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You don’t want to miss this, Jimi.

The first episode of Natural Medicine Secrets airs tonight. Watch the powerful trailer and join in now, while you still can.

Filmmaker, Jonathan Otto, has gathered leading natural medicine experts who are sharing their top healing protocols — developed over decades of clinical practice.

If you value natural solutions and want to know what really works (and what doesn’t), I think you’re going to love this.

But you do have to take action now because the first episode goes live in a matter of hours.

>> Watch the Natural Medicine Secrets 9-episode docuseries for no charge by clicking here NOW.

To your health!

Ocean Robbins

P.S. I shared an earlier version of this series with our members last year, and the response was tremendous. If you already saw it, you might want to enjoy another free viewing, or the chance to tell your loved ones. And if you missed it last time — congratulations on getting a chance now! Just one “golden nugget” you pick up in this series could save you money, help you avoid dangerous drug side effects, and end up being key to restoring your health or the health of someone you love. Click here to find out more and get your complimentary access now.


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Hi Jimi

We owe a lot to modern medicine… but I'll the be the first to say that sometimes the answers it provides are less than satisfactory.

After all, for most of my life doctors told me I "just had IBS" before I learned the truth about Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

But since ancient times, there have been natural treatments — raw, natural medicines that come from our soils and plants.

Leading expert and investigative journalist Jonathan Otto (he’s a friend of mine!) has uncovered many of these amazing natural remedies in his brand-new eBook that you can pick up at no cost.

>> Top 21 Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease and Inflammation [FREE download]

When you download your eBook, you’ll also get a FREE PASS to the world premiere screening of Natural Medicine Secrets.

In this new 9-episode docu-series, Investigative Journalist Jonathan Otto, gathered over 55 of the world's best natural medicine doctors. These experts will share their top natural healing protocols — developed over decades of clinical practice.

Please don’t miss out on this… I trust you can benefit from this information and bring healing to your autoimmunity or other chronic health issues.

Click here to download your FREE eBook about safe and proven natural remedies

Hope & hugs,


P.S. This eBook is available to our community FREE of charge. Download your FREE eBook now and reserve your seat for the world premiere of Natural Medicine Secrets.


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Hi Jimi,

Deitrich Klinghardt is a medical doctor and a PhD.

Very few people can surpass his knowledge of EMFs and health.

He’s been leading the way on this subject for decades.

Today's he's the featured guest at the EMF Health Summit. He shares:
  • His #1 personal shielding solution (and it’s far cheaper to implement than you might think)
  • The FIRST place you need to start in your home to reduce EMFs drastically
  • How EMFs can actually affect your mental health, making you feel depressed… (and what you can do to stop it)
You’ll also hear from Professor Olle Johansson.

Prof. Johansson is one of my personal heroes and a lovely man. He shares:
  • definitive proof of this deadly health problem
  • practical steps to protect yourself
  • the evidence you need to convince your loved ones about this serious problem
I'm also interviewing Ty Bollinger creator of the explosive docu-series, The Truth About Cancer.

His session "The Truth About EMFs and Cancer: Practical Steps You Can Take" he... shares some truths many of use are overlooking.

Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, reveals the fantastic world of “How Gut Health Can Heal and Protect You From EMFs”.

Leading building biologist Oram Miller shows you how to protect yourself from the next generation of wireless signal technology… "5G is Coming and What YOU Can Do About It NOW.”

Don’t miss today’s sessions.

Click here to get started https://emfhealthsummit.com

Note: If you registered for last year's broadcast - this is the same event. I know how tough it can be to find the time to access all these amazing interviews that's why I'm sending you this email so you get another opportunity to take part in one of the biggest FREE EMF Health Summits ever...

Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!

P.S. Having trouble accessing our page? Copy/paste this link into your browser https://emfhealthsummit.com/go-2-h2-a/


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(Update - 06.29.20)

Last week, CASAA members sent more than 3000 messages to congress urging officials to reject a ban on vape mail shipped via the USPS. Despite your response, S. 1253 is getting closer to moving forward by the day.

We need a sustained response to this bill in order to demonstrate to lawmakers that many people rely on getting vapor products by mail and that consumers shouldn’t be paying unnecessary extra costs in order to access safer alternatives to smoking.

Please click here to take action now
by contacting your senators
and urging them to reject this bill.

In the midst of a pandemic involving a severe respiratory illness, the last thing that officials should be implementing is a policy that threatens to send millions of people back to smoking!

