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What Mandatory Vaccination and the 5G Rollout Have in Common


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Good day, Jimi!​

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To your health,
Bob & Bobby
Co-founders, Health Talks Online

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Former Big Pharma sales rep speaks out on industry’s dishonest practices


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If we ever do get a coronavirus vaccine, will it contain toxic ingredients?


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ECF Refugee
It’s all about the money: After destroying low-cost hydroxychloroquine, Big Pharma and the complicit left-wing media are promoting Gilead’s new $3,000 drug
Del Bigtree has been slamming Pharma about HCQ on his channel. It’s criminal that they’re pushing this Remdesevir after the phony study.


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Today's Health Thought:
"Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain."


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Hi Jimi,

There are 4 excellent talks airing today Sunday 5 July at the Leaky Brain Summit, including my talk on EMFs.

"Leaky brain" is no joke (particularly for those that have it).

What’s more, many people have got "leaky brain" and don’t even know it.

Yes, it often goes undetected.

What is "leaky brain"?

It’s a brain health issue that can underlie stress, anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, brain degeneration, and autoimmunity.

What’s the cause?

There are many causes, these are largely lifestyle factors like infections, stress, trauma, poor diet, and environmental toxins….

And... electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

In fact, I believe EMFs are a BIG causative factor.

In my interview, I talk about how EMFs can literally poke holes in your blood-brain barrier (the science) and what you can do to protect yourself.

At the Leaky Brain Summit Dr. Elena Villanueva and Dr. Ryan Wohlfert, bring you top experts in leaky brain from around the globe to give you the most cutting-edge information on this silent predator.

The Leaky Brain Summit will help you:
● Identify symptoms of leaky brain
● Understand the brain-immune-gut connection
● Reduce inflammation to help heal leaky brain
● Overcome pain, trauma and stress
● Detox and regenerate your brain
● Master your mindset to optimize brain health
● Know which foods to choose or avoid
● Help children avoid mental health disorders
● And more

Dr. Villanueva and Dr. Wohlfert share evidence-based programs and protocols to understand, identify and address the root causes and symptoms of leaky brain, and the neurochemical and neurodegenerative conditions associated with it.

Click here to access this FREE event.

Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!

P.S. If the above links don’t work copy/paste this link into your browser

P.S. Sign up today and get 4 FREE bonuses including the eBook 13 Steps to Balancing Your Brain Chemistry without Dangerous Prescription Medication written by Dr. Villanueva and Dr. Wohlfert.

Leaky Brain Summit
EMF protection is IMPORTANT
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Yesterday, we told you about the United Medical Freedom Super PAC “UMFSP.”

We created the UMFSP to educate, empower, and emancipate the American people.

We want you to know exactly which elected officials are working in the service of freedom… and which officials have been corrupted by greed. By joining our cause, you can become a warrior on the front lines in the battle for freedom. You can protect your children and your children’s children from the dictatorial rule of those who oppose the American ideals of personal freedom and liberty.

>> Learn More About the UMFSP here.

We are at a dangerous tipping point in our nation’s history. Never before have our elected officials worked so aggressively – and so effectively – to strip away our medical freedom, religious freedoms, and freedom of speech. Big Pharma and the medical mafia wield so much power in our legislative processes that it may seem impossible to stop them.

But when we are united, we are strong.

You can stand up to your local state governments and demand that exemption policies remain intact. You can let politicians know that anyone taking money from big pharma stands no chance of re-election. You can vote with your dollars by refusing to support companies which actively stifle freedom. And you can make a difference by becoming well-informed so that you can have respectful, evidence-based discourse with those who disagree with you.

>> And you can get started right now by joining the UMFSP today.

We will win this fight for health freedom. :)
Yours in health and liberty,

P.S. Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln: “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.”

As long as we have a voice, we have a choice.
Make your voice heard today!
>> Join the UMFSP.


