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  1. J

    New Vaper. Should a Prepackaged Atomizer be Cleaned before Using?

    I'm sorry if this question sounds naive as I am relatively new to vaping. I currently using a Nautilus Mini Clearomizer tank and use prepackaged Aspire Triton Mini Clapton Coils (1.8 ohms) in this tank. I just wanted to ask if it is necessary to clean a prepackaged coil before installing it and...
  2. Focalecig

    $34.9 Hammer V2 style Mod (Supports subohm)

    The SO HORNEY style atomizer made by ShenRay is available at If you are hesitating with the atomizer, check out this video before purchase :D This atomizer allows you to build more coils on this velocity style atomizer. Worthy for a check ;)...
  3. I

    Eiffel 165W issues

    I have the Eiffel 165W and I just got a new glass, I put everything on as tight as possible but I keep getting the "Atomizer Open" error. Could anyone help me out and maybe tell me why or what I can do?
  4. vennetti

    Kangertech OCC 1.2 horizontal coils

    I'm searching for a very specific coil. The kangertech OCC 1.2 ohm horizontal coil. I prefer the ones with the white grommets. Id like to buy some genuine ones. If anyone knows where to buy authentic coils, please let me know. I usually buy from sweet-vapes, and I am never disappointed...
  5. smokstore

    Eleaf iStick Basic Vape Kit

    istick basic is newest eleaf company vape kit,the kit have six different colors available, the kit include istick basic battery,capacity is 2300mah.the diameter of istick basic is 23mm,compatible with the atomizer that diameter less than 14.5mm. atomizer is gs air 2,gs air 2 atomizr can hold...
  6. mountainmanvape

    Vaping Alaska w/Innokin GLADIUS Atomizer

    As usual, let me start off saying this item was sent to me to review for you. I will always give my honest opinion of the product, good or bad….so let’s go! When it comes to clearomizers, they are much the same. You have a restricted airflow for that mouth to lung hit. So saying that, this...
  7. M

    e-leaf .5 coil in my aspire atlantis- thoughts

    I picked up 2 packs of e-leaf atomizers early this week, and here's my thoughts: They take a second to heat before you hit- that put me off for a little while but I got used to it. They seemed to take longer to saturate. My next coil I may soak it before I install it. They cost almost half...
  8. ThatFeller

    Unknown Rda please help.

    Ok so here's the background. I went to my shop (Top Notch Vapor) and they were selling grab bags for $25 and in them was a random bottle of Vaporgate or Vaporstorm juice and an atomizer. I bought one and when I got home I opened it up and found I got the Vaporstorm Exile juice and an atomizer...
  9. nano2014

    Trying to help my Mother In Law to stop smoking! Please help with anything you can!

    SHORT STORY. My mother in law is getting worse from smoking and needs a device to use. She likes Vaping but the device I lent her stopped working. She's a Widow and struggles to make ends meet and she is always trying to help others that are struggling too. She deserves to be healthy...
  10. sheabutter1904

    Cartel Cascata Rda (authentic)

    Cartel Cascata RDA I received this rda from flawless vape shop’s online shop for the awesome price of 40.00. this rda usually runs anywhere from 90-120 dollars so when I saw this deal it was almost too good to be true. The rda comes in stainless steel and you have your choice between a...

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