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  1. Aliraonz

    OXVA Velocity Kit Review by Aliraonz

    I will be reviewing the Velocity Kit, sent to me by OXVA. For those that are not familiar with OXVA is worth mentioning that is a fairly new company which has grown largely since it started over a year ago, why you might ask, in my opinion because they are innovative and above all they listen to...
  2. littlebrovapes


  3. Efun.Top

    OXVA Velocity Kit 100W 5ML!

    OXVA Velocity Kit 100W 5ML! new arrival Sale Products US Warehouse
  4. D

    Question on velocity decks and coil placing.

    I mean the decks with the two posts with 2 terminals per post. Like rabbit ears when looking from the side. So, when putting one coil in and placing I can easily clip the leads off, but as many people know when putting in the second one I can clip one lead with my wire clippers but the second...
  5. Mikhail Naumov

    What kind of deck do you prefer to build on?

    A recent discussion elsewhere prompted me to begin thinking of all the different decks I've built on and how some of them were easier, more fun, offered more performance and etc. So I figured I'd make a poll thread on the question with all the deck options that are available today and see what...
  6. stompster72

    DripBox 160 Love

    I absolutely love my dripbox 160. In my opinion as a chain vaper, it is the best mod I could have ever asked for. I have gone through a lot of different mods, kits, tanks until I finally pulled the trigger and gave this a chance. I have the black and red version and the paint started to flake...
  7. Khaoticfury

    Trinity Glass Cap

    So i am looking at the Trinity Glass Caps on and want one for the Tobeco Velocity V2 RDA clone I ordered. Wondering if anyone can answer the following questions: 1. Will the cap designed for Velocity fit a clone...
  8. B

    [WTS] Velocity V2, Modfather, ect AUTHENTIC RDA's!

    Velocity V2 SN# 980- $90 Velocity V2 SN# 1085- $90 Brass Modfather with Copper center post battle dect - $100 Hobo V2.1 - $30 Aeolus lite - $15 I can add the aluminum trinity copa tip for + $15 ALL PRICES ARE OBRO... Shipping is included but paypal fees are not.
  9. LivingSacrifice5

    Coils and Flavor

    Hey All, Bare with me, I'm new to these discussion boards =) Ok, here's the deal. I'm having a difficult time figuring this out. I've always heard "more surface area, better flavor." well, I've been getting better flavor out of 2,3, &4 wrap spaced kanthal coils than anything else. No matter what...
  10. K

    Best cheap flavour RDA

    Currently using a subtank mini and the flavour isn't cutting it. I want a dripper and i reckon I'll be able to build due to help from a friend so that's not an issue. Budget of around £20-30. Aeolus lite and tobeco velocity clone are what's appealing to me right now. Is there any other cheap...
  11. Omkuss

    Troll v2 recommendations to improve flavor?

    Hi all, I'm new to the site so forgive me if I make any faux pas! I've been vaping for several months and finally invested in an RDA (not much, got the v2 because I found it cheap and I liked the velocity style deck) to up my build game. Unfortunately, it's not even coming close flavor wise to...
  12. E

    Why is my cotton always snapping in the middle after about a day of usage?

    I've been having this ongoing issue where my cotton ALWAYS snaps down the middle after about a day of usage. It never lasts more than a day, and I've been going through cotton like crazy. I'm currently running a 200w Sigelie Fuchai at about 75-80w, on a Velocity Clone RDA, with about 22 gauge...
  13. Angel Cigs

    Velocity RTA Tank

    Velocity is a so popular RDA in 2015, the velocity deck is a great innovation in vaping industrial, there are still so many RDA use velocity Deck. Now we are bring a new member of Velocity, Velocity RTA. SIZE Drip tip height(15.5mm) Width: 22mm Height: 42mm WEIGHT: 54g CONNECTION...
  14. Etown smoke

    Reuleaux RX200 w/ Velocity rda

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a couple Reuleaux's with velocities on them. The only drippers I have are velocities, 4 of them lol. My question is what is everyone's preference for flavor builds? I've tried horizontal, vertical, twisted, claptons, and currently have both a horizontal and...
  15. tr1age

    Your First RTA - OBS Crius V3 - Review (TOP 3 RTAS!)

    This video is a review of the OBS Crius from, but we wanted to approach it differently than your run of the mill review and unboxing. This should help those new to RTA's understand what they are about. How to get started quickly. And how it compares to an RDA and Regular Tank! If...
  16. ThcHemplar

    Velocity Build?

    i just upgraded from the fishbone rda and with the same mod(Ijust2) same dual 6wrap 24g micro coils it seems to be putting off alot less of everything with the velocity then the Fishbone. would there be coil set up that doesnt require like 100w? i was a heavy smoker for years so i like the...
  17. E

    Best Cloud Chase Build for SW 200W + Velocity RDA

    Hello fellow vapers, First of all, I've done my research :) and I know ohm not to be a factor that is important since I use a regulated device. I've build a lot of coils irl and also theoretical coils on the steam engine website. However, the theory on paper sometimes suggest more vapor but irl...
  18. J

    Velocity RDA "atomizer short"

    Alright, I've been in the vape game for about 8 months now. I just upgraded from my IPV4S with an Atty cubed, to a velocity RDA on a Reuleaux RX 200W. The velocity is running 4 claptons at about .23 ohms resistance and 130w. Never before have I so consistently had a problem with a build. I've...
  19. K

    crackling and popping, burned my throat

    so, i have a sigelei 150w with a velocity clone rda. i am building dual parallel 6 wrap coils with 26 guage kanthal A1 (my multimeter reads 0.2 ohms), and some cotton from my local vape shop. my problem is, sometimes i do this build and its vape is as smooth as can be, sometime its the opposite...
  20. BenJammin

    SOLD: Aromamizer 6ml, Velocity Deck

    I have a full size (6ml) Aromamizer with the velocity style deck for sale. It's had maybe 3 tanks ran through it. Original box and all accessories all included. $35 shipping included... I am interested in other sub-ohm tanks or TC mods as far as trades go. When I get home from work tonight...
  21. K

    just made a fused clapton

    Hey all, Im pretty new to the forum and this is my first post but I've been fiddling around here and there for about a year now. I've recently gotten into claptons and have been getting pretty decent at making them. I recently made a fused clapton using 24g n80 core wrapped with 36g a1 kanthal...
  22. TogaJon

    Best RDA for twisted clapton and other larger builds?

    Hi Guys and Gals, I built my first ever twisted clapton coils last night and had them glowing nicely in my Velocity RDA, however when I went to put the top cap on, it shorted due to the grub screws making contact with the cap. Seems to be that I cant tighten the grub screws enough with thicker...
  23. thefogmachine

    Replacement chuff cap for my Velocity RDA

    I had a quad stacked coil on my velocity and kind of melted the bottom of the chuff a bit, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a site/vendor that sells custom chuff caps or even just replacement parts for the velocity.

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