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I want to start by wishing a very Happy Canada Day to all those here in Canada, and a very Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US. It may not have felt like there was much to celebrate this year, or many available ways to celebrate, but I do hope you were able to find your own ways to celebrate and enjoy the day.

As I posted this week in the FB group, Canada Day has started to become a day of mixed emotions for me. As the complex and difficult history of the colonization of Canada is becoming more and more obvious as more and more of the atrocities of the past are pulled into the spotlight of the present, I find that mix more complicated for me. So, I hope that you too, like me, were able to find a few quiet moments of reflection during the celebrations.

The hard and difficult and tough-to-navigate history of our beautiful country doesn’t take away from all of the many things that make me proud to be Canadian. For me, it actually feels kind of like my emotions surrounding cancer. It was hard and difficult and tough to navigate, but it was also a very beautiful experience in many ways, and I am deeply proud of the last three years of my life and how I have indeed navigated them.

And I got to this place in my “relationship” with cancer through reflection. I think that is a massive key to getting through the big challenges in our lives. Through self-reflection, reflection on the situation, reflection on how we want our lives to change and ultimately look, and reflection on how we can get there, lessons, growth, next steps, healing, forgiveness and more will start showing up increasingly in our lives. And by recognizing and acting on these things, I was able to move to a place where I didn’t hate cancer anymore because it was what pushed me to those levels of reflection, and that was extremely healing and cathartic to realize.

I feel the same is possible for our country and our world. We’re in need of deep healing in many places, and it is my hope that through reflection and then meaningful action that we are able to achieve that healing and move to a place with less hate and more acceptance.

To Our Global Healing ❤


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Groundbreaking Study Shows Shielding EMF Improves Autoimmune Disease


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Spike in coronavirus cases worsened by infected illegal aliens flooding into U.S. hospitals



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RAW TRUTH: Why 97% of lives really DON’T matter at all to the future of humanity


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EMDR Therapy – What Makes it Tick?

Everyone has trauma. Put another way, no one doesn’t have trauma.

It’s a liberating truth, in a sense – your trauma is no more off-putting to a stranger for the mere fact of its existence than theirs is to you. Complications in our interpersonal experiences regarding our trauma and the traumas of either largely arise from the misguided belief that trauma somehow only affects isolated pockets of disturbed individuals.

You know… veterans. Those who have suffered physical abuse. Sexual assault survivors.

And that trauma is real and valid – but it isn’t the only real and valid trauma… Not by a longshot.

Other forms of trauma can include living through natural disasters… verbal abuse… exposure to violence… divorce… car accidents… deaths of loved ones… serious illnesses… abandonment… imprisonment…

The list goes on.​
If we had no other evidence to support the universal experience of trauma, it would be enough to know the sheer volume and variety of therapies developed to address the root causes of trauma and dampen the symptoms.

A cursory search on the internet for “trauma therapy” yields innumerable results. And because all trauma is personal, each method – from modern Westsern psychology to ancient Indigenous wisdom – differs in value by the person.

Like EMDR therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy seeks to desensitize trauma victims to their own traumatic memories.

Let’s keep digging into its practice and efficacy…

The “WHY” of EMDR

You might benefit from EMDR therapy if you find yourself either plagued by traumatic memories or unable to even approach them without debilitating mental and emotional side effects.

Its developer, Francine Shapiro, believes that inside of all of us is the capability to process these memories and feelings, which she calls the Adaptive Information Processing model.​

Unexamined trauma can disrupt our natural processes.

Especially because trauma rearranges neural networks.

That’s right. A traumatic experience forms itself in the brain as a maladaptive neural network, wherein the person with the memory cannot travel through it as they would a simple, nondisruptive memory.

When they conjure the memory, they literally get stuck there and it becomes difficult to move past the memory in order to function properly and to willfully return to the memory to unpack it at a later date.