Thank you for taking action!
- CASAA Legislative Team

  • Did you find this alert helpful? Please consider making a donation to CASAA. We rely on contributions to provide timely information and engagements to help protect everyone’s access to life-saving, low-risk nicotine and tobacco products.
  • CASAA is 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization. While CASAA is a non-profit organization and pays no income taxes on the donations it receives, contributions or gifts to CASAA are not deductible by the donor as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.


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The year is 1871 and you see an ad in the paper…

A brand new miracle floor cleaner can make your wood floors shinier than ever!

You pass on it... but...

Then in 1874 and now there’s a new miracle solution for STD’s…

The product is called: Listerine.

Yep, the stuff that got repackaged and sold to us a breath or teeth cleaner.

Short summery:

Don’t touch it… it’s full of toxic chemicals… actually almost all of the teeth industry is.

Most mouthwashes are very bad for you.

In fact, it's prolly best to never use a mouthwash again...

Instead, focus on

  • 2 minutes of brushing with an electric toothbrush
  • Floss everyday
  • Get your teeth cleaned and checked every 6 months
But what if I have bad breath?

Well, the first step is to get your teeth deeply cleaned by a great dental office. Next buy a tongue scrapper... if these steps plus flossing leave you with bad breath...

You have underlying health issues!

Don't cover it up with mints, gums, and mouth washes.

Get to figuring it out.

What does bad breath mean about my health?

As I said it can mean a lot of different things...

  • Plaque build up and poor teeth hygiene
  • Can mean thrush or mouth bacterial overgrowths
  • Can mean metabolic or other systemic issues with insulin
  • And of course GI overgrowths (SIBO, SIFO, candida etc.)
Don't reach for a mouth band aid!


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Hi Jimi,

I emailed you earlier today to let you know that The Healing Key is available for you to watch right now—for free.

But if you missed it, you can still watch Episodes 1 to 3 here (it’s still live for a few more hours).

(If the link above isn't working for you, you can copy and paste https://healingkeyseries.com/day1-live/ into your browser.)

For Day 1, we covered the foundations of your endocrine system, as well as how it can cause uncontrollable weight gain and mental health issues.

There were so many nuggets of information inside each episode, including:

Episode 1. Revealing The Invisible Crisis: Taking Back The Keys To Our Health

  • How your endocrine system functions and its massive (yet often ignored) role in keeping your entire body functioning the way it should

  • All the symptoms of hormone imbalance that you need to watch out for (yes, this involves both men and women)

  • The everyday household items that are wreaking havoc to your hormones (trust me - it’s so ubiquitous one of the items will probably be next to you while you watch this)

  • The incredible story of a woman who didn’t need to go through surgery and chemo to heal her breast cancer

Episode 2. Obesogens, Belly Fat & Cellulite: The Hidden Keys To Losing Weight

  • Discover why the mouse on the left is much more overweight even though they both consumed the same amount of calories and did the same amount of exercise

  • What is an obesogen and how it changes your stem cells to predispose you to obesity

  • How your growing midsection may actually not be your fault

  • Which foods you absolutely must avoid to prevent obesity, insulin resistance, and Type 2 diabetes

Episode 3. Unlocking Mental Clarity: The Hidden Keys To Depression & Anxiety

  • The little-known tools to overcome mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and panic attacks without using dangerous medicines

  • Why getting quality sleep is essential to balancing this one hormone that can make or break your mental health

  • How your exposure to certain products, while you’re still a fetus, can predispose you to certain mental illness (learn to protect your family from this!)

  • Safe OTC meds that can relieve your symptoms of depression and anxiety within minutes

And so much more!

>> So catch Episodes 1 to 3 here while it’s still available.

For Day 2 tomorrow, you’ll get to watch Episodes 4 to 6, where we investigate your gut microbiome, the real cause of fatigue & brain fog, and thyroid-related diseases—all of which have deep connections with your endocrine system.

Keep in mind that today’s episodes will expire as soon as Day 2 episodes are up (that’s 11 am EST US tomorrow).

That means you only have a few hours left to watch Episodes 1 to 3, so watch them all here.

I hope you’ll learn a lot from these episodes.

And I’ll see you again tomorrow!

To your hormone’s health,


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If you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed these days, one of the fastest ways to reduce anxiety and fear is to reset your limbic system, which is the part of your brain that controls emotion.

