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Your Vape Today? Mod, rba, juice, etc


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eLeaf iJust-S battery with Voopoo Pericles RDA, Honey Nut Custard
Broadside Nashed Brizo with Voopoo Pericles RDA, Sloe Gin Fizz
Lost Vape Cerberus with GV Zeus X RTA, Caramel Waffle Cappuccino diy


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@Don29palms your pineapple peach juice, that isn't a recipe you'd care to share, would you? Needed to ask as that sounds really good.
@Cosmic Of course I will share this delicious and simple recipe. Flavorwest sells Pineapple Peach flavoring. I mix it at 15%. At times I will add some yogurt flavoring. I use 18ml flavor in a 120ml bottle. I can say Flavorwest has some great flavors. Grapeberry Ice is my all time favorite and go to flavor. Pineapple Peach, Pina Colada,Hawaiian Limeade, Rootbeer Float and Grape Soda are excellent. I buy those flavors in 16oz bottles. You have to be careful because they have some flavors that are HORRIBLE! I got a flavor called Bubba's pig sauce. It should be called Pig Shit because it tasted like ass. Their Hot Tamale Candy will burn your face off. Not in a good way. The Dutch Apple Pie and Orange Deamsicle are other ones to pass on.. Whenever I try a new flavor I get a small bottle first to try it. Pralines & Cream, Birthday Cake, Boom, Cranberry and Blue Rasberry are good. They have a crunchberry cereal one that is really good but I don't remember what it's called.


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@Don29palms Hey I really want to thank you....gonna order up that Pineapple Peach and the Grapeberry Ice tonight, both sound delicious and right in my wheel house. I like their vanilla custard, but its quite weak so I have to use it at a high percentage to get any flavor out of it, but its a clean nice custard with just a bare kiss of a spice.
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Topside w/ 22mm Recurve cap (vanilla bean cream), Topside w/ Flave 24 (caramel waffle cappuccino) & Dreamer w/ 24mm Recurve (Honey comb custard & cookies)

Not sure on the gold driptip but it's all I have that matches other than black.

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Eugene lighthouse mod
Recurve dual rda
NY cheesecake

Was going with the ijoy and Aromamizer but it seems the Aromamizer has a 510 leak so it dripped juice into the mod and onto the batteries. Not fucking with that at 530am.

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