It is seemingly a self-destructive cycle whereby a sufferer is forced to choose between never thinking of the memory, and thinking only of the memory. The more we do this, the harder it becomes to address the memory because steady traffic of any given neural network actually builds the fatty perimeter of that network, strengthening its presence as a trodden path.

Just like trails in the woods – the more you walk a trail, the more the trail lends itself to being walked upon.

EMDR seeks to change the pattern by adding new information. Layering a new memory atop the old creates new branches, new trails that shoot off of the old one.

The “HOW” of EMDR

EMDR typically happens in eight phases:

  1. History and Treatment Planning
  2. Preparation
  3. Assessment and Identification of Offending Memories
  4. Treatment (more on this soon…)
  5. Treatment
  6. Treatment
  7. Treatment
  8. Evaluation

Okay, so treatment takes up four of the eight phases.

What exactly is the treatment?

Consider that the eight phases above can be condensed into two real phases: strengthening positive neural pathways in preparation to cope, and desensitization through the use of Dual Attention Stimulation (DAS)– bi-lateral eye movements, pulsers, tones dinging alternately from the left and right sides of your body.


By first repeatedly trodding the neural trail of positive emotions and cognitions, you make those paths more easily accessible in the future.

Then, when attempting to process the compartmentalized traumatic memories on the right side of the brain, the bridge can more easily be built from positive feelings to the negative memory.

While there’s no one reason that DAS makes EMDR effective, there are certainly several ideas. DAS, for example, strains the effort of accessing working memories which serves as a distraction from the regular trauma response you’d have thinking of a painful memory. It also mimics REM sleep via the use of bi-lateral eye movements.

Finally, it triggers the orient response, which is a phenomenon in psychology wherein a traumatized person is able to observe the current moment they’re in while touching a traumatic memory… disproving the trauma’s insistence in present danger.

People plagued by traumatic memories who haven’t had success in moving past them may find these techniques valuable.

They’re certainly worth a 12-session try!


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5 Tips for Self-Care After 50


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Everyone here, as vapers/ex-smokers, should be doing lung exercises every day. When you get older you will thank yourself ;) ;) ;)

Good day, Jimi!​
According to a recent clinical review, gentle, low-intensity qigong practices that include abdominal breathing may be useful for the prevention and treatment of respiratory infections, including COVID-19.*

Because qigong is easy to learn, can be practiced in the home and is accessible online****, it’s possible to take up this healthy practice RIGHT NOW to boost your capacity to prevent (and recover from) severe respiratory illness and give yourself simple, effective tools to manage stress and anxiety.

--->>Join us to learn more about this ancient, simple and effective practice!

Citing past studies on the utilization of qigong in the rehabilitation of patients with respiratory infections, including COPD and bronchitis, the analysis indicates that qigong can improve lung function and shorten the duration of respiratory infections.**

And some studies suggest that qigong can:
  • Help prevent respiratory disease
  • Enhance immune function
  • Strengthen respiratory muscles
  • Increase exercise capacity
  • Help with stress management
  • Improve quality of life***
--->>Join us at the complimentary and online Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit!

Your hosts for this event, Master Mingtong Gu and Nathan Crane, will be interweaving diverse perspectives on health, healing and conscious awakening.

PLUS, each day of the summit, Master Mingtong Gu will be leading a qigong teaching and healing meditation, including: Qigong Wisdom and Meditation for Reducing Stress and Qigong Wisdom and Meditation for Immune System Health.

They’re here to help you by sharing this ancient healing wisdom.
To your health,
Bob & Bobby
Co-founders, Health Talks Online

P.S. When you register for The Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!


*Qigong for the Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of COVID-19 Infection in Older Adults. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2020 May 15.


