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what's up guys, I’m been searching online for the best UK online vape shops for mods, tanks, coils and accessories in general.

What’s everyone’s preference?


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Ouch. That hurts to read. Maybe try something like the below.

Hey people! I've been scouring all the online vape shops. Not able to draw much of a conclusion of a favorite one. Can anyone offer some suggested online vaping retailers that are U.K. based?

By the by, looked over your site despite being in the U.S.. I only saw about three RDAs on the site. You had a live chat on the site. I asked about that. Your live chat gave me banking hours. :facepalm:

I dislike sites using live chats that are not live chats. If you're going to do live chats commit staff to it. Pay over time if need be, keep it a live chat. The internet and web do not sleep. You'll end up losing business if your live chat isn't live.

Yes, customers might have questions at 2 AM local time. You might have someone on Martian time not realize the time difference. On Mars your 2 AM local may be 11 AM local to them. So basically if hosting a live chat you'll need it staffed 24/7/366. (The extra day is for leap years.)

Also, you need to account for travelers of temporal rifts, For example a village in Japan is stuck in the year 1985. This gives us wacko time travelers a safe zone. Yes, time travel exists. No, I will not disclose how. You may be better off not knowing. :)

Why do I look at U.K. based sites if in the U.S.? Well, I've got mates in the U.K. for one reason. I like being able to help them for another. One never knows where a deal may come from for a third reason. Besides that I'm a human being meaning I'm plain old curious. :)

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