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GMO conspiracy: trying to taint organic foods

Genetically modified foods, or GMOs, are a hot topic in the United States today.

While some researchers claim they’re harmless, others are concerned about the long- and short-term effects of GMOs on the human body.

The truth is, even those who stick to 100% organic, locally-grown food might STILL be contaminated by GMOs.

Genetically-modified crops and the toxic pesticides that go with them are making their way into the soil and the water supply.

And it’s affecting your body’s ability to detox at a cellular level… which can lead to conditions like leaky gut syndrome, allergies, food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, and even cancer.

Still, there’s hope…

>> Check out this article for the full report on GMOs, plus the one thing you can do to start armoring your cells against the dangers of GMOs today.

Today's Recommendation from Beyond Organic Doctors

GMOs are just one reason your cellular health might be suffering.

Pesticides, pollution, poor food quality, and stress are a few more…

It turns out it may not be enough to protect against disease by simply eating your veggies and exercising a few times per week.

If you’re interested in longevity OR you’re suffering from fatigue, hormone imbalance, and brain fog, you might need a cellular detox.

The Beyond Organic Doctors Team


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Well, you did it! Here in Canada, you made it through the first week of school. And if you're elsewhere where school already started or hasn't yet, you made it through another week!

It may seem a silly thing to celebrate, just making it through a tough week, but it's so incredibly important to celebrate not just the big stuff in life but the small wins too. It's unfortunately something that we don't do nearly enough of, and we have a tendency to downplay our accomplishments. We are conditioned to feel like celebrating our awesomeness is bragging, that we should be humble at all times, and that we shouldn't draw "undue" attention to our accomplishments. To that I say, nuh uh!

I get it. I was exactly the same in the before times, before cancer. I was humble and quiet and shy about being complimented. I have realized, thanks to cancer, that for me this came from my belief that I was unworthy of attention and celebration, that I was nothing special. But I have come to realize that each and every one of us is special and wonderful and amazing, and we deserve to be celebrated. And when we celebrate ourselves, we are sending a powerful message to ourselves that we are worthy of all that we want, and who doesn't want more of that goodness in their lives?

Life is hard, I don't need to tell anyone here that. We face incredible challenges, and we face lots of small ones too. And in a cancer journey, there are so many challenges of all shapes and sizes that it can feel like a continual game of two steps forward, one step back. But those steps forward are still progress, no matter how small. Instead of focusing on the massive mountain looming in front of you, where it becomes way too easy to imagine all of the terrifying possibilities that could be hiding in the cracks and crevasses and caves, keep focused on this moment, on the path in front of you and on your own two feet stepping along that path.

One way to do this is by celebrating each of those steps forward that you take. Made it to your next chemo session with great looking blood counts? Amazing! Found a new supplement to try? Way to go! Was able to exercise today? High five! Had a plant-based day? Fantastic! No matter how big or small, celebrating our wins keeps us focused on the present and on the positive, and those are two things that are so incredibly important to your mental and emotional health when dealing with the challenges of life.

One step at a time, one win at a time. That's how we heal.

Happy Healing ❤


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"Nourish with Nutrients"
With Registered Dietician and Diabetes Educator, Anjali Dua
This week, Jahnavi had a fantastic discussion with Anjali Dua, registered dietician and diabetes educator. Their interview covered topics such as how you can fully nourish your body with the proper nutrients and why some people struggle to lose weight even when they are eating well and exercising. These are important topics for those healing cancer, as a diet overhaul and maintaining a proper weight-to-height ratio are important to lowering cancer risk. This episode is great for those who are looking for new ways to stay healthy through appropriate food choices.
If you didn't have a chance to catch it live, head on over to the Cancer Warrior Canada Facebook page or YouTube channel to see it there. And don't forget to subscribe while you're there!
We're coming to the end of the first season of imPOWERED, but we still have one or two more episodes for you next week, so make sure you are following Cancer Warrior on Facebook to ensure you don't miss the announcement of our next guests! If you were unable to watch live, you can watch or rewatch any of my past episodes of imPOWERED on the Orenda YouTube channel, and you can find all past episodes, both mine and Jahnavi's, on the Cancer Warrior Canada Foundation Facebook page or YouTube channel.
See you next week ❤


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Mental Health Monday
It was the final long weekend of summer last week, and in my usual holiday fashion, I took the day off from posting. Sometimes, the mental health support you need is to just take a break, and it's important that we learn to recognize when we need to do so and then actually do it! It can be easier said than done to switch off for a bit and let ourselves rest, but I hope that you were able to take a break this past long weekend with those you love most.


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Honeybee venom destroyed breast cancer cells: Study


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Diet and Nutrition: Recipes
I don't know what it's like where you are, but here in Southern Ontario, as soon as the long weekend hit, the weather decided it was instantly fall. We've had grey days and a chill all week, and it has put me in the mood for my favourite time of year, autumn but also SOUP SEASON!

If you don't know this about me yet, I LOVE soup, and it's also one of my favourite things to cook. Soups so easily fit into my restricted diet because it's easy to make them sugar, diary, and refined grain free. Plus, they are an excellent way to pack a ton of veggies into your meal. I could go on and on about why I'm a soupie groupie, but instead I'll coax you into the fold by sharing my new fav soup recipe

I had a ton of tomatoes and chard to use up, so I whipped up this ultra creamy, thick, warm-you-to-your-toes vegan tomato, pepper, chard soup. I hope you enjoy this one that's not only delicious but super healthy and nutritious

Click here to get the full recipe in the Orenda Facebook group!


