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  1. jact25bd

    Three Diamond Mist E Liquid To Try This Summer 2021

    UK weather predicts temperature in the early weeks of June to be around 20 Degree Celcius. While summer is just around the corner, it's a good idea to stock E-Liquid now to enjoy the summer to its fullest extent. Rossat Vape, a UK online vape shop, recommends these 3 Diamond Mist UK brand vape...
  2. jact25bd

    Diamond Mist USA Mix Tobacco E Liquid For As Low As £2.00 and Free 1-2 Days Delivery

    Free 1-2 Days Delivery Buy 3 or More Bottles At £2.50 Per Bottle Buy 6 or More Bottles At £2.30 Per Bottle Buy 10 or More Bottles At £2.00 Per Bottle USA Mix Tobacco from Diamond Mist E Liquid range is back on the shelf with the same premium quality but at a better deal. Lightly sweetened smoky...
  3. VapeCraftInc

    March Madness Sale! 35% Off Sitewide Products + Free (U.S) Shipping Over $50

    We're pretty big basketball fans, so to make up for the fact that we're going to be spending more time obsessing over our fantasy brackets than working this month, we're giving everyone 35% off sitewide with coupon code MAD35 at checkout. Check out our website
  4. Alectrofag


    what's up guys, I’m been searching online for the best UK online vape shops for mods, tanks, coils and accessories in general. What’s everyone’s preference?
  5. Alectrofag


    E-liquids are safe to use as long as they are being used according to the instructions. If you use an e-cigarette: keep it where children cannot see it or reach it when you are not using it, lock it away do not use or discard your e-cigarette in front of children.
  6. DragonVapour

    Killer Lemonade 100ml

    Hey Guys, If you're a lover of lemonade or like lemonade e-liquids, we highly recommend trying Killer Lemonade! This range is receiving amazing feedback from our customers, both in store and online. It features 10 different fruity lemonade flavours, including, Lemonade Grape Lemonade...
  7. phantomvapesupply1

    Phantom Vape Supply

    The GeekVape Aegis Squonk Kit features an interchangeable pump section sleeve, is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof with an IP67 shockproof rating, and is compatible with the use of atomizers with resistance as low as 0.05ohm. This device features the intelligent AS-100 Chipset. The...
  8. Whargoul

    WTS: Goon 25, Pulse 80w, Sigelei Chronus Shikra, Wasp Nano, E-Liquid Goon 25, all spare parts and original packaging - $30 shipped Pulse 80w, with extra bottle and 18650 adapter - $30 shipped Sigelei Chronus Shikra - $20 shipped Wasp Nano - $10, item is an add on only, will not sell by itself, has original packaging and all spares...
  9. lavaporzwholesale

    Why do people Vape? Reasons, Benefits and Risks

    Overtime hundreds and thousands of people shifted their preferences from smoking to vaping. But the question is, why do people do that? Read More it: Why do people Vape? Reasons, Benefits and Risks
  10. lavaporzwholesale

    Fresh Farms E liquid - 60ML

    Fresh off the orchard in Fountain Valley, California comes Fresh Farms E-liquid Sub-Ohm Salt. Fresh Farms savory flavors will have you saying hee-yaw! Fresh Farms E-Liquid offers two delightful blends, Barnyard Berry and Morning Melon. Their flavors truly taste like a ripe fruit that has been...
  11. Jason Smith

    100% safe vape kit recommend?

    I'm new vaper, and often hear the explosion of battery, do you have 100% safe vape kit recommended?
  12. vapestorekuwait is a premium vaping and e-cigarettes e-commerce site focused on importing top brands from the US to the Middle East. We truly value our customers and our goal is to best serve them. Our pricing is in Kuwait KD but we have a currency converter for other currencies.
  13. Titan Vapes

    Great DIY Starter Guide for Juice

    I created a quick video for everyone centered around how to create your own e-juice in the easiest way and the cost difference vs buying.
  14. Titan Vapes

    Please Delete

    Please Delete
  15. The Chef - Vape Well

    E-juice and Hardware for sale - Australian Stock

    We are a new vape company in the preliminary stages of launching our website, listed below is a range of liquids and devices we have on offer. Contact us with what you would like to order and we will prepare an invoice and shipping quote. All liquids are 0mg Jam Monster Range 100ml - $30...
  16. Youngvapor

    Great single flavor recipes?

