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Tips to Beat the High Cost of Healthcare

By Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

No matter what type of healthcare coverage you have, costs can be vexing. For one thing, it’s a stacked system, and most patients have no idea what charges they generally incur until after their procedure.

Special: Stubborn Belly Fat Can Be Fixed. Naturally.

Here are a few ways to stretch your healthcare dollars:

• Ask for a discount. One surgical clinic found that 61% of patients who asked for a discount got one. Some doctors will offer a discount simply for paying up front or in cash.

• Check hospital bills carefully. Medical bills can be rife with errors, so track all your medications, treatments, and procedures, then carefully cross check them. According to Medical Billing Advocates of America, billing errors were made in favor of the healthcare provider 80% of the time.

• Take advantage of perks. Some health plans offer memberships to gyms, such as the “Silver Sneakers” program, designed for senior citizens. Others offer smoking cessation programs or other ways to stay healthy.

• Follow the rules. Stay within your healthcare network and abide by other rules laid out in your health plan. If you are given a menu of options, pick the plan you can afford that also provides you with the most choice. That way, you’ll probably be able to keep the doctor you want. If in doubt, a phone call will usually resolve the problem.

• Don’t go to the ER for routine problems. If you need to see a doctor and yours isn’t available, an urgent care center is far less expensive than a visit to the emergency room. But, if you suspect you are suffering a heart attack or other cardiac emergency, call 911. In such cases, the ER is your only good choice.

• Save receipts. Prescription drugs that you purchase for yourself, your spouse, or your dependents may be tax deductible, subject to certain stipulations.


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What Nightmares Do To Your Body
Turns out that nightmares cause a lot more harm than just a bad night's sleep.
Latest studies show nightmares trigger a cascade of physiological responses that immediately weakens the immune system and signals the body to store fat in the belly region for days.
Interestingly enough, studies show your body interprets a nightmare as a severe form of stress and it simply reacts accordingly.
For starters, this subconscious stress forces the release of your fat-storing hormone cortisol while simultaneously suppressing hormones that regulate your appetite.
Which is a terrible combination when it comes to your health and fitness goals...
And if you've ever found yourself extra hungry or losing a food cravings battle the day after a bad night's sleep, now you know why.
Fact is, the negative impact that nightmares, or even just a poor night's sleep can have on the body is quite fascinating...
YET, the reverse is also true.
Enjoying a good night's sleep, or more specifically - enjoying 1 specific kind of sleep has been proven to boost our immune system, fend off signs of aging, and even help us to burn more fat...
Which is why I urge you to take 2 minutes to make one tiny change to your bedtime routine, which you'll see at the link below.
This tiny little tweak to your bedtime routine prepares your body for a perfect night's sleep and promotes your body to release stored belly fat while you sleep instead of storing it.


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How To Improve Your Brain/Body Balance And
Improve Your Health While You’re At It!

It is important to remember that the majority of the roads leading into the brain are a two-way street. Not only does the brain get information from different systems and organs, but it also dictates the function of these organs in response to the environment they are in to help maintain homeostasis, or where the body likes to stay nice and balanced. In that sense, it is easy to see how not only a person wants to support these processes that can be contributing to brain health, but also to stimulate specific regions of the brain to help with this top-down control.

There is some expensive imaging that a person can do, and this can be important to find tumors, MS lesions, and strokes, but MRIs and CT scans don’t typically show the function of the brain. A tool that can really help is a functional neurology exam to determine what regions of the brain are being affected. The exam can help determine how to properly stimulate regions of the brain that are either working too much or not working enough, through a process called neuroplasticity.

Not only does a person need to find balance in the regions of their brain, but also address the underlying reasons why the brain isn’t working to begin with. It is important to look at different pieces of the metabolic puzzle to see what the big picture looks like and how all the pieces fit together.

So let’s talk about the roads to and from the brain.​


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Did you know that your oral health could be triggering chronic disease? Attend the Holistic Oral Health Summit to identify, prevent, and eliminate a long list of root causes of disease.
Millions of people are exposed to disease promoting dental procedures every single day.
  • Mercury, which is found in “silver” dental fillings, is one of the most common causes of many chronic immune-related conditions,
  • Poisons in the mouth can threaten immune function.
  • Root canal procedures increase your risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases
This event will help you understand and address the links between oral health and chronic disease, best strategies to treat gum disease, dangers of root canals and dental toxins, proper healing strategy for cavitations, connection between mercury and Alzheimer’s, cancer risks of dental infections and more.
Oral health is TRULY one of the most overlooked health problems in conventional and integrative medicine
Discover how properly and naturally maintained oral health can reduce your disease risks!

To your health,
Dr. Christine Schaffner


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9 Collagen Diminishers to Remove From Your Life


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Do you take aspirin for your heart? If so, doctors at the Harvard Medical School might strongly recommend you reconsider.

According to these Harvard Medical Doctors, despite “common sense” that people 40 and older should take an aspirin a day for heart health...millions of daily aspirin takers are hurting themselves FAR more than they are helping themselves.

The doctors are advising that you should ONLY take daily aspirin if it has been approved by your physician.

The FDA also commented that because aspirin can cause both stomach or brain bleeding, kidney failure and stroke, it should be taken with extreme caution.

“We hope that more primary care doctors will talk to their patients about aspirin use, and more patients will raise this with their doctors,” said Dr. Colin O’Brien, the Harvard Medical School doctor who led the study.

Nobody wants their brain or stomach to bleed, so please check with your primary care physician immediately if you take aspirin or anything like it regularly.

Speaking of bleeding in your brain and stomach:

Jonathan Bailor, (347) 979-1735
Chief Research Director
SANE North American Wellness Centers
New York Times Bestselling Author


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Hello, Jimi!​

We had such an amazing response to our EMF/5G webinar last May, we've teamed up with the amazing Trevor King to run another one (w/ updated info) on Thursday, August 13, at 4pm US Eastern!

We'd sure love you have you join us, whether you attended the last one or not -- we'll have an on-demand replay if you can't make the live event, as long as you register today to hear about it!


The research shows that the toxicity of EMFs coming from your cell phone, WiFi and cell towers is worse than smoking cigarettes.

And, incredibly, there is a regular household item that's one of the highest producing EMF devices in your home -- YOUR VACUUM CLEANER! Seriously, we were shocked, too.

--->>Click here to join us for a free webinar on how to protect yourself from EMFs and 5G!

This FREE webinar will take place on Thursday, August 13, at 4pm US Eastern --> when you register today you'll get a reminder as we draw nearer to the event.

The truth is: ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) waves are dangerous, and it’s not only brain cancer. ADHD, brain fog, headaches, even autoimmune diseases are a concern when it comes to the impacts of EMFs.

At our live webinar, we'll discuss the following topics:

  • Why we should ALL be concerned about 5G technology
  • Why you MUST avoid a smart meter in your home
  • How EMFs disrupt the human body
  • And more!
--->>In fact, you'll hear from an expert on EMF-busting technology (and even get a special offer for this solution) -- the amazing Qi device -- which has been shown by double-blind, placebo-controlled tests to protect us from EMF radiation wherever we go.

Want to join us and learn more from this free event?

--->>Register for our free EMF/5G webinar on Thursday, August 13, at 4pm US Eastern!

Remember, if you can't make the live event, registering means you'll hear about the on-demand replay once the event has ended.

Our friend and colleague Trevor King has been researching 5G and its effects for a new documentary, so even if you've attended a recent event on this topic, you're sure to enjoy another perspective!

In addition, though there is no requirement to purchase, we've negotiated an amazing, exclusive offer from the Qi device manufacturer, if you'd like to employ this solution to protect you and yours!

In health,
The Candida Team

P.S. Join us at our webinar on Thursday, August 13 (register now to attend and/or hear about the on-demand replay) and you'll learn a ton of important facts about 5G/EMFs (and how to protect yourself from them)!


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Good day, Jimi!​

Life is here, passing through us every day. And if we are NOT our best, we can miss it.

Fear of the future can certainly affect your physical health, energy and loved ones. And it can all become a revolving door of sickness and fatigue if we don’t find our pathway to the future.

In the last few months, our lives have been upended in some difficult and pervasive ways.

For you, this may have been a time of uncertainty, fear and upheaval. And it may go for some time, in a variety of ways.

We can all use this time to connect, learn and elevate our lives beyond the status quo.

--->>Learn to support immunity & address future fears when you join us at the Immune Resiliency Summit!

In this unprecedented time, there are powerful things you CAN do (perhaps despite the feeling that there isn't much currently in our control!).

And one of the most important is supporting your body's BUILT-IN immunity.

Strong immunity isn't just about avoiding sickness, it also helps combat mindset struggles and anxiety -- your body is designed to be a healing machine!

There are ever-increasing levels of toxicity and stress (especially right now), so your immune system is constantly under attack.

The team at Human Longevity has gathered over two dozen of the most powerful speakers (and elevated, unique topics) to support you, including:

  • Dr. Christine Schaffner: Resilience & Health via Vagus Nerve & Lymph System
  • Lloyd Burrell: New Insights on the Impact of EMF, EMR & 5G
  • Melissa Sell: Germanic Medicine & How to Support Your Body’s Resilience
  • Jeffrey Smith: Navigating GMOs & Roundup
  • Elisa Song: Creating Resilience for our Children
  • Trudy Scott: Brain Support For Easing Anxiety & Supporting Immunity
  • Kiran Krishnan: A Resilient Microbiome
  • Ari Whitten: Light, Circadian Rhythm & Hormesis
  • Sachin Patel: Autonomic Pairing
  • And more!
Learn the most important key points on creating immunity, addressing fear and how you can absolutely impact your resiliency (physically, emotionally and spiritually) by creating the building blocks for new BETTER normal.

--->>Learn to rise above stress and illness when you join us at the Immune Resiliency Summit!
To your health,
Bob & Bobby
Co-founders, Health Talks Online

P.S. We hope to see you at this new and exciting event -- join us when you early register now!​


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Soap Versus Hand Sanitizer: Science Says Soap Wins


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What are your thoughts on Elderberry as a supplement?


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Fish Oils Help Prevent and Reverse Depression


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Hi Jimi

Do you want to learn the secret to transforming your health?

What if I told you it lies in the ancient power of detoxification...

Last week we launched our BRAND NEW Detox Masterclass. It's 100% free and designed to help you uncover the undeniable power of detoxification to energize cells, help you lose weight, detox harmful toxins from the body, rejuvenate the skin, and much more.

Save your seat to the Food Matters Detox Masterclass, here.

In this FREE 30-minute Masterclass, you'll hear from world class detox experts and discover:
  • How to use the ancient power of detoxification to transform your life & health.
  • Why detoxification is so effective for weight loss.
  • How it can help to clear up any skin conditions like eczema and psorisis by addressing the root cause.
  • Why it boosts energy & focus, while helping you get a better night's sleep.
  • The science behind the body's natural detoxification process and how juicing amplifies this innate way of being.
  • The connection between environmental toxicity, dietary toxicity, and chronic disease.
  • Plus, the Food Matters Masterclass Workbook to help you learn from the best, and much, much more.
I can’t wait to share this incredible information with you from some of the foremost experts in detox and juicing, such as Jason Vale, Jon Gabriel, Charlotte Gerson, Kris Carr, Alejandro Junger, Rich Roll, and Joe Cross.

It's 100% free and screening for a limited-time. Save your seat to the Food Matters Detox Masterclass.

In good health,​
James and Laurentine
James & Laurentine​
The Food Matters Detox Masterclass


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Hello Jimi,

You may not know this, but the reason Grow Your Own Vegetables exists is that my parents raised me in a vegetable garden among plants and sunshine. I was kind of like one of their seedlings.

They wanted the best for me, so they created a great environment for me to thrive. They knew that life-long, healthy habits are the key to a happy life.

And I am eternally grateful that they instilled in me a respect for nature that nourishes me... mind, body and spirit.

So I’m always looking for ways to pass this kind of love onto the next generation.

Do you have young ones near by… family members or neighbors?

You probably want the best for them, too.

And with all the uncertainty in the world right now, I know a lot of parents are looking for a way to not only safely boost their children’s immune system, but also to empower them with life-long tools to ensure their health and well-being.

It can be tough to navigate all the advice, especially when so many modalities of health are conflicting or seem to vilify the others!

This is where Integrative Medicine comes in…

An integrative approach is holistic in the sense that it looks at ALL modalities and helps you identify which philosophy or strategy is best for your specific child at that specific time.

I’m truly excited to share this upcoming opportunity for you to learn the most cutting-edge information you need to protect your family’s health!

Join me for The Integrative Pediatrics Summit, a free online event!

The list of speakers includes:
  • Physicians
    • Dr. Aviva Romm (Best-selling author, podcast host, herbalist)
    • Dr. Madeeha Saeed (HolisticMomMD)
    • Dr. Taz (Dr. Taz show)
  • Wellness Experts
    • Ocean Robbins (Food Revolution Network),
    • Zen Honeycutt (Moms Across America)
    • Tom O’Bryan (
...and so many celebrity parents like Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) and the stars of LOST, Clueless, Parks and Recreation, Master of None, Once Upon a Time, 7th Heaven, and so many more!
It’s a gathering like I’ve never seen for this kind of event.

Click here to save your seat at the Integrative Pediatrics Summit!

Wellness experts will chat with celebrity parents on diet, nutrition, exercise, gut health, autoimmunity, sleep, mental wellness and much more. Tune in to learn more about:
  • How to avoid common mistakes that lead to illness and chronic disease...
  • Pediatric Immune and Viral Support
  • Tools you need to improve your family's health.
  • Setting your children up for success as early in their lives as possible…
  • Integrative approaches to anxiety and stress…
  • Avoiding toxins in child products…
  • What you need to know about pediatric gut health…
  • Healing foods for kids…
  • Teaching children to cook…
So if you have special “seedlings” in your life - children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students, friends….you’ll definitely want to check this out!

Sign up for the Integrative Pediatrics Summit here!

Peace & carrots,

P.S. When you register now, you'll also unlock a ton of complimentary gifts to keep your children healthy – including access to the private Integrative Pediatrics community with over 5,000 parents and practitioners helping each other keep their family’s healthy, Dr. Gator’s Top 10 Favorite Herbal Remedies and Immune Supporting Food Handouts, and several other powerful healing e-books from the top minds in wellness!


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6 Ways to Stay Out of the Hospital

By Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

The No. 1 way to avoid the dangers of the hospital is to stay healthy. It’s not rocket science, but the fact is that too many people ignore commonsense rules for staying healthy.

As a result, they end up in the hospital to treat preventable conditions. These simple habits will go a long way toward keeping you healthy:

Special: Stress Impacts Your Heart — Now There's Something You Can Do About It

1. Maintain Your Ideal Weight. Obesity is one of the chief culprits in heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. For most people, their ideal weight was what they weighed in high school.

2. Avoid tobacco. Studies have repeatedly found there is no safe form or safe level of tobacco use. This is also true for tobacco chewers, and scientists are raising the alarm about e-cigarettes as well.

3. Eliminate alcohol. There’s a pervasive belief that people who drink alcohol moderately live longer, but that’s a myth. In fact, this belief was disproven in 2016, when a research team reviewed nearly 90 previously completed studies, and found no evidence that moderate drinking provided a longevity edge.

4. Exercise. Numerous studies show that exercise not only helps you live longer, it also keeps you feeling better longer.

5. Cut stress. When you’re under stress, your body releases hormones that cause an increase in chronic bodily inflammation — a key heart disease driver. Ways to help beat stress include exercise, learning to delegate work responsibilities, turning to family and friends for support, volunteering, and connecting with your place of religious worship.

6. Be predictable. Your body thrives on predictability. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.


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The Answer to Cancer FREE Docuseries
The latest breakthroughs, with conventional and alternative solutions that are scientifically proven to successfully prevent and treat cancer.


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“The most powerful medicine is the medicine from within.” – Dr. Valter Longo
It’s been two and a half years since my last interview with Dr. Valter Longo, and today he’s back to share some exciting updates on fasting to improve cancer treatment and survival.
Valter Longo PhD is the author of the book, The Longevity Diet, and one of the foremost researchers in the world on fasting, immune system regeneration, and longevity.
Dr. Longo and colleagues also developed the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet, which is a 5-day, plant-based, calorie-restricted diet scientifically proven to trigger many of the same beneficial effects in the body as water fasting.
In our interview, Dr. Longo talks about three new studies he's published on the impact of a Fasting Mimicking Diet on cancer treatment, which found:
-Breast cancer patients who did a four-day Fasting Mimicking Diet around each chemo cycle had the same side effects as the control group doing chemo and taking a drug to reduce side effects. The FMD group had a five times better response to chemo than the non-FMD group and were more likely to experience 90-100% tumor loss and had less immune cell damage.
-FMD plus IV vitamin C worked better than vitamin C alone.
-FMD plus hormone therapy caused increased tumor regression and reversed treatment resistance.
It is an absolute thrill and an incredible honor to be able to interview Dr. Valter Longo again.
Dig in, learn some amazing stuff, and then share this interview with the people you care about.
Chris and Dr. Longo
Watch our new interview here
To your life and health!


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Big Pharma achieves total legal immunity for coronavirus vaccines; even as vaccine injections will be FORCED onto billions of people, potentially killing tens of millions


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Food as medicine: Garlic and lemon juice combined can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure


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Big Tech is making sure people don’t hear about the deadly downsides of vaccines


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Ohio reverses ban on hydroxychloroquine, now says medicine choices are between patient and doctor


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Facebook and Google complicit in crimes against humanity, ban life saving information that can lower covid-19 mortality, improve survival


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How Social Isolation Affects the Brain


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I’m so happy to invite you to hear my talk “A Grain of Truth About Mