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  1. WotofoOfficial

    New Profucts: Wotofo Profile RDA's Accessories

    Hey VU guys, If you have bought our Profile mesh style RDA, plan to buy the RDA, or want to know what accessories is selling with the RDA. You are at the right place now. Here is Profile RDA's accessories list: 22mm Conversion Cap Mesh Style Coil Agleted Organic Cotton 6m 810 Drip Tip
  2. vvapestore

    Weekly new vape products from vvapestore

    In this thread we vvapestore are going to introduce the weekly new vape arrivals for vape fellows. Our website: General inquiries: [email protected] And welcome to comment below to let us know your thoughts on these new products or anything else vape related...
  3. Jane_Qiu

    ENDED - [2Fdeal Giveaway] ULTON Salix Style 22mm MTL RDA w/BF Pin - 9/3

    【2Fdeal Giveaway】ULTON Salix Style 22mm MTL RDA w/BF Pin Salix RDA is a compact rebuildable dripping/squonk atomiser with a super easy to build drop-in style deck. The kit comes with three different sized air flow inserts so you can customise the draw from a restricted direct lung vape to a...
  4. Ave40

    What An Originality---Vaporesso Skrr Tank Bullet Atomizer

    Hi,I'm So Excited To Announce This Brand-New Tank To You Which You Must Like After Reading. That's A Damn Cool Tank I've Ever Met.Do You See That,Bullet Core Inside,Redesigned Airflow,Built-In Structural Atomizing Core.Creatively Design Make Better Experience.More Air Flow Into Make Better...
  5. Ave40

    RTA Or RDA ?? Which One Will You Choose ??

    Hello Again!Guess You Guys Must Read The Mod Thread I Posted This Morning,So This Time I Want To Introduce You Two New Arrival Tanks,Here We Go. I Just Make A Summative Table Here For You To Know About The Details Easily,But After All The Two Are Different Types,Everyone Get His...
  6. Ave40

    Crazy And Wild Vaping Experience---Snowwolf Mfeng

    More And More Monotonous Mod Designs Are So Unattractive Now. It's All About The Shape,Material And Type. While What Will Snowwolf Bring To Us This Time? Snowwolf Mfeng Kit Two Different Resistance Atomizer Cores Give You Different Vaping Experience. Reach Up To 200W Power Provides You The...
  7. G

    iStick Pico Atomizer Short HELP PLEASE!!

    So I finally recieved my 18650 battery, and when I go to take a hit of my tank, the mod shows "Atomizer short". I've tried it with at least 10 tanks/ 510 carts, all of which worth with other mods. Any suggestions?
  8. Ave40

    Want To Be A Part Of Avengers?Maybe You Can Hold One In Your Hand!

    IJOY AVENGER 270 234W with AVENGER Subohm TC Kit You Can Clearly Know About This Kit Through The Specifications. Well Just Let Me Tell You About My Experience On It. First Of All,Voice Control Is A Very Shinning Point Of This Kit. You Can Easily Use It To Control The Power And Light And The...
  9. Ave40


    So Many Different Mods You Can Choose From,Well One Coil Atomizer is Just The Only Choice. But Today It Seems That You Guys Have Another Choice. Yes,This One Will Be Your Next Choice For Ever. Don't Hurry Now.The Video Below May Express You More. Here You Can Find It:FreeMaX Mesh Pro Tank -...
  10. Vandyvapor

    CLOSED BY STAFF - [Giveaway] Vandy Vape Weekly Chance to win newest atomizer

    Hi, VU friends, thank you all for your support, this giveaway will be big feedback to all of our vapors. How to enter: Just tell me your new VV product and which feature you like best. Rules: 1. VU only. 2. you must be of legal age in your country to use, own, or purchase nicotine products. We...
  11. Th3_uN1Qu3

    Ever rebuilt an Aspire Cleito coil?

    Howdy all, This is my first post in this community. I have been a vaper since October of last year, and it helped me lay off the smokes almost completely. I light up a cigarette maybe 5-6 times a month nowadays. My second ecig was a Joyetech eVic Primo Mini with an Aspire Cleito atomizer. The...
  12. StatTrakPlayer

    Please help! My atomizer shorted circuit!