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I thought Lyme disease was only something to worry about if you lived in Connecticut...
Or had at least found a tick on you!
And if you hadn't had the famous bulls-eye rash, then even if you had been bitten by a tick, you should be fine, right?
There was so much I didn't know about Lyme... like the fact that you can have it even if you've NEVER been bitten by a tick.
And it can even be a root cause of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).
Known as “The Great Imitator,” Lyme disease may mimic other chronic health conditions: arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, depression… Bottom line - if you have any unexplained health issues, it is absolutely worth looking into Lyme.
But the good news is: the sooner it’s detected, the easier it is to address!
—>>Gain a deeper understanding of Lyme disease when you attend this complimentary, online event!
Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose and treat and has over 150 different possible symptoms: fatigue, mood problems, insomnia, neurological impairments, brain fog, migraines, gut issues, neuropathy, joint pain and others. If not properly treated, over time Lyme disease becomes chronic and can manifest in autoimmunity or a number of other degenerative, debilitating health issues.
Some people live in a cycle of symptom management while remaining extremely ill.
Many doctors don’t know which medications to give people, so many have to find their own solutions.
The fact is: if you don’t know the root cause of your health issues, it’s so much harder to heal.
Your host, Dr. Jay Davidson, nearly lost his wife to chronic Lyme disease, which prompted him to undergo years of research to help her heal. He’ll share that wisdom with you during this summit.
Lean on the wisdom of our health experts to help with:
+ Testing methods and treatment protocols
+ Steps to take before addressing Lyme
+ Staying empowered in the doctor/patient relationship
+ Supporting mitochondrial health and drainage
+ Detox and diet protocols
+ Nutrition, exercise and mindset strategies
+ And so much more!
If you’ve been diagnosed with or suspect you’ve been misdiagnosed, it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of Lyme disease!
Join us at this important event to discover current research and novel approaches to testing and treating chronic Lyme disease and what you can do to boost your immune system health.
You’re not alone. There are answers. We can heal together.
—>>I’ll see you online at The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 4 when you register today!
Hope and hugs,
P.S. When you register for The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 4k, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!​


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Heart Risk for Men and Women Is Different

By Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of both men and women, and has been so for nearly a century. But the fact that this killer disease impacts both genders wasn’t generally recognized until just the past few decades.

For many years, the focus had been on men’s hearts. That was true when it came to research, development of diagnostic tests and treatments, and edicts regarding prevention.

Special: The Hidden Heart Risk Even a Cardiologist Didn't See Coming

And this enormous blind spot toward women didn’t do men any good because they were robbed of knowledge about the important differences gender plays in the development of heart disease.

But now that this disparity has been identified, understanding these gender differences can give both men and women an edge in the fight to conquer heart disease.

Risk factors differ by gender, studies show. Conditions that raise heart attack risk in women include low estrogen, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

Conditions that raise heart attack risks in men include I am a spammer ban me dysfunction and low testosterone.

As for symptoms, since the 1950s, well-intentioned articles and public service announcements about the dangers of heart disease have focused on chest pain as the preeminent warning sign of a heart attack. This is because it is the most common symptom of a heart attack in men.

But, while a woman may have chest pain as her predominant symptom, she is just as likely to have shortness of breath, fatigue, indigestion, sweating, nausea, vomiting, rapid or irregular pulse, anxiety, or confusion.


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Hi, Jimi.

I wanted to check in real quickly to see how you and your family are doing.

With everything going on and states reversing their opening guidelines, our world has been radically flipped on end with no assurance in sight.

And this has caused a tremendous amount of stress for so many...

I know that not everyone has a support system so please know that I’m here with you.

I want to be sure you're getting the resources you need to make it through these difficult times and feel supported along the way.

Last week, I had an interview with Dr. Elena Villanueva about the importance of mental health care and what she's doing to help people through this global crisis.

She shared some incredible insights with me and I feel it is important for me to bring this resource to you in case you or anyone you know is struggling during these times.


Starting on Sunday, July 12th at 9pm ET, Dr. Elena Villanueva is hosting a 5-Part Masterclass on how cutting edge technology has come together with modern medicine to help patients better deal with stress and overcome mental health related symptoms.