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Over the last few months, calls to suicide and help hotlines are up all around the nation. Thankfully, my colleague Dr. Elena Villanueva is doing something NO ONE else is doing right now to help reverse these horrific statistics… Click Here To Learn More
In Los Angeles alone, they are seeing an 8,000% increase in call volume as with everything going on in the world, People are seeking support now more than ever.
As stress and anxiety builds, your emotions may start to take control. As stress hormones surge, you can toss and turn, losing the restorative sleep your body needs, Your risk for getting sick and run-down increases and puts your health in even further danger..
Dr. Elena struggled for years with worsening anxiety and depression, wasting thousands of dollars looking for solutions - until she almost lost everything…
Luckily, she was finally able to overcome these mental health challenges, and it started her on a journey of discovery that brought her to the most cutting-edge science that has allowed her to help others do the same, over and over.
If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health disorder, you are not alone. There is help.
Approximately 450 million people live with the challenges of a mental disorder. Dr. Elena shifts the conversation from drugs to the scientific research revealing ways to treat, beat, and even reverse nearly any mental health disorder.
To your well being, body and mind,
Dr. Tom O’Bryan
PS: It is not a surprise that so many people are struggling. We are not made for isolation. If you can relate, I hope you can find the support you deserve.


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Amendment quietly added to PREP Act allowing pharmacists to vaccinate children


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Pregnant? Avoid Diet Sodas!


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Hi Jimi,
We’re so excited to announce that The Answer To Cancer cancer-healing masterclass series is now available for you to enjoy!
That’s right, for the next 10 weeks you are going to have the opportunity to experience an exclusive showing of our cancer-healing masterclass at 100% no cost to you.
During this limited viewing period, you will have the opportunity to watch each webinar presentation for 48 hours to enjoy on your own time in the comfort of your own home.
...this is our gift to you for being such a loyal supporter of The Answer To Cancer series.
In our preliminary masterclass webinar, Dr. Beth Dupree goes far beyond what she learned in medical school in the 1980s. After performing countless numbers of breast-cancer surgeries, she learned the power of integrating healing therapies into patients’ lives.
Now a master-level Reiki practitioner, she introduces patients to the healing channels of yoga, massage, grief counseling, exercise, good nutrition and so much more. She encourages them to embrace healing in their hearts to find peace as part of their treatment.

Tune in to see our Webinar with Dr. Dupree
This incredible pioneer in holistic health will join us to share her insights and to tell us why she created the Healing Consciousness Foundation 13 years ago. This non-profit organization funds holistic and wellness therapies for breast cancer patients, regardless of gender.
You won’t want to miss her message about what led her down this path in life. She has so much to share with us about our own journeys.
Typically, she appears as the keynote speaker at national events, but you get to see her from the comfort of your own home via our webinar.
Thanks in advance for participating in this life-changing experience :).
To your health,
The Answer To Cancer
P.S. Have any unanswered questions? Submit your questions about this webinar below the video, and we’ll answer any question you may have on Thursday’s Q&A call as long as you are a premium member.​


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Ever had one of those surreal moments?
I had one recently, it was having the Grow Food Not Grass masterclass named dropped on a huge podcast!
The Tom Woods Show is a huge daily podcast. It is about politics so it is not going to be something everyone likes, which is fine. I don't want you to like it I want you to checkout episode #1730 where the host tells his listeners to checkout!
Wild stuff :)
Anyways, we are celebrating both our big PR plug and finally having most of our seed varieties back in stock with a huge sale (even bigger than the last one!)
You get the same 15% off we promoted last time but right now Amazon has a 10% off clickable coupon on our seeds. So you can potentially get 25% off!
The 15% off link will work for a few days but I have no idea how long the Amazon coupons will be around, so first come first served!
So, if you want to grow a fall garden or even just stock up for next year now is the time. Just click the ugly link below:
Keep grow'n,
PS - I am bringing back featuring many of our real life rebel gardeners. I have a number of garden photos I didn't get to share from last time but I still want more. So send me garden photos :)
If you don't have any you can always send pictures of you holding your favorite Rebel Garden seed packets too. Get them at a huge discount while it lasts.


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Hi Jim,

Recent studies are now showing how a simple tweak to your eating habits can have dramatic effects in erasing chronic inflammation while reversing the signs of life-threatening conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s… even while you’re fast asleep!

Many of these “inflammation igniting” foods are probably in your pantry this very moment...

Thankfully, our good friend Dr. Villanueva has used simple lifestyle hacks (from foods to medicine to doing laundry and more) to help people around the world ‘dummy-proof’ their routine to regain their mobility, sharpen their memory, and finally get back their zest for life!

>> Here’s how (no surgery needed)

In fact, RIGHT NOW, Dr. Villanueva is hosting an inflammation-fighting masterclass that will give you everything you need to know about inflammation, its impact on your health, how to keep it from spreading, what you can do to reduce existing inflammation, and how to keep it away for good!

This 100% Free Masterclass just started last night so you’re just in time to enjoy the first (and one could argue the most important) episode of the series… EPISODE 1: Discover How Food Can Be Your Best Medicine (Or Slowest Poison).