If your limbic system is ‘overreacting’, you’ll experience:

  • An inability to stick with dietary, exercise, and other lifestyle resolutions
  • An over-production of harmful stress chemicals
  • Negative thinking, negative feelings, and a low threshold for stress
  • Emotional reactivity, anger, or bad moods
  • A lack of willpower or procrastination
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Brain fog
Sound like anything you’re currently experiencing, Jim?

One of the things most effective for optimizing your brain is to meditate.

Unfortunately, traditional meditation is difficult for most people to learn, and many find it difficult to stick with a regular meditation practice…

The results happen so slowly that most people quit before they experience them.

However, there is a very specific tool you can use to experience all the benefits of meditation, easily and effortlessly—and without spending years mastering the ability to meditate.

It’s called Holosync and it’s ‘instant meditation’ – soundwaves that help you quickly tap into your alpha, theta, and delta brain waves.

And multiple studies prove that when you activate these brain wave patterns, you experience:

  • Relaxation, superlearning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production
  • Increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory), increased creativity
  • Release of human growth hormone, increased production of melatonin and DHEA, and decreased cortisol
Listening to the Holosync soundtracks (which, by the way, are backed by science) profoundly changes the way you experience life, increases your happiness and sense of inner peace, and even allows you to tap into genius-like abilities.

Sound intriguing?

Give Holosync a try by signing up for their 5-day challenge. It’s free and it’s an amazing way to change your brain state!

All you need is a pair of headphones and 14 minutes a day. :)

Take the Holosync challenge and instantly start calming your nerves.

- Ari


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Hi Jimi,

Since I was young, my mother has always stressed the importance of having a positive morning routine.

Naturally, as a teenager, I dismissed her wisdom.

It wasn’t until I started studying some of the healthiest and/or most successful people on the planet that I realized that they all had a morning routine that they held sacred.

This routine was their way of re-centering themselves and starting each day with purpose.

So several months ago, Dipa and I designed our own personal morning routine. We leveraged our functional and lifestyle medicine experience to create a simple, practical, and intentional way to start each day.

I’m happy to say that this has made a huge impact in our health. We even have the data to prove it :)

Here’s what we’ve noticed personally:

  • More energy
  • Better mood (despite everything going on)
  • Better recovery
  • Less achiness and soreness from exercise
  • Better digestion and elimination
  • Increased productivity

That’s why we’re excited to share “The Living Proof Morning Routine” with you so that you may experience similar benefits.


Here’s to starting your day right!


Sachin and Dipa

PS - It’s not about being perfect, it’s about progress.


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Thanks, I’ll do that. It does leave my mouth a little weird tasting, but I’m using black seed oil and I hate the taste!!
You should be drinking that black seed oil, a teaspoon full a day, and using organic coconut oil for pulling:).


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Hi there! Happy Tuesday! :) I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. In case you missed this one before, I'm resending it again because it's really soooo good!

It's a brand new free masterclass that has been released that I highly recommend you attend. It teaches you how to easily reprogram your brain so you can live a happy, peaceful and successful life.

Go here to reserve your spot now.

You'll be shown some great mind reprogramming tools and techniques to turn things around, so you stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging yourself from living your greatest life.

This training is from Natalie Ledwell (from Mind Movies) and John Assaraf (remember him from the Unsinkable movie?). They are 2 of my very dear friends and their teachings are truly life-changing.

I highly recommend you attend this one.

Go here to reserve your spot now.


Sending you lots of love and light,



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Millions of people around the world are lacking the energy and vitality they once had, and are feeling more lonely, desperate and spiritually disconnected than ever.

These feelings can increase levels of stress, tension, fear and anxiety — compromising immunity and increasing the risk of chronic health conditions such as CANCER, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and depression.

You can learn to shake off desperation, loneliness and anxiety, and AWAKEN to a life connected to deep meaning and improved health… …when you join me at an incredible new event called The Healing Chronic Stress & Disease Summit!

—>> Join me and 45 world-class speakers to help you tap into the secrets of longevity, health and happiness that lie within you!


The Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit will help you:

  • Increase mental clarity, joy and energy
  • Address and prevent chronic health conditions
  • Awaken to deeper levels of intuition and insight
  • Find and cultivate spiritual guidance from within
  • Boost your immune system
  • Discover ancient healing practices
  • Access the latest research on nutritional excellence
  • And so much more! You can truly get started on better health today!
—>> REGISTER NOW for free and learn from 45 world class experts on Healing Chronic Stress and Disease!

P.S. When you register for The Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!