    Hi guys, so right now im hooked at Inawera Shisha Strawberry at 7% but I would like to know what you people like.. I also want to get to try some diy clones but just something simple with not so many flavors. Im trying not to spend so much money on flavors. I have tried Cuttwood Mega Melon...
  17. UrbanJuice Premium E Liquid From The Manufacturer

    Hi, We are UltraBio an E Liquid producer based in Germany. After amazing success in german speaking countries we are looking for distributors, wholesalers and vape shops worldwide to stock our Urban Juice Range. All our products are TPD compliant and at great prices so you can get maximum...
  18. St3zzY


    Okay so i have been doing DIY E Juice for a while now probably around 2 months and for the last 2 months i haven't been putting any nicotine in my E Juice but recently i decided to buy myself some nicotine from Can Vape its 48mg VG Base... Every juice i have made without nicotine taste amazing...
  19. F

    is premium e juice really that good ? well heres what i thought of a 30dollar/50ml juice

    Well this juice was something else ! thanks for clicking my thread and i hope youre having a great day !!:ejuice: review :
  20. F

    Vape Wild Juice Review (HORRIBLE JUICE) :(

    Reviewing the vape wild its so fluffy (cotton candy) had a bit of a bad surprise.... thanks for watching :P leave a like if you hated it
  21. F

    Buying gasstation e juice.... review

    well another gasttation one....:ejuice: review: please leave a like if you really hated it. :bunny:
  22. F

    Gasstation e juice "innovation" bubblegum Review

  23. F

    Fasttech/Gearbest cheap juice is it any good ? (Review)

    Heres a quick review of some gearbest liquid !!:)
  24. ecigaretteempire


    A tank that I found NEVER to leak was the Tobecco Super Tank. Ive used this tank since I starting vaping and I have never experienced a leak of any sort. Tobecco is known for being a really reliable brand, and has defiantly lived up to the hype (in my case at least). If you're looking for a non...
  25. Vape_FTW

    33% off all Vape FTW e-liquids until 8/14! Coupon code: ftw33

    Howdy, folks. We just completed a new Pina Colada flavor for you fine individuals to try out! We're also throwing out a coupon code, as mentioned in the title. "ftw33" gets you 33% off as much e-liquid as you can vape until 8/14/17! Check us out @ Take care and vape on...
  26. E

    E Juice Wholesale For All Over The World Vape Stores

    SK E liquid manufacturer directly wholesale top quality e juice with factory price.SK e liquid factory only offer best e juice for vendors,wholesalors,vape online stores,vape stores,and suppliers. We have 600+ flavors, we can also produce almost famous brands e liquid flavors e liquid. We...
  27. theboxmodco

    Hometown Hero Vapor Ejuice Review WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE?

  28. Breazy_Com

    New At My.Von Erl Liquid Pods, Chocolate Chip Churreos

    Let us update you on the latest and greatest products at Troublemint - Pink Lemonade Frisco Vapors Liquidpods: This is the epitome of sour vapes when it comes to the My. Von Erl for fans of the sour and fruity this is the pod that was made with you in mind. A pink lemonade flavor...
  29. M

    Help mix propolis in e liquid

    Propolis (bee glue) is categorized as natural antibiotic, I have read several article about propolis: 1. 2. 3...
  30. MagicJosh

    You let them get away with that?

    I been buying e juice for some time now. And lately every juice I have tried has no flavor! Nothing. It's like as If I'm vaping VG/PG and nicotine and that's it. Am I the only one that thinks we need to shit on the crap juice company's? They put fancy pictures on the website then charge 15 -20...
  31. Breazy_Com Wisconsin Dairy Co Giveaway Ends 8/03/16 11:59pm (Ended)

    Happy Friday Vapers! We are back with a truly awesome giveaway. Wisconsin Dairy Co aims to deliver an exceptionally creamy vape with powerful flavors that appeal across many flavor profile categories. I highly recommend you take a look at what you can win by visiting our listing for Wisconsin...
  32. Breazy_Com

    Kilo Black Series E Liquid -

    We are proud to introduce you to the new line from Kilo E Liquids. Kilo Black Series E Liquid presents a new direction from Kilo E Liquids, with a new array of flavors you can certainly find something in this lineup to jump for joy over. You can place your orders for Kilo Black Series starting...
  33. vapefu

    [use code: VU_LOVE to save 5% OFF ] Gold Leaf Drip - Moonshine 60mL

    Gold Leaf Drip - Moonshine 60mL Amazing vanilla flavor e-liquid 60ml bottles only Actual vanilla No preservatives, all natural VG/PG High VG Premium E-liquid $24.97 $29.97 -$5.00 Nicotine Level : 0 mg 3 mg 6 mg Bottle Size : 60 ml
  34. vapefu

    [ use code: VU_LOVE Save 5%OFF ] Drip Line - Grandma's Cake Batter 30mL

    Drip Line - Grandma's Cake Batter 30mL Decadent cake batter mix with sweet & savory tones of vanilla, apple and other baking spices. Nicotine Level : 0 mg 3 mg 6 mg Bottle Size : 30 ml MORE INFO Primary Flavors: Cake batter mix e-liquid PG/VG Ratio: 16/84
  35. SoulVaper