This episode will reveal how specific foods can be the slowest form of poison OR the greatest form of medicine your body can have...

Which kind of food do you have in your pantry?

Click Here To Find Out

Be Blessed,

Dr. David Jockers


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Hi , Do you want to get a better night’s sleep?
I’m not sure if it’s for you, but I personally wanted to sleep better, and I found out that I was doing something like most people today that was making it harder to sleep…
I was using my phone while in bed!
Smartphones disrupt melatonin production, which is the body’s natural sleep rhythm hormone. The artificial burst of blue light from phones fools the body into thinking it should be awake, that it’s daytime and not night.
I figured out why this was so easy for me to do. I was keeping my phone at my bedside, so the temptation to check it or use it was pretty high.
Let me tell you my simple secret…
I started charging and leaving my phone at tables a few steps away from my bed. So, if I really wanted to use it, I’d have to walk a few steps to get it.
What I put at my bedside instead are a few books. One I use for business, one for pleasure, and the other… The Bible.
Just out of curiosity… Do you read something before you sleep, or are you also on your phone? Have you tried putting your phone away when you sleep and reading something instead?
Maybe it’s worked for you too, let me know. I read the emails I get and will reply back whenever I can.
I hope you’re getting restful sleep.


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Hi Jimi,

Every part of your body - from your brain to your heart - relies on hormones.

These "chemical messengers" are how our organs communicate with each other and they largely determine how you look, feel and function...

But the flow of hormones in your body is a very delicate dance. When hormonal activity is not in balance, a number of problems can arise, from disturbances such as poor sleep and weight gain to life-threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease.

The good news is that there are some easy natural steps you can take to rebalance your hormones (and also shed weight, boost your energy and nourish your brain health).

With that in mind, I've got something amazing to share with you...

In a few days, I'll be joining renowned natural hormone expert, Dr. Afrouz Demeri, for a worldwide webinar that we're calling Holistic Hormone Secrets. In this FREE talk, we'll be sharing some simple practices you can use to restore hormone balance and rejuvenate your body from head to toe.

Click here for full details and to sign up now

I can't tell you how excited we are for this! Together, Dr. Afrouz and I will examine a number of common hormone-related challenges and dive into some simple ways to heal these issues naturally.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What hormones are and how they affect your health and longevity
  • How you can tell if you have a hormone deficiency (there are tell-tale signs)
  • How to use specific herbs to balance your hormones and improve overall reproductive health
  • Some key habits and simple practices that will give you optimal hormone health
  • 3 dangerous environmental toxins that are poison to your hormones and how to protect yourself from them
  • And much more...
Reserve your spot for our FREE Holistic Hormone Secrets Webinar!

Dr. Afrouz Demeri is considered to be one of the top hormone health experts in the world, and for good reason. After healing herself of a debilitating hormone-related illness in her twenties, she dedicated her entire career to understanding how this complex system within us works.

She is now the Director of Functional Medicine at University of California Irvine's Department of Medicine, is a sought after national speaker on hormone and reproductive health, and is regularly featured in major publications and documentaries.

Our goal behind this webinar is to give you a full body and mind reboot that will leave you feeling beautiful inside and out, turbo-energized and filled with inspiration.

This is something you don't want to miss!

Stay curious,


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Get Dr. Michelle Sands’ 39-page eBook, 7 Day Food as Medicine Meal Plan, and discover the benefits of medicinal herbs, antioxidants, phytonutrients and superfoods with these easy-to-prepare meals and snacks!

>> Download your complimentary eBook, Download your complimentary eBook, 7 Day Food as Medicine Meal Plan!!

Eat your way to reduced inflammation, balanced hormones and increased energy with super simple recipes for smoothies, signature “Glow Bowls” and snacks like kale chips and avocado deviled eggs!

Dr. Michelle Sands shares supportive principles to follow while optimizing your diet for chronic illness prevention and to help the body heal itself.

When using food as medicine you will:

  • Eat in harmony with your genetic programming
  • Use foods rather than supplements
  • Reduce stress and raise awareness about how and what you eat
  • Understand you are biochemically unique
  • Find health professionals who will help you with nutrition and stress management rather than medication
  • Won’t let your diet stress you out
With nourishing recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and ideas for grab-and-go snacks!), this 39-page 7 Day Food as Medicine Meal Plan will help you incorporate colorful and nutrient-dense healing foods, spices and plants into your diet to help reduce inflammation, balance hormones, increase energy and improve your overall health.

>> Gain immediate access to the 39-page Gain immediate access to the 39-page 7 Day Food as Medicine Meal Plan eBook now!

When you unlock this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Natural Medicine at Home Masterclass taking place on October 12-18, 2020 — over 40 experts teaching you more about effective, proactive practices that you can implement into your daily life to set the foundation for a lifetime of optimal health and happiness!

You can truly get started on better health today!

To your health,

The Beyond Organic Doctors Team

P.S. Don’t miss out on Dr. Michelle’s easy-to-follow, 39-page 7 Day Food as Medicine Meal Plan eBook, when you unlock it now!


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Hi Jimi,

Rosario Dawson and the team at Earth Conscious Films have generously given away their epic, environmental, award-winning movie to the world for the past few days, as part of a free, global screening event.