    Hi! I'm newbie here. I just buy new atomizer from Aliexpress. When I test it without coil on ohm checker, it show 0.14 ohm. What happen? What should I do? I already try to checked with coil but it not work. :(
  13. T

    I want to know the real name of this product.

    It is a product that can be attached to an existing electronic cigarette battery instead of an atomizer and can vape a iqos heats stick. This product is manufactured in China, and "이마그마(E-Magma)" is distributed in Korea under its fake name. I want to know the original name of this product.
  14. Cvapor

    Cvapor -- New Arrivals -- Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C Box MOD

    Tesla Tpod Pod Vape Kit Teslacigs TPOD Kit features a big 1.4inch color screen, and now it's the pod system vape kit with the biggest display, which enables Teslacigs TPOD to bring you simple but accurate vaping. Features: 1. Tiny pod system kit with 1.4 inch color screen 2. Made of Zinc...
  15. Vandyvapor

    Take your Revolver RTA-enjoy your vaping

    Enjoy sunshine,enjoy vaping ,enjoy life . Take the Revolver RTA with you. check it:
  16. lovebuyinghere

    Aimcig Lovebuyinghere Online Vape Store, MOQ: 1 or 5 or 10pcs

    Aimcig is a hardware manufacturer from China, produce e-cigarette atomizers, mechanical mods, and many other vape accessories. Official website: Online store: DHgate store: Wechat: Simon_wholesale Email...
  17. Vape Path

    VAPORESSO CASCADE TANK review. "Waterfall of emotions"

    Hello to all of you, friends! A week ago I got a new atomizer from VAPORESSO, which was presented some months ago – VAPORESSO CASCADE TANK. This is a really productive device with an interesting design and great capacity! But does it have a convenient service and good flavor? Let me tell you...
  18. Lady Sarah

    Indestructible tanks

    I've had a bubble tank for a while that my hubby got from a vape store. The company that sells them finally got their website up and running. The bubble tank was bounced off the floor a few times before he bought it. The thing is tough! Check out and take a look at what they have...
  19. Vape Path

    Joyetech ESPION SOLO with ProCore Air Kit review. "Summer is coming"

    Today I present you a new limited edition kit from Joyetech – Joyetech ESPION SOLO with ProCore Air Kit, which pretends to be a good setup for summer and middle-wattage lovers, which works with 2 types of batteries and attracts for compact sizes. Kit came to me in a branded usual for...
  20. Vape Path

    Vandy Vape Phobia RDA review. "And what do you have?"

    Today I would like to present you one of the last Vandy Vape child - Vandy Vape Phobia RDA – atomizer with a rich set and really attractive airflow, which predicts great flavor, made in tandem of Chinese and one famous vaper from Moldova. Is it so? Let`s see! Atomizer came to me in a branded...
  21. Frosty

    Best 22mm bf RDA for Kangertech Dripbox 160?

    Hey guys! I've bought my Kanger Dripbox about 7 months ago. Everything worked perfectly from day one except the RDA that comes with the kit. The amount of vapor I get from it is pretty solid and I can't complain about flavor either, but most of my problems were the plastic top. It felt as if...
  22. Vape Path

    GeekVape BLITZEN RTA review. "And under the armor..."

    Today, boys and girls I would like to talk about GeekVape BLITZEN RTA – new atomizer with anti-leaking system and the possibility of use with modern Bubble glass. It came to me in a form styled GeekVape transparent box with a number of important info and a few presentation words about...
  23. Brett Kleinberg

    Burning out my TFV8-Q4’s, why?

    i really enjoy the flavor I get from the TFV8-Q4. But I seem to be replacing it every 4-5 days. I get what taste like I am burning it dry. I typically run it at 100w. I will admit I like sweet fruit flavors which I’m told does not help. I typically use naked 100 original juices as well as Lemon...
  24. Astray

    How do you keep/ cycle/ switch between your atomizers?

    Hi, as a new vaper (5 months) I'm currently owning 6 RDAs and 1 RTA with different juice flavors on each of them. My question is, for those who have multiple atomizers, how do you usually cycle through them? Do you: a. Keep the them all built, wicked, and juiced and just switch between them...
  25. D

    Mod reading resistance with no atomizer attached

    Hey guys. I recently bought my first mod - Smok Osub Baby 80W with TFV8 Baby Beast. It worked for about two days without any problems, but suddenly after turning on the mod reads 0,19ohm without atomizer connected to it. When I press the fire button it asks if it is a new coil and shows the...
  26. irradiated

    Dakota Reviews the Kennedy 24 2-post RDA

    Hello VU, my name is Dakota, and I'm here with an honest review of my own gear - the Kennedy 24 2-post dripper. This is my first time reviewing, so be gentle. :~) About me: I’m a hobbyist who quit cigarettes and started vaping around 3 years ago. These days, I’m into single battery, series, and...
  27. Vape Path

    Vapesoul VONE Kit. "Come to me!"