Dr. V has dedicated her entire life to bringing mental health issues to the forefront of overall health, and she’s using the power of data to fuel her mission towards success. Her stance is quite remarkable and it’s put her on the cutting edge of mental health research and understanding.

Click here to learn more and register today (at no cost)

If you've been feeling at all stressed or fatigued by the events going on in the world today, or if you have any history of dealing with depression and anxiety, please be sure to put your mental health first and take care of yourself as best you can.

Be well.




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Hi Jimi,
So many of us have been taught to pop a “magic pill” and get on with our day.
Ever since the 50s, the mass use of medicines and drugs has only grown and Big Pharma has gotten wealthier and wealthier…
Did you know that back in the day, amphetamines and barbiturates were called “mother’s little helpers” as women developed a habit for the sedative and stimulative effects of these medicines?
I may be going out on a limb here, but I don’t think much has changed since then.
As a matter of fact, many of the modern-day “little helpers” are literally starving your brain into losing its memory, focus, and vital nutrients.
This is why it’s CRUCIAL I share a new proven protocol to protect your brain and memory...
Luckily, it just so happens that my good friend and best-selling author Jonathan Bailor released a free report called 5 Brain Death Drugs Protection Plan and he’s offering my online community FREE access to it.
Click Here to Access this FREE Report to Protect Your Brain
I urge you to read this because you or a loved one is probably taking at least one of these 5 “memory-stealing” drugs.
Please, don’t let unnecessary “magic pills” keep you from living the resilient life you and your loved ones deserve.
Be Blessed!
Dr. David Jockers


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Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, we told you about the United Medical Freedom Super PAC “UMFSP.”

If you haven’t already become a member, go ahead and click here to join (it’s free). Through the UMFSP, we will be bringing you interviews with people who are dedicated to keeping America free.

One of those people is Hollywood celebrity, Leigh-Allyn Baker.

In a groundbreaking interview, Leigh-Allyn goes on the record with Charlene to discuss what she has been through since realizing her children have been vaccine injured. This was her "wake-up call."


Leigh-Allyn has decided to speak up and stand with the UMFSP to fight tyranny and defend our medical and health freedoms that will support the life of all the dear children in America and around the world.

This is one interview you will not soon forget. We are thankful to have this woman of integrity and honor on our team as the voice of all mothers who love their children.

We will win this fight for health freedom. :)
Yours in health and liberty,

P.S. As long as we have a voice, we have a choice. Make your voice heard today! >> Join the UMFSP.


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The New and Improved Sugar Cravings Interruption Technique ™ has become the core of our success with stubborn sugar habits…

Thousands of people have quit or controlled sugar in their life by using this simple technique in their lives.

We used to charge thousands of dollars to work one on one with folks that were late-stage sugar addicts. Some were hundreds of pounds overweight.

But in 2020, in the age of pandemics and social movements that are finally addressing the hundreds of year old issues facing this country…

My heart has shifted.

The pressing question I kept asking myself is:

"How can I get this info, this support, to more people?"

How can we create the platform by which anyone can tap into this simple technique and use it for their own?

So we’ve decided to have our own private "Freedom & Independence Celebration" this year.

Starting July 7th - The 2020 halfway mark - A new month, a new quarter, a new you…

There will be a celebration of sugar freedom online.

Check out this Sugar Cravings Interruption Technique ™ and a ton of other super-simplified success tactics for you.

It’s a little video that may change your life.

It’s easy to understand and easy to implement.

See you then,

The SugarFreeMan

PS: If you have doubts just spend a few minutes checking this out and meet over 50 people who are currently finding success with this technique developed over a decade of work with late-stage sugar addicts.