People from around the world are commenting on how much they’ve learned and been inspired after watching this epic film.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I don’t want you to miss your chance!

>> It’s 100% complimentary — go watch it now, here.

We all know our food system is broken. People are malnourished while industrialized agriculture is ravaging the planet. But the big news is that there are SOLUTIONS!

The Need To GROW showcases three gripping stories and delivers an empowering message of hope. I know you’re going to love it.

If you haven’t gotten to see it yet, I encourage you to do yourself a huge favor: Click the link to watch right now, or with your family and loved ones. It’s a transformative story that will change the way you look at what we can do to heal this planet.

>> Tonight is the LAST NIGHT to join in this free, Global Screening Event.

Hope you enjoy it!

Dr. Pedram Shojai

P.S. More and more thought leaders are acknowledging the benefits of regenerative agriculture. This film is such an important piece towards helping our culture understand the significant healing potential of healthy soils! WATCH THE MOVIE NOW.


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Ask the experts!

I will be interviewing two world leading Medical Doctors with backgrounds in holistic/natural/and integrative medicine for my exciting new project called The Healing and Healing Club! (You'll learn more about this project soon!)
You can ask them about anything related to:
  • Health and Healing
  • Longevity
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Addiction
  • Diet/nutrition
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Fasting / Cleansing / Detox
  • And more!
Go to this page and enter your questions below their photos, and I will ask them as many of your questions as possible!
-->> Click here to ask your questions to Dr. Connealy and Dr. Fuhrman
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy has treated over 47,000 patients. She leads two medical centers including the largest integrative medical clinic in North America. The offices offer a vast array of services for men, women and children, including the latest in cancer therapies, nutrition, weight loss, cosmetic treatment, pain management, acupuncture, massage therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and much more.Leigh Erin Connealy MD offers her groundbreaking integrative approach to both treating and preventing cancer.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD
Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, seven-time New York Times best-selling author and internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing. He specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods. Dr. Fuhrman is the President of the Nutritional Research Foundation and on the faculty of Northern Arizona University, Health Sciences division. He coined the term “Nutritarian” to describe a nutrient-dense eating style, designed to prevent cancer, slow aging, and extend lifespan.


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Dear Jimi

What if the impossible were possible? What if we could heal and transform the world -- freeing billions from hunger, poverty, malice, and disease -- beyond your wildest imagination?
We're pleased to share with you the sequel to THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take?, THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes.

THRIVE II takes viewers behind the scenes with the people and innovations that have the power to transform life for everyone. It follows a journey across the globe investigating the most promising solutions in energy, health, consciousness, and non-coercive self-organizing while unpacking the underlying science, principles, and strategies that make them possible.
THRIVE II is set for global online release in 15 languages on September 26, 2020.

The Cromwell

I am a BOT
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1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act' (NCVIA)

Passed under a president whom some think was the best ever with houses of congress controlled by same parties as now.

Never thought the act was a good idea. A horrible idea actually.
And I am not an anti vaxer.


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1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act' (NCVIA)

Passed under a president whom some think was the best ever with houses of congress controlled by same parties as now.

Never thought the act was a good idea. A horrible idea actually.
And I am not an anti vaxer.
I agree, a bad law that opened the proverbial "Bank" for big pharma to make a vaccine for anything they can think of :mad: . Who know how many children have been injured since them


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Coronavirus can break your heart – literally – says new study


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Is Low Energy Really Just a Pitfall of Advancing Years?

At a certain point in the Western world, it can feel like your doctor has given up on finding solutions for the creaks and strains your body experiences with growing frequency as you age.

Have you ever heard your doctor say, “Ah, yes, that’ll be happening more now that you’re over 40”? Or worse, have you ever made an appointment concerning a vague set of symptoms (fatigue, poor sleep, loss of drive, low libido) and been advised by your doctor to just…

Get used to it? This is life when you’re over the hill.

If we didn’t have the internet, and air travel, and global television, we might be able to swallow that explanation and spend half of our lives in an energy decline, kicking ourselves for wasting the energy of our youths while we had it.

But thankfully, we do have those things.​

And so we know that there are plenty of places around the world where aging isn’t the same as convalescing – places where the medical traditions and the citizens believe that feeling low on energy is the body’s warning sign that it isn’t firing on all cylinders.

That in fact, you should be alarmed if there’s no pep in your step, if you sleep through ten alarms in the morning, if you can’t make it through the day without dosing yourself with coffee.

Because those symptoms are harbingers of future doom – low energy in your body means the systems that power you and protect aren’t getting the energy they need to do their jobs, leaving you susceptible not only to an under-satisfying life but to disease and degeneration.

Let’s take a look at some of the places in the world where aging and exhaustion aren’t mutually exclusive…


According to the World Health Organization, folks in Japan typically live up to 85 years old, and up to 75 without major health concerns or disabilities.

Contributing factors, experts say, are increased physical activity, a diet with more whole foods, and, somewhat surprisingly, continuing to work past retirement.​

The physical activity they’re talking about isn’t the same as the way we think of physical activity. It’s not that more Japanese people hit the gym to become hard bodies – they walk more. The cost of owning a car in Japan can be prohibitively expensive, and public transportation is very accessible, which means Japanese citizens tend to trudge more than drive.