    Starting to make my e-juice

    hello friends, So i want to start to make my e-juice and i have found out that there are some company's with pre-made recipes. I have found one called " Hit the Pipe " but it did't had any flavors that appeal to me. Can any one recommend some brand's like this? PS: If i'm not mistaken it's...
  36. vapefu

    Request new sub-forum for authorized vendor

    Hi VU, Please review our website to be an authorized vendor. Thank you! Very best, Vape Fu Team
  37. gt_thegame

    Help making a e liquid

    So I tried to get the available flavours but international vendors do not delivered the particular flavour that I need. I did manage to get a drinking concentrate of that flavour. Can I use that drinking concentrate to make an e liquid? Please tell me how and what all tips can you give me for...
  38. BloVape

    15ml ONLY $2.99 | 120ml ONLY $14.99 | 25% OFF Entire Site | Promo Code: VU

    BloVape.Com 25% OFF Promo Code: VU Enter Promo Code "VU" At Checkout to receive 25% Off Of Your Entire Order!!! :) Use Discount Code "VU" At Checkout To Receive 25% Off Of Your Entire Order!!! After Your Discount Code Has Been Applied You Will Receive: 120ml Premium E-Liquid Bottles...
  39. OhMG


    Howdy VU.. Thinking about delving into Flavorstone bases.. (Cream,Milk,etc) If anyone has a delicious base of any sort (interchangeable undertones to put a main flavour in front of).. Please take 2 mins to share it with me on here... i am going to write them down in a notepad and create them...
  40. KoreVapez

    DIY Sweetener

    So I've read all I could read about using Light Corn Syrup as a sweetener and the risks to the atty. But i decided to go ahead and tinker with it regardless. I started with my pre diluted VG which I make. 15ml distilled water per 150ml of VG. I found this to be perefect for my mixes. The...
  41. K


    Hi there I just bought an Aspire Odyssey Mini - "Aspire Triton Mini Tank, Pegasus Mini, 2500mAh 20/40A Battery, Coils 0.15 (NI200) 1.2 (Kanthal) 1.8 (Clapton)" Can you tell me which liquids to use for this? I don't know which VG/PG ratio I should go for or even what mg. It would really be...
  42. PryingOpenMyThirdEye

    WTT-OHW My Man for...

    I just received a 180ml bottle of OHW "My Man" 3mg on Wednesday straight from OHW and have been cruising through it but I still have about 140ml left. I did get samples of Milk Man and Muffin Man just to confirm that my clones are exact and I must say, I've hit the nail on the head with those...
  43. CloudParadiseInc

    20% Off All Products Valentine's Day Sale! Coupon "CHEAPVAPES

    Cloud Paradise Inc. is having an amazing valentine's day deal. Get all of their products 20% Off! Insert Coupon "CHEAPVAPES" when checking out and get the hottest vaporizer pens and e-juices for amazingly cheap prices! <= order now!
  44. franks


    if there is , how to accelerate the steeping and clicking homogeneous ? besides using a magnetic stirrer and ultra sonic ?
  45. F

    Nicotine help!

    Okay so here's my problem: I've tried nicotine gum and nicotine e-fluid but both make me feel sick/nauseous. I've recently used a hooka with shisha containing nicotine and for some reason it doesn't make me feel sick. Id really like to enjoy nicotine from my mod but why does the nicotine from...
  46. WZM

    Recommendations for UK e juice

    Hi all! Just looking for some recommendations for your favourite UK based online e liquid shops. I vape 70-100% vg e liquids, normally fizzy drinks, fruit, or aniseed / cinnamon flavours. Not looking for tobacco flavours! FYI I have been loyal to thepurestvapours (UK) for some time but lately...
  47. CrystalB

    Any Suggestions on making a Drunk Dragon Clone?

    I would like to know if anyone has figured out a clone to an e juice I know as Drunk Dragon. It has Blueberry, Pomegranate and Dragon Fruit flavorings.
  48. Porter Enterprise

    20% off all online orders. huge selection of juices

    We are giving 20% off all online orders for the holidays. Starting today until November 30th. Type in promo code TAKE20 Huge selection of E-Liquid Sigelei Kangertech Victory Vapor And More!
  49. rsmithgso

    Dead Shriners Premium E-liquid - 120ML for $25

    Your quest for a better quality affordable e-liquid using the best ingredients available on the market, complex flavors and copious clouds end here! We at Dead Shriners have sourced the finest ingredients at the lowest prices and prepared a variety of flavorful concoctions. The fruit of our...
  50. Cudge82

    Struggling to find some good sweet fruit mix recipes

    If anyone could assist me in making some recipes that would be great. I've had some that have been OK but never really hit the spot. The flavours I have are Flavour art Bilberry, cherry, black cherry, pomegranate, raspberry, lemon Sicily, stark apple, pear drops, meringue, candy floss...

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