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First a quick note - so sorry, but no “Coffee with Dr. Tom” today. We’ll resume next week.
Also, I want to be sure you got my invitation to Ari Whitten’s upcoming event, where I will be talking about The Impact Of Toxins On Your Health.
And you’ll get so much more information, including:

  • The most common causes of fatigue and biohacks for energy
  • Hormone and immune system optimization
  • Mindset and nutritional strategies
  • The top 5 tips to boost brain health
  • Detox protocols
  • The power of spirituality, meditation and movement
(Marzi and I are excited about this topic!)
This is a chance to get the science and some powerful tools on cultivating higher energy, improving immunity, and bringing more vigor into your life.
Dr. Tom O’Bryan


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Dr. Elena struggled for years with worsening anxiety and depression and wasted thousands of dollars looking for solutions, until she almost lost everything…

Luckily, she was finally able to overcome these mental health challenges and it started her on a journey of discovery that brought her to the most cutting-edge science that has allowed her to help others do the same, over and over.

She's put all of her research and experience into a free 5 part master class.

And it's all free!

-->> Click here for instant access


I'll be viewing the class along with you as the information is valuable for anyone wanting to be happier, healthier and more emotionally peaceful and free.

I hope you'll join me here.


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Enough Nutrients in Diet?
Hi Jimi,
Can you get enough nutrition from diet alone? This is a hotly debated question and most people have an opinion!
I have been in the health field since 2000 and I have a strong opinion too. You cannot get adequate daily nutrition from diet alone.
My medical opinion is based on research from various fields.
Check out my new article, where I’ll explain how I came to this conclusion, and the daily essential vitamins I take to ward off nutritional deficiencies.


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Dear Jimi,
With everything going on in the world right now, I wanted to give you a resource to help deal with these unprecedented times.
It seems there is no easy way to avoid the stress in the world, but there are steps you can take to improve your mindset, attitude, and mental health.
Starting on Sunday, July 12th at 9pm ET, my colleague, Dr. Elena Villanueva is hosting a FREE 5-Part Mental Health Masterclass with cutting edge technology to help you better deal with stress and overcome mental health related symptoms such as depression and anxiety.
Dr. V has dedicated her entire life to bringing mental health issues to the forefront of overall health, and she’s using the power of data to fuel her mission towards success. Her stance is quite remarkable and it’s put her on the cutting edge of mental health research and understanding. For that reason, I feel this masterclass may have the answers you are looking for.
It’s absolutely free for you to join and watch – Click here to get all the details and get signed up now!
When you do sign up, it is for the entire Mental Health Masterclass Series with 5 full episodes that you won’t want to miss – all FREE.
Thanks and be well,

Dr. Michael Murray
P.S. There is absolutely nothing to risk, it is free. Even if it is only one small thing you learn from the series, it just might make all of the difference in the world for your life. Click here to get all the details and get signed up now!


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Hi Jimi,
I’ve never been on a cruise ship. And after recent events with the pandemic, I don’t expect to be on one any time soon. But over the years, I’ve heard wonderful things about Holistic Holiday at Sea. Every year they’ve brought together thousands of plant-based health enthusiasts with dozens of the top vegan doctors and health experts in the world.
They aren’t running any cruises this summer, so they decided to take the experience online with Holistic Holiday at Home. Lucky for you, that also makes the experience way more affordable (the basic registration is free!), and you can join in without having to pack a single bag.
Confirmed speakers include Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Kim Williams, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, Chef AJ, Dr. Brooke Goldner, Tracye McQuirter, Robert Cheeke, and yours truly (yup, this could be the closest I ever get to a cruise ship!).
Holistic Holiday at Home
You’ll have a team of plant-based experts sharing their latest insights, and helping you make the changes you need to support your optimal health.
>> Click right here to claim your free spot now.
Yours for holistic holidays,
Ocean Robbins
P.S. The free package gives you 30+ hours of free video content. And if you want even more support, they have two enhanced packages with additional live Q&A sessions, fitness classes, and cooking demonstrations, bonus materials from speakers, and extended access. Find out all about it here.