    Today I would like to speak about Vapesoul VONE Kit – the innovative set, where you can find Bluetooth, built in box mod. Does it attract you? Yes, me too) So, let`s look at such a kit and think, will it has a success on the market! Vapesoul VONE Kit came to me in a big composite box, where...
  28. Vape Path

    VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L. "Apprentice, coal in the furnace!"

    The second atomizer-transformer came to Vape Path redaction, guys! I hoped, that not only Joyetech and some other manufacturers could reach such a decision and make atomizer, which can`t be only of one version. My prayers`ve been heard, and now I would like to present you my test of VAPTIO Turbo...
  29. Y

    Explain Atomizer Differences

    Can someone please explain the naming system for atomizers? For example, what is the difference between an X4, a Q2, and a T10? I know the number of coils changes, but what do the letters mean? Thanks!
  30. Vape Path

    Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 Kit. "The first impression is deceptive"

    Hello, friends! Today, I would like to speak about one new kit from Eleaf Co, which has been presented in the beginning on 2018 year and continued Pico line – Eleaf iStick Pico 21700. As you see, it has a modern way of feed – by 21700 battery, and this is good, but whether the device is good or...
  31. Vape Path

    WISMEC RX2 21700. "We grow, but is the horse a horse?"

    The upgraded version of RX series came to me, friends. WISMEX RX2 21700 is the guest of my today review. The work of 2 types of batteries, design, compact sizes, as its elder brother has – here is its` business card. WISMEC RX2 21700 came to me in a light box with black embossing. On the face...
  32. Vape Path

    VAPTIO FROGMAN XL Tank. "An old new friend"

    Some time ago I got the kit from VAPTIO, and its N1 PRO 240W box mod`s used by myself everyday with a great care and pleasure. Besides such a great device, there`s a complete atomizer FROGMAN (2 ml), which showed itself really prospective too. And last week I got a new parcel with its bigger...
  33. Vape Path

    Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA. "The Dynast Of Ta-Kemet"

    Hello, guys!;) Today I would like to talk about another interesting device from Digiflavor, who have concentrated on flavor side of their devices for the last time, and try to invent devices, which could be really tasty and functional. As a fact, the fashion of naming devices by Gods and cult...
  34. smokstore

    Special Price For Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank

    Hi,vapers,speical price for vaporesso cascade sub ohm tank,only $26.9 after use the code "cascade". now all four colors in stock. Order Link: Features: Material:stainless steel + pyrex glass Size:60.5*24mm Weight:81g...
  35. Vape Path

    Joyetech ESPION with Procore X Kit. "And spies, too"

    Hello, guys! Today let me present you Joyetech ESPION with ProCore X Kit – box mod with a centered connector, which is a rare event for Joyetech Co., and with a prospective version of SubOhm atomizer – ProCore X, which, manufacturer says, will give you a really good flavor and vapor with the...
  36. C

    Help! I just received my very first vape today

    So, here’s the thing. I am a newbie to vaping. And I just bought my new vape: mod(smoant battlestar 200), atomizer (mad dog rda) and batteries while i was on vacation. And here i am now, very confused on how to test it out if there is any problem with my new buys since i will be going back from...
  37. Vape Path

    VAPTIO C-II Kit. "Half nunchaku"

    Hey, guys! I`m not really big fan of devices, where I can`t see the indices of work on the screen, but sometimes I get such a mods for reviews. Now I would like to speak about kit for beginners or for people, who prefer simple, but functional battery modes – VAPTIO C-II Kit. It came to me...
  38. GWScott

    How to stop leaking

    Please forgive if this is the wrong place to ask this. I'm brand new to the group and still learning the ropes. My question is this: I have had horrible problems with leaking atomizers. It's frustrating because the e-liquids are not cheap. I hate to lose even one drop. Does anyone have any...
  39. Vape Path

    Joyetech EXCEED D22C Kit. "The compact middle level"

    I got a smart kit straight from Joyetech, which positions itself as a really convenient battery mode with MTL and DL atomizer, which can produce good flavor and will be liked by tough puff lovers. Is it true? Well, I suggest you the review of Joyetech EXCEED D22C Kit, where will try to find the...
  40. Vape Path

    WISMEC SINUOUS RAVAGE 230 Kit. "Half a kingdom for such a colored display!"