Interestingly, some Japanese regions were seeing earlier mortality rates in the ‘80s. When health officials investigated, they found that people who lived in harsher climates were eating too many pickled vegetables to make it through the winter – which meant way too much salt.

But they got ahead of the problem, and now Japanese citizens can expect to age with energy and vitality.

Costa Rica

Costa Ricans avoid processed food for the most part, but the secret to their longevity goes a little bit deeper. They get most of their calories from squash, corn, beans, tropical fruits, and other plant-based foods.

And, possibly due to the weather and the remoteness of a lot of Costa Rican life, they spend a lot of time moving around outdoors, getting sufficient vitamin D, and unplanned exercise.

Even those in lower socio-economic groups have access to clean, whole foods and have more leisure time to spend moving. The average life expectancy in Costa Rica is 79 years old.


On average, Singaporeans don’t start experiencing aches and pains associating with accompanying 65 year olds until they’re 76.

Part of their success is definitely due to their stellar healthcare system, which ranks 6th in the world. It’s a blend of the private system the U.S. uses and the public system of most developed nations. Chronic disease management begins much earlier as a result.

Plus, their public health initiatives are pretty advanced. The country uses its Healthier Dining Program to make healthier meals more cost effective than unhealthy meals, and it even encourages exercise through a national step-counting competition, whereby citizens can win prizes for increasing the time they spend walking!


Greece (and regions of Italy, and parts of France) have an impressive lifespan, and a significantly longer portion of life without illness, due to the Mediterranean diet – lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, potatoes, and olive oil, with some fish and poultry mixed in.

In some areas of Greece, like Ikaria, residents can expect to live well into their 90s.

Not to mention, of course, they stay active – more walking than driving, and more prolonged daily activity than intermittent short bursts of activity.

This list is hardly exhaustive – Monaco, Switzerland, China, Thailand, Georgia, and other countries all share diets and habits in common that boost the longevity of their citizens.

But it isn’t only about longevity. Living to 90 is only worth so much if you’re spending the last 40 years of your life unable to live it.

We don’t want to live longer so we can sit in a chair from 70 until we die, only able to be active for a few hours a day. We want to live longer so we can live longer.

That’s what we set out to address in our brand-new, 7-week long, 1-hour-per-week, Energy Reset Masterclass.

Aging is not a low-energy death sentence. And the leading industry experts who lend their wisdom to this course bring new science to the West so that we might spend our golden years with as much energy as we had in our childhoods.

It’s not a myth – countries all over the world boast active and engaged older populations. The problem is, we think we’re supposed to be tired, so we don’t do anything to repair our energy, starting at the cellular level.

If you want to learn how to recharge your energy so you can still climb mountains in your sixties, spend 7 weeks learning the science of energy and apply what you learn to your own life.


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I bet you DIDN'T EVEN KNOW you might be allergic to...

Hi Jimi!
Dr. Murphree explains common allergy testing options; what you really need to be looking for; and how important it can before fibro warriors to get proper food allergy testing when working to overcome their symptoms, check out the video:
The two most common allergy tests, a skin prick test and the radioallergosorbent test (RAST), are good at detecting acute or immediate allergic responses (IgE antibodies). But, they don’t measure the delayed sensitivity responses to food.
95% of all food allergies occur one hour to three days after eating allergic foods. These delayed reactions must be measured using a different antibody, immunoglobulin G1-4 (IgG1-4). Many of my patients come to me having already been tested and told they had allergies. Unfortunately they were only tested for IgE antibodies. Their airborne allergies were detected, but many of their food allergies were not.
Two tests that do measure delayed IgG1-4 reactions are the Enzyme-linked Immuno-absorbent Assay (ELISA) test and the Food Immune Complex Assay (FICA) test. Both offer the convenience and accuracy of measuring both types of antibodies, while costing hundreds less than RAST and skin prick tests.
All allergy tests are associated with some degree of error. Even ELISA and FICA tests are no better than 85% accurate. False positives and missed allergic foods are a common occurrence on most tests, so the gold standard for uncovering allergen sensitivities is still the two-week elimination diet. (continue reading)
Want to test your Food Allergies?
Take our food allergy test. Normally $450, BUY NOW and save $200!
Get Your Food Allergy Test Now!
Save $200 now only $250 --> LEARN MORE | SHOP NOW


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Sudden Cardiac Death Genetic Flaw Found

By Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

Researchers have found a genetic flaw that they believe is responsible for cases of sudden cardiac death (SDC), the biggest cause of death in the United States. It occurs when the heart simply stops beating.

Although such stoppage can occur due to a heart attack, there is a type of SDC that occurs independent of heart disease. In such cases, the heart goes into an irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia, causing it to flutter inefficiently and eventually stop.

Special: This ONE Thing Stops Heart Attacks

There are a number of genes linked to arrhythmias, but it wasn’t previously known how these caused SDC. However, University of California Irvine researchers, using mice, discovered there is an impaired gene called KCNE2 that not only affects blood flow, but also activates chemical triggers that can cause SCD.

The researchers are hoping their discovery will lead to a genetic test to discover those at risk of SDC and also pave the way for new treatments.


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Hi Jimi

EMFs, electromagnetic fields, 5G, cell phone radiation, smart meter radiation, WiFi, dirty electricity…. it goes under so many names.