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Dear Jimi,
We are sorry - my team recognized that my interview with Kris Newby had a bad echo, but the content was so valuable we wanted to offer it anyway. We’ve had so many people write in though, that we have decided to get a transcript done and send it out ASAP. I expect this to take until Thursday or Friday, but if you have clicked to get the recording, we will tag you and send you the transcript. Apologies.
I know that Lyme can be a devastating illness, and we always want to support you with the most powerful information available.
If you want to brave the echo (or just indicate that you want the transcript) click here.
If you or a loved one have, or suspect to have Lyme disease (or even live in an area with many deer ticks) this episode is a must-listen. Remember, Lyme is OFTEN misdiagnosed - and is rampantly underdiagnosed. See below for symptoms.
Here are some topics and timestamps to support your experience
[00:00] Introduction
[04:31] Misdiagnosis and underdiagnosis in Lyme disease
[09:09] Forms of Lyme testing, and what the future holds
[19:09] Routes of transmission other than tick bites
[25:03] Under Our Skin
[30:38] Lyme disease and the history of tick-related bioweapons
[41:25] Possible mechanisms behind coinfection
[52:37] Treatment of Lyme: What could be done differently
Kris Newby is an award-winning science writer at Stanford University and the senior producer of the Lyme disease documentary, Under Our Skin, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was a 2010 Oscar semifinalist.
She has two degrees in engineering, a bachelor's degree from the University of Utah and a master's degree from Stanford University.
Previously, Kris was a technology writer for Apple and other Silicon Valley companies. She lives in Palo Alto today. Together we discuss:
  • Her book, Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons
  • Misdiagnosis and underdiagnosis in Lyme disease
  • A journey to Lyme recovery
  • Why there isn’t much Lyme research funding
You can check out her website,
Symptoms of Lyme include:
  • Fatigue
  • Achy, stiff, or swollen joints
  • Headaches, dizziness, fever
  • Night sweats and sleep disturbances
  • Cognitive decline
  • Rashes
  • Sensitivity to light and vision changes
  • Other neurological problems
If you are experiencing symptoms like this, definitely make time for this interview.
I hope everyone is staying healthy and well during this time.

To your health,
Dr. Christine Schaffner


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Dear Jimi
Did you know that your mind and body hold the secrets to longevity, health, healing and happiness?
Millions of people around the world are lacking the energy and vitality they once had, and are feeling more lonely, desperate and spiritually disconnected than ever.
These feelings can increase levels of stress, tension, fear and anxiety — compromising immunity and increasing the risk of chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and depression.
You can learn to shake off desperation, loneliness and anxiety, and AWAKEN to a life connected to deep meaning and improved health, when you join us at an incredible new event called The Healing Chronic Stress & Disease Summit!
Your hosts for this event, Master Mingtong Gu and Nathan Crane, will be interweaving diverse perspectives on health, healing and conscious awakening.
Master Mingtong Gu has mastered the unique ability to lead the collective energy field to accelerate personal and global healing. Each day of the summit he will be leading a teaching and healing meditation.
Nathan Crane, has journeyed from a teenage lifestyle of poor diet and addiction to a healing path dedicated to sobriety, daily meditation, continuous research into health and nutrition, and learning from wisdom keepers and spiritual teachers. In 2013, his grandfather passed away from cancer, which prompted his ever-deepening research into health and awakening, and led him to a life of increased vitality, fulfillment and purpose.
The Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit will help you:
  • Increase mental clarity, joy and energy
  • Address and prevent chronic health conditions
  • Awaken to deeper levels of intuition and insight
  • Find and cultivate spiritual guidance from within
  • Boost your immune system
  • Discover ancient healing practices
  • Access the latest research on nutritional excellence
  • And so much more!
You can truly get started on better health today. This event runs August 10-16, register now!

To better health,
The GreenMedInfo Team
P.S. When you register for The Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!


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