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Insecticides Tied to Heart Disease Deaths

By Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

People with high levels of a common insecticide in their system are far more vulnerable to heart disease, a new study suggests.

According to Wei Bao, assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Iowa College of Public Health, people who have been exposed to pyrethroid insecticides are three times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than those with low or no exposure.

Special: Beat Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery

However, the findings don't prove that pyrethroid causes deaths from heart disease, only that an association between the two exists, the study authors cautioned.

Pyrethroid insecticides make up the greatest share of commercial household insecticides. They are in many brands of insecticides used in agriculture, public spaces, and homes for pest control.

Bao's team looked at levels of pyrethroids in urine samples of more than 2,000 adults aged 20 and older who took part in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 1999 and 2002. They then checked these participants against death records.

Investigators found that, over an average of 14 years, people who had the highest levels of pyrethroids in their urine were 56% more likely to die for any reason by 2015 than those with the lowest levels of pyrethroids — and heart disease was the leading cause of death.

Home use of pyrethroids in gardens and for pest control is also a major source of exposure, the study authors noted in a university news release. In addition, the chemical is found in dust in homes that use these pesticides.
More Links:

Blood Pressure Issues? Do This Every Day.


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Say NO to a Forced Coronavirus Vaccine and Other Compulsory Medical Interventions

Urge your lawmakers to say ❌NO to a forced coronavirus vaccine. No pharmaceutical product or procedure should ever be forced, particularly a fast-tracked, experimental vaccine that is free from liability for any harm it might cause — be it a reaction, injury or death. Medical mandates have no place in a free society and violate free, prior and informed consent.



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Discover the natural healing powers of “kitchen cabinet” spices that are proven to treat disease-triggering inflammation BETTER than the top 3 anti-inflammatory drugs on the market. You'll discover life-changing information during the FREE screening of our 9 Episode Docuseries, Natural Medicine Secrets. The world premiere screening starts June 29.



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Hi Jimi,

Did you know that your gut is your largest endocrine gland?

How about the fact that endocrine-disrupting chemicals and EMFs from your gadgets deplete your energy stores?

Have you heard that around 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, but 60% of those people have no idea they have this condition?

We will cover all these (and more!) on Day 2 of our special 3-day free screening of The Healing Key.

>> It’s live NOW so watch it here

In today’s program, we’ll cover the following episodes:

  • Episode 4. The Marvellous Microbiome: How To Balance Your Gut & Your Hormones

  • Episode 5. The Key To Healing Fatigue & Brain Fog: How To Unlock Your Innate Energy Stores

  • Episode 6. Unlocking the Master Gland: The Thyroid Connection to Weight Gain, Poor Mood, Fatigue, Constipation, Reflux & Autoimmunity

Remember that these episodes are up for a full 24 hours, so you have enough time to watch them wherever you are in the world.

(If you’re outside the US, simply go to time.gov to find out what time it is in Eastern Daylight Time.)

Be sure to tune in and watch today’s episode here.

Thanks and I’ll see you again very soon. :)

To your health,


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Holistic Oral Health Summit

Oral health is one of the most important considerations for your overall health. Is your dentist considering how your oral health is affecting your whole body?

Oral health is one of the most overlooked health issues in conventional medicine. Properly (and naturally maintained) it can reduce your disease risks! In fact, it’s possible to avoid years of physical pain and disease (and save money!) by learning the truth about conventional dentistry — BEFORE health problems arise.

—>>Take charge of your oral health when you attend this free, online event!

Read More


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Hi Jimi!

Bone broth is nothing new. It’s one of the world’s oldest whole foods, and has been used by cultures all over the world.

Why might you want to consider using this food?

The idea is that by simmering bones and connective tissues for many hours (even days), nutrients are released into the water.

I eat a 95%+ plant-based diet, though I do make a few exceptions.

The truth is, many people who eat plant-based diets have dental troubles. And I’m not exempt from this reality.

Bone broth helps maintain healthy bones and healthy teeth. And strong connective tissue, too.

6 healing nutrients found in bone broth:

Some of these you’ve probably heard of, but some of them probably not.

