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No catch at all. I've been happy with KBeevapor.
I've mainly used KP, Lightning, and Temco in that order by volume. All 3 of those have been without any issues. Kidney Puncher really is in a class by itself though.

I do remember a couple years ago now, some folks here talking about KB being dirty. Sometimes. I didn't remember which company it was. However, that's been a while and anybody can improve. I might be willing to try it, but why oh WHY can't they have THIS high gauge bundle in 316L?


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Yeah, I mostly wanted to see the mass of those coils... seems it’s going to be a ton regardless of correct Input

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The amount of metal can always be reduced by going for 1 less ribbon strand while at the same time also replacing the 28g frames with 29g. That plus the fact Ni80 ramps up a little bit faster compared to SS 316L so what I found was, on a stacked mech I get great performance with a single coil fralien that's 5ply .3×.1 using 29g for the frames, 38g for the alien wrap wire... here it is at 3.5mm ID in the 24mm Deathtrap RDA.

waviness.jpg new fralien2.jpg

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