Experts are saying it’s causing symptoms of premature aging, including memory loss, inflammation and even cancer.

That's what's happening on one side of the invisible energy coin.

On the other side, are all the many ways that energy, frequency and vibration can be used to bolster your health like Energy Medicine, PEMFs, Sound Therapy, Herbal and Earth Medicine, The Schumann Resonance, Quantum Energy, Near InfraRed Light Protocols...the list goes on.

The fundamental truth is that everything in the universe has a vibration, in the form of electromagnetic frequencies, these energies influence in subtle but powerful ways, all living things, including your health.

After the success of my EMF Health Summit, I knew there was a deeper dive to be done on the science and protocols for frequency and vibrational healing....

For the first time, the global experts on healing with vibration and frequency look at both sides of the coin and share ways you can protect your self from the dangers of man-made EMFs and show you how to USE frequency and vibration for your benefit.

Take control of your life and health TODAY.

This is your invitation to Healing with Vibration - Free Access Here.

Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!

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Hi Jimi,
The simple things are often the best things. Like making a green smoothie the night before and having it ready to go in the morning.
Stress is a constant in virtually everyone’s lives. It’s normal to have stress! We may get better at handling it, at finding methods and strategies for learning from it and moving past it.
But, sometimes we need something quick that works right away. Something easy that doesn’t take a lot of effort.
I have 2 stress-escaping tips that might do wonders for your mood:
The first thing is:
Hugging! And if there’s no one nearby you want to hug … did you know you can hug yourself? Have you ever tried it?
By wrapping your arms around yourself — you can try it now while you’re reading this email — you’re activating acupressure points that help to bring balance and calm to your body. This action sends a message to your body and brain … of comfort and care.
Best of all, it costs you nothing, and takes very little time.

Hugging others works, too. A reader wrote in and said: “[A] wonderful stress reliever is to hug my husband! He gives the best hugs!”
I love that.
And here’s a tip: if you hug someone for about 20 seconds or longer, you get proven stress-reducing effects. A longer hug releases oxytocin, the “love” hormone, which immediately down-regulates your stress response.
Hugs are “the universal medicine” — a medicine that feels so good to share with yourself, or others.
The 2nd stress-easing trick is:
So simple, yet so effective. Smiling really can make you feel better, even if you’re not not feeling so happy.
The act of cracking a smile can trick your mind into being more positive, just by moving your facial muscles, as research shows. So “faking it” really can help you “make it.”
The great thing about smiling is that it benefits you, and it’s a gift you can give to all.
If you want to know more about the benefits of smiling, check out my post on Benefits of Smiling More Every Day.
These two simple strategies — hugging and smiling — might not solve all your problems. Yet, they can help relieve your tension and anxiety.
And, they’ll help you feel better. So you can realize that you have what it takes to get through this. Because you do.
To staying strong through stress!


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Hi Jimi,

Have you been struggling with sleep since quarantine began?

If tossing and turning at night has become your “new normal,” then a body clock reset would do you good.

You see, depriving yourself of deep restorative sleep will affect both your physical and mental health—which could put your personal and professional lives at risk.

And tempting as it may be, popping sleeping pills can actually do more harm than good!

So in this week’s vodcast, we discuss everything a sleep-deprived person needs to hear. Together with fibromyalgia expert Dr. Rodger Murphree, we uncover the importance of restorative sleep and how it affects our bodies.
He’ll show us how to fix our sleep patterns naturally in ways you may not be aware of.

When you watch this interview, expect to learn:

  • The importance of deep restorative sleep
  • How sleep affects you both physically and mentally
  • The three phases of sleep and which one you really need
  • How exactly does caffeine affect our sleep patterns? Is it worth keeping in our diets?
  • Nutritional supplements that help you get into healthy sleep states
  • Dr. Rodger’s thoughts on sleeping pills
  • How to reset your body clock naturally
  • Which routines have worked for his patients
And so much more!

There are many ways you can get the best sleep your body needs to wake up feeling well-rested and raring to go for the day.

Watch Episode 21 of The Goodness Lover Vodcast here to learn about natural sleep remedies.

To your health,


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Thriving during a time of global crisis may seem counterintuitive. But it isn’t. The most important thing you can do to support your best health and immunity - and life - is thrive anyway.
Do not isolate - talk to friends on Zoom, cook with your kids, take a walk.
I want to help you be inspired now, more than ever. Jeffrey Smith, my good friend and the host of “A Magnificent New Normal”, asks the question, “What do you want life to look like when the dust settles?”
He envisions this as an opportunity for global transformation to improve our lives, our world, and our habits. This is a time of transformation where we can each step into our new magnificent selves.
In this event, I join some amazing speakers and leaders, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, best selling author Lynne McTaggart, and award-winning singer Jewel!
"A Magnificent New Normal" will help you move past fear and step into the truth of who you are, call your future into the present and see your role as a changemaker, add simplicity, ease and loving kindness, create new habits and replace old ones, deepen intuition and knowing, revitalize your relationships and so much more!
You have the tools to build a better, more resilient life.
To you,
Dr. Tom O’Bryan
PS: Don’t miss my talk on “Health and Fulfillment”:
  • Learn how a simple nervous system shift can lead to chronic disease or recovery
  • Moving from degeneration to regeneration
  • Discover loving-kindness is the foundation of nervous system health