  • Protein. Drinking bone broth can be a very satisfying, filling drink.
  • Collagen. This protein, essentially, acts as the “glue” that holds us together. It provides structure and protection for tissues and joints; building blocks for hair, skin, and teeth; and it’s key for healthy digestion. But, over time, our bodies lose the ability to make collagen (hello, wrinkles and arthritis!).
  • Gelatin. Has the same nutritional properties as collagen, but it’s processed differently by the body. Essential for skin health, and the “skin” of your intestinal tract. Can help repair leaky gut, improve digestion, and quiet inflammation. Bone broth is a very quality source, unlike Jell-O or any form of commercial gelatin.
  • Glycine. An amino acid with many important functions. A building block of collagen and muscle tissue (important for lean muscle as you age). Also strengthens digestion, and is key in our bodies’ ability to convert nutrients to energy for our cells.
  • Proline. Raises metabolism and plays an important role in reducing your heart attack risk. Also works with glycine to repair soft tissue in the digestive tract.
  • Minerals. Depending on the quality and source, bone broth can have a profile of minerals, like phosphorous, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and selenium.
Bone broth could be the MISSING LINK for many plant-based eaters.

But making your own can be a hassle — and it’s smelly! I did it ONCE, and it took forever and stunk up the house.

That’s why bone broth can be so useful and so easy. But then, you have a new problem: However do you choose from the abundance of options?

How to choose a quality bone broth (why organic ISN’T what you want to look for)

Get this: grass-fed is more important than organic when it comes to bone broth. In fact, in this instance, you don’t necessarily want an organic label.

Why? Because an “organic” cow or chicken must be fed organic feed to get the USDA certification. But… cows are supposed to graze on grass, not certified “feed.”

So, you want to look for “grass-fed” sources.

And, here’s another important tip:

If you want to add bone broth to your diet, don’t treat it like a magic pill.

Bone broth would be one arrow in your quiver. Add it to a healthy diet. You don’t want to eat a crap, Standard American Diet and mix in some bone broth, and think you’re golden.

I hope this helps you decide if bone broth is right for you and your family, and how to choose a product if you decide you want to.


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Eat Leafy Greens for Better Health

Ever wondered why a dish prepared with spinach is said to be "Florentine"? Well, it's because Catherine de Medici, who was from Florence, was a super fan of this super green.

In fact, she liked it so much that in 1533, after she had married Henry II and become queen of France, she decreed that every meal in the palace be served with spinach.

In the 1500s, anyone who survived childhood (around 40 percent did not) might live to be 50 or even 60. But clever Catherine lived to the age of 70 — and you can bet the spinach helped.

Special: Isolated Monks Live Incredibly Long. Is This Their Secret?

Recent research published in Neurology reveals that eating a serving of leafy greens a day is associated with a sharper memory and a slower rate of cognitive decline.

The other benefits are equally impressive: Greens like spinach are rich in fiber, which is linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

They also help fight certain cancers. In a study that tested eight common vegetables for their anti-cancer properties, a nutrient found in leafy greens was the strongest when it came to inhibiting human cancer cell proliferation.

A diet rich in collards, kale, and other greens also is associated with a reduced risk for Type 2 diabetes. Plus, those leafy powerhouses are low-cal, but keep you feeling full.

Try arugula, Swiss chard, or spicy mustard greens tossed into a salad, mixed into a smoothie, or sautee with garlic and lemon juice. You'll be royally rewarded with better health.


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Dr. Josh Levitt has an amazing free offer for you today and I know you’re going to love it. See below...

-Dr. Rick Cohen

[NEW RELEASE] Claim Your FREE Honey Cookbook Today

Hi, Dr. Joshua Levitt here.

As many of you know… I am the author of the best-selling book The Honey Phenomenon.

Having sold over half a million copies of that book, I have earned the nickname… The Honey Doctor!

And I carry that name around proudly as I advocate the numerous healing benefits of this “liquid gold.”

Being a naturopathic doctor (and avid beekeeper) I’ve made it my mission to not only use honey in my own life but inform my patients and readers about all of the wonderful benefits that it can provide.

But one question that continues to come up while talking to people about honey is…

“Can you eat honey?”

Well I’m happy to say the answer is 100% YES!

Not only can you use honey creams externally, on your hands, face and skin… but you can eat honey or add it to food to get the same healing benefits INSIDE YOUR BODY!

And because I realized that most people didn’t know how to incorporate this natural wonder into their nutrition…

I decided to write The Honey Healing Kitchen: 51 Honey-Infused Recipes To Nourish, Strengthen & Heal Your Body! And as a way to say thank you to the 500,000 readers who have come before you, I’ve decided to offer this book FREE for a limited time!

That’s right!

I want to get this cookbook into as many hands as I can, so if you cover a small shipping fee I’ll take care of the rest and ship this physical cookbook completely FREE directly to your doorstep!

