2 Series mod review!!!!

    Hello everyone the vaping chemist here, This is my first review so please give feedback and feel free to ask any questions if I missed anything. But anyways on with the review, the item I'm reviewing today as you could see from the title is the Tuglyfe V.2 series mod from flawless vape...
  9. Mikhail Naumov

    M&PWM Modding's Custom Built PWM, OKR-T30, Unregulated & DNA/SX Mods (And More!)

    Hello, and welcome to the M&PWM Modding official VU sale thread! I specialize in PWM mods, but I will make just about anything! Thanks for stopping by. ADMIN SAYS: There seems to be a dispute going on of a buyer in here not receiving his paid product. So Buyers Beware until this issue is...
  10. Mikhail Naumov

    Post your BIG ass unregulated mods.

    Title says all, huge ass unregulated mods, custom or not, post them here. Just made this fucker, 26650 parallel series:
  11. WeekendOhms

    WTB- Coppper/Brass mech

    I am looking for a copper or possibly brass mechanical mod please let me know if your selling one! I don't want clones. thanks in advance, Weekend
  12. M

    DIY Box Mod Question

    Whats up Fam, I have a few quick questions regarding the box mod I am about to build. Here is what I have so far: Pre drilled 1590G Hammond Enclosure 3034 MOSFET w/ 15k resistor 5ft 14awg silicon electrical wire 5ft 20awg silicon electrical wire 0.28" voltmeter Dual 18650 Battery Sled 12mm...
  13. K

    Hammond box for single 26650

    Hey folks, I am planning on building a single 26650 unregulated mod with mosfet and probably a volt meter. Any recommendation for the size of enclosure I should get? I was going to get a Hammond box since they are very accessible but not sure what size to get. I want to try and keep the...
  14. Gagerr

    New to unregulated, help me out!

    Always been vaping with regulated mods and decided to try out mechanicals, help me with this set up, yo! (Looking for hella clouds) Cherry bomber (parallel) (parallel means volts are added so more vapor, right?) 2x 18650 3.7v (5800mah a piece) generic ass batteries Plume veil RDA w/ 0.4...
  15. M

    Vaperz Cloud X1 Mech?

    I'm thinking of getting the Vaperz Cloud X1 mech mod (as my first mech) and the x1 rda to go with it, is it worth the price or is there a better mech mod and rda for cheaper?
  16. Rapeljacksparrow

    Noisy Cricket Build?

    So I'm rather new to this unregulated series hybrid mod. I absolutely love it! Although..I'm sure I could do better build wise, but I'm kinda limited at the moment to 24g kanthal. With the NC I've learned that in order to achieve the results I'd like, that you need to build to the batteries...
  17. S

    Regulated vs unregulated.

    Alright so I've bbeen en vaping for a little over a year had a pen for a while n finally moved up to a box mod had the evic vt 60w ran it at 60 all the time with a skyborg rda .15-.20 builds all the time loved the cloud and flavor. But today my evic just kinda stopped working. Seriously in the...
  18. levelcooldude

    Unregulated Parallel 26650 box build

    I'm building a 26650 box mod, I have the wiring, button, 510 connector, battery tray, and a IRLB3034PBF mosfet. What else do I need, I plan on running builds from .15 to .05 (UPDATE): I won't be using the box for anything lower then .1 I've already got a 18650 box for lower builds. But with a...
  19. C

    26650 mechinal mod help

    So I purchased a 26650 mod a couple of weeks ago and it works great but just today it stopped firing and I checked all the connections no juice in the 5/10 connection removed the firing button checked the spring and everything then put my battery on the charger and it is showing up at 0.0 volts...
  20. X

    Who vapes a mech and tank? Need some recommendations/help.

    I'm just trying to get an opinion on people's experiences with a mech mod and a tank. You see a lot more people using regulated devices with tanks and I wanted to know how much of a difference it is. What are you could built at when using a mech? I want to get an abaddon and the subtank mini. If...

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