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Hi Jimi,
When most people think of hormones, they immediately go to the bedroom. How about you?
When you hear the words “hormone imbalance,” do you think about PMS, hot flashes and loss of sex drive?
Join me for an inspiring and empowering training, Take Charge of Your Health and Feel Better NOW and learn the truth about hormones - what they really control, what happens when your immune system starts attacking them and, and how you can bring them back into balance.
If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and confused, worried about your work performance, or feel like your most important relationships are suffering, you’ll finally be able to get answers.
Learn how to take back control so that your energy soars, your mood lifts, and you feel clear and focused.
Register HERE for my free online workshop.
Discover the 4 factors that most doctors miss, that keep you tired, overwhelmed, and headed for long-term health issues. You’ll also learn how to take charge of your own health, get the testing you need, and put a rebalancing plan into action.
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Wishing you joy, love, health and peace,
Dr. Ritamarie
P.S. Over the past almost 30 years I’ve been in clinical practice, I’ve seen thousands of people turn their health around, even after their body has started to attack itself.
If you'd like to know more, click below to register for the training.
P.P.S. Try to make it LIVE, as I have a special bonus I’ll be giving away at the end.


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:):)Ok here it is, the 2020 dirty dozen list, please check it out:):)

Always Choose Organic When You Buy These 12 Fruits and Vegetables


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We are proud to stand with over 30 organizations and over 20 countries as we work together to push back on medical mandates, unsafe vaccines, and increasingly totalitarian governments.

In the coming months, these issues will be front and center in discussions around the world as people decide whether to cling tightly to their freedoms or blindly follow whatever edicts are put in place by corrupt government officials and profit-driven corporations.

The making of this video was accomplished through the teamwork of organizations and individuals who will not stand by and watch liberty be stripped away from citizens little by little until total tyranny reigns.

When it comes to mandatory vaccines … WE SAY “NO!”

Please join us in standing up and demanding that our individual and medical freedom rights are forever protected. The time to be courageous is now.

Please share this video far and wide.
#WeSayNo #StandFirm

Charlene & Brianna will be in Wichita, Kansas today
@ “Freedom Revival in the Heartland”

Kansans for Health Freedom is excited to announce the Freedom Revival in the Heartland event of 2020! If you are anywhere near Wichita, Kansas, come on out to see us (Charlene and Brianna).

This event is designed with the people of Kansas at heart! Individuals, families, and groups from all over this beautiful state will come together for one jam-packed day to celebrate FREEDOM and HEALTH!

Kansans for Health Freedom seeks to restore FREEDOM to the people and empower Kansans and the nation to make INFORMED and INTENTIONAL health decisions for themselves and their families.

They understand that if we wait for tomorrow… it may be too late.

Speakers include Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and many other notable doctors, researchers, and health freedom advocates.

The event will include a workshop seminar, a Q&A panel, a jam-packed evening rally, and a movie showing of “1986: The Act.”


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6 Nutrient Deficiencies

6 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies
Hey Jimi,
Last year on a flight, I sat next to a former navy seal who shared with me that any time the guys had trouble sleeping they were prescribed Ambien.
If they mentioned anything about depression, they’d get a prescription for Prozac.
If anxiety was present, the docs would stack on Xanax too.
He said he decided to see if a lot of common symptoms could be improved with vitamins and minerals.
After some research, he chose to take vitamin D3, magnesium, and 5-HTP instead of the meds.
He said that combination completely replaced the trifecta of prescribed meds by filling in deficiencies instead of masking the underlying problem.
Plus, it also stopped the serious and long-term damage that would have been caused by taking these pharmaceuticals for an extended period.
I tell you this because I want to remind you to check-in with yourself, see how you’re feeling and tune-in to see if you might be deficient in any of the six major vitamins and minerals that most people become deficient in with a little extra stress and 2020 has shoveled A LOT of extra stress on us all so I can pretty much guarantee that there’s something in today’s blog/show for everyone. :)
Head on over to the blog to watch our 1-minute Food as Medicine TV video to learn about the six most common Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies that a simple trip to the health food store can rectify!
While medication has a place, the overuse of it when something more appropriate can rectify it, while also contributing to long-term health, breaks my heart.
Please share with others who you feel this could help.

Cheers to health!


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Stress Hampers Women’s Heart Recovery

By Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

While younger women have a more difficult time recovering after a heart attack, stress may be a key reason, researchers say.

Although 35,000 women under age 65 experience heart attack each year in the United States, there's limited data on their recovery outcomes and the factors that could affect them.

Special: Is It Normal Nervousness . . . or an Anxiety Disorder?

A study at Yale University compared data from 2,397 female and 1,175 male heart attack survivors between ages 18 and 55 years old in the U.S., Spain, and Australia. During their initial hospital stays for heart attack, researchers measured patients' perceived stress using a 14-item scale that gauged their life experiences following the cardiac event.

Women fared worse one month after heart attack on multiple outcome measures, such as chest-pain-related physical function and quality of life, as well as overall health. The researchers also discovered that the women felt they were under a significantly higher stress load.

Mental stress can cause coronary vessels to tense, slowing blood flow to the heart. This study shows that more must be done to ease the cares of these women when they are being treated for heart attacks.


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Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could find the one doctor who could give us a magic pill to make all of our problems go away? We would lose weight, grow our hair back, have energy again...