I cook these very same recipes for my friends and family at home, so I know you are going to love them.

And if that’s not enough, you can take comfort knowing all 51 recipes are doctor-approved, because I created them all myself!

So what are you waiting for?

Click Here to tell me where to ship your FREE copy of The Honey Healing Kitchen today! =>

Take good care,

Dr. Joshua Levitt

p.s. To celebrate the launch of my new cookbook, I’m going to include 3 amazing bonuses, ABSOLUTELY FREE for anyone who claims their copy today only! What are you waiting for!? Plus, I’m only reserving 250 FREE copies today, so don’t wait!

Click here to get your FREE copy + 3 FREE bonuses today! =>



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Hello Jimi,

ACT NOW! Day 2 of the Trauma Mind Body Super Conference.

Do you experience fear, anxiety, or depression when you hear the news that COVID-19 is coming back, and affecting younger age groups?

Do you have a past that includes trauma, from childhood or since?
Have you wondered what to do to regain a sense of peace and serenity?

Do you struggle with using food, screens, drugs or alcohol too much?

I wrote a book, The Addiction Spectrum A Compassionate, Holistic Approach to Recovery that I'll be discussing along with my new COVID-19 book at the summit starting NOW.

Sign up - it's free to watch as it rolls out. My talk is TODAY, Tuesday June 30th.

Get your copy of my COVID book filled with what to do not to get it and what to do at home if you get it:
E-book: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1018202
Color Print copy: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/paul-thomas-md/covid-19/paperback/product-vmngq6.html

To Your Health.
Dr. Paul



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Live 4 Years Longer by Having Lots of Sex

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."

Thank you, Groucho Marx, for reminding us that these little guys, so important in the understanding of human genetics and biology, are always on the lookout for more potassium (bananas are loaded with it). And that's a good thing. Potassium is essential for a healthy sex life, and we certainly don't want sexually frustrated fruit flies!

Special: Why Most Male Intimacy Supplements Don't Work

Here's why: The latest research reveals that male FFs die sooner when they're aroused by pheromones from female drosophila (the scientific name for fruit flies) but are unrequited in their ardor. In short, sexual frustration kills. But get the twosome together, and the male lives a longer and — we may be projecting here — happier life.

What does this have to do with YOU?

Genes in fruit flies are similar to humans' and often serve the same function (for example, fruit flies produce insulin-like molecules — lose them and their blood sugar rises, just as in diabetes).

Now, we seem to have similarities in our reproductive mojo as well. The Longevity Project found that women who had more orgasms lived longer, while research from the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute showed that men who had the most orgasms added about four years to their lifespan.

So, to live longer, spend time with your honey exploring mutually enjoyable intimacy. You'll flood your body with oxytocin, the bonding hormone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a precursor to estrogen and testosterone that reduces inflammation, and immunoglobulins, which boost immune strength.

The power of love!


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Hi Jimi,

The groups most likely to be zinc deficient are…

  • The elderly (1)

  • Vegetarians (1)

  • People avoiding red meat

  • People with digestive problems (1)

  • People who drink alcohol frequently (1)

  • Pregnant women (1)

  • People with pyroluria, a genetic issue (about 15% of the population)

  • Diabetics

  • People with blood pressure issues (1)
If you’re worried that you’re one of the many not getting enough zinc from your diet, now is a great time to change that.


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ECF Refugee
Hello Jimi,

ACT NOW! Day 2 of the Trauma Mind Body Super Conference.

Do you experience fear, anxiety, or depression when you hear the news that COVID-19 is coming back, and affecting younger age groups?

Do you have a past that includes trauma, from childhood or since?
Have you wondered what to do to regain a sense of peace and serenity?

Do you struggle with using food, screens, drugs or alcohol too much?

I wrote a book, The Addiction Spectrum A Compassionate, Holistic Approach to Recovery that I'll be discussing along with my new COVID-19 book at the summit starting NOW.

Sign up - it's free to watch as it rolls out. My talk is TODAY, Tuesday June 30th.

Get your copy of my COVID book filled with what to do not to get it and what to do at home if you get it:
E-book: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1018202
Color Print copy: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/paul-thomas-md/covid-19/paperback/product-vmngq6.html

To Your Health.
Dr. Paul

I love Dr. Thomas. He’s really helped so many kids.


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Today's Health Thought:

“I believe if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade...
and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party."

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