    Hello, friends! Today I would like to speak about new kit from WISMEC Co., which continues the line of devices, which look a little (or not?) similar to Predator box mod. It`s interesting, and I hope, that you`ll be satisfied with the review. So, let me show you WISMEC SINUOUS RAVAGE 230...
  41. T

    Smok Stik V8 Baby Blinking 4 Times

    Hello. I have a Smok Stick V8 Baby which I used happily for a span of 3 days until it stopped working. I used it with the T8 coils, which worked well. It worked fine up until it started blinking four times, rather than actually firing when I pressed the button. I have tried swapping coils (I...
  42. Vape Path

    ASPIRE Speeder Kit. "In the family is not without...Athos"

    Hey, guys!:) Today I would like to introduce you the kit by ASPIRE, which was announced this autumn – ASPIRE Speeder 200W Kit, and, maybe, someone will interested in its functional. It came to me in a black box with a thin insert. On the face side we can see the company`s and kit names and...
  43. Cacuqecig

    Killing Time RDA

    Killing Time RDA A competitive level RDA of superb flavor Fluidic design and user-friendly; prioritizing both sensory pleasure and exquisite taste A revolutionary RDA of extreme clouds and artistic flavor experience Keep Calm and Feel the Clouds Killing Time RDA is another revolutionary...
  44. Vape Path

    Digiflavor DROP RDA. "Say a word about flavor"

    Hey, guys! Now I would like to present you a really prospective RDA atomizer – Digiflavor DROP RDA with a great design and some features, which, as Digiflavor Co, think, will put it on the first positions among RDA atomizers. Digiflavor DROP RDA came to me in a white`n`red box. On the face...
  45. allidoisvapevapevape

    Innokin Scion Tank Review

    This is an amazing tank, for an amazing price! I picked this up a few days ago for $22.99 and I love it! Inside the box: 1x Scion Tank (one coil pre-installed) 1x Extra coil 1x Extra glass 1x Vape band 1x Extra O-rings The Scion Tank comes in three different colors: black, white, and silver...
  46. elegomall

    Hot Vape Kits: Sigelei Vcigo Moon Kit, Sigelei GW, Eleaf Invoke, which is your favorite?

    Three hot items Sigelei Vcigo Moon Kit, Sigelei GW, Eleaf Invoke just entered market which draw a lot of attention. Different as it seems, they are catering to vapers’ need of flavor, better experience, style, and vapor production. Now let’s move on to the detail features of each products. 1...
  47. Paratech

    ParaTech Review of Vivakita Frogman Tank (Post-Production)

    This was sent directly from Vaptio for this review The first one I reviewed was a pre-production model. This one is the mass produced version. Advertised capacity: 2ml (confirmed) Height: 54mm Diameter: 23.5mm Weight: 61.5g I'd still like to see a larger capacity option whether it be a...
  48. Train

    a DOZEN rda's, mostly squonkified

    I am continuously buying new bottom-feed atomizers, and these need to go to make more room... 9 clones, 3 authentic. A couple "Catfished," most came with and have the BF pin installed. Priced from $5 to $35 Shipping: add $7 for up to 5 items; or Free for 6 or more items Best Deal: Take it ALL...
  49. R

    Really weird atomizer taste

    Hello to all, I am using a GeekVape Ammit 22mm atomizer on a Eleaf Pico mod (75W). My atomizer is not new and did not have the weird taste. I was using it for some time when it starteto having this unbearable taste. I am using it with 0.5Ohm wizmek Clapton coil, Japanese organic cotton and...
  50. askalade


    Want to buy a new tank but kinda stuck on what to buy. Price range doesn't matter (want a real good one) I am a flavor chaser and have been building alot lately. So far i've owned a couple sub ohm tanks, the limitless plus rdta (which i hate) and the azeroth from coilart (not bad with the...

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