While there may not be one magic pill out there, finding the doctor who is right for you, can change the course of your health journey and put you on the path toward healing.

I recommend that everyone with Hashimoto’s consult with a healthcare professional. Even if you are extremely knowledgeable about Hashimoto’s, it helps to have an objective individual to bounce ideas off of, help you identify potential triggers of your condition, and resolve them.

That said, one of the questions I hear the most from my readers is: “What type of doctor should I see for Hashimoto’s?”

The sad reality is that many patients are often disappointed after meeting with conventional doctors, who tell them that there is nothing that can be done about the autoimmune attack on the thyroid. Such doctors only prescribe one type of thyroid hormone, don’t dose the thyroid hormones correctly, and leave their patients feeling miserable!

In this article, I’d like to offer some information about the conventional approach to thyroid care, versus a Root Cause approach, and how to find a doctor who can help you meet your wellness goals.

Read on to learn:

  • The conventional approach to thyroid treatment
  • The Root Cause approach to treating Hashimoto’s
  • Different approaches to medication management
  • Questions to ask your practitioner
  • Insurance concerns
Find Your Doctor Right!


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I wanted to give you a heads up that there has been a recent recall on all current lots of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid (manufactured by RLC Labs, Inc.), due to certain lots being found to be sub-potent. This means that the affected medications may have too little thyroid hormone in them. A person who is stable on their current dose of thyroid hormone, who then receives these affected lots, may become hypothyroid!

As such, there may be a backorder of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid in your area.

Please contact RLC Labs and your local pharmacist directly if you have any questions or concerns.

For information on other thyroid medication options that are available, please see my recent articles:



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Hi Jimi,
I have something very special to announce today. It’s a secret project I’ve been working on so you can regain your thyroid function.
When your thyroid isn’t working right, you have troublesome symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, sensitivity to cold, and anxiety. The list goes on.
Would it surprise you to know that a new thyroid threat is hiding in 7 common places? There is a hidden chemical in your home. It is in the foods you eat, things you drink, and it has a most powerful effect on your thyroid. It’s even in the products you use on your skin!
New data surfaced as I researched my latest book. It surprised me, even after 20+ years of experience as a natural endocrinologist specializing in thyroid disease. I knew I couldn’t wait for the book to get published (because that takes up to 2 years). Instead, I had to share this knowledge with people as soon as possible.
To that end, I created a 7-part documentary called Invisible Iodine: The New Thyroid Threat. You’re invited to watch the series for Free when it airs beginning September 24th.
This is a special limited-time premiere. The series will be free to watch for an entire week. You’ll be among the very first people to watch and discover this new science-backed research.
Please join me. Because it is likely that you CAN get better. After viewing this series, you will learn how up to 70% of people who get the right guidance can have their thyroid function back.
To Your Best Health,


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Hi Jimi,

If there's anything we ALL can agree on, it's that cancer really sucks.

Whether you've had it yourself or seen a loved one struggle, in one way or another, almost everyone has been impacted by this horrible disease. I lost my own mom to cancer.

That's why I get really excited about anything we can do to lower our risk of cancer...

And some of the most powerful dietary tools we have are actually herbs and spices.

A growing body of research has demonstrated the health benefits attributed to herbs, including their antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the potential ability to protect against cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Top anti-cancer herbs & spices include:

  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Turmeric
  • Black Cumin
  • Garlic (because garlic is high-FODMAP, be cautious of this one if you have SIBO!)
Nothing exotic or hard-to-find... and they're all tasty additions to any meal.

And if this idea is exciting to you, I want to make sure you know about a free guide that covers not just these herbs and spices but 19 scientifically researched herbs and spices.

—>>Gain immediate access to The 19 BEST Anti-Cancer Herbs & Spices eGuide now!

When you unlock this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Anti-Cancer Revolution 2 on October 19-25, 2020 — where more than 30 experts will teach you what it takes to create an anti-cancer mindset and help you sift through the many approaches to treatment and testing, manage treatment side effects, avoid all cancer causing toxicants, become your best advocate and so much more!

Hope & hugs,



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Hi ,

Have you ever heard the saying: “Genes load the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger”?

But HOW does lifestyle pull the trigger?

Research has shown that only 2-4% of avoidable cancers are caused by our genetic predisposition and similar numbers are expected for many other chronic diseases.

So what specific substances turn those bad genes on or off?

Click here for a short video by Dr. Carney to find out.

Maybe you've heard of IGF-1 but that's just one of many factors. In this exclusive preview Dr. Carney will break down the latest research including a study from 2020 which is “the first epidemiologic evidence that excessive dietary intake of sulfur amino acids may be related to chronic disease outcomes in humans.”

Now I certainly don't have sulfur amino acids on my radar and it's those hidden substances that are so dangerous...

In the video Dr. Carney also explains:

  • What “epigenetics" is
  • Which substances can trigger bad genes
  • Which substances help prevent bad genes from activating
  • What mechanisms drive cancer gene expression
And more.

If you like to stay up to date on the latest developments, the topic of epigenetics and Dr. Carney’s presentation will be a gold mine for you.

Click here for an exclusive preview.

And while you're there, be sure to sign up for the Plant Fit Summit to get full access to 37 interviews - click here for the full line up and topics.

Enjoy and wishing you a great day!

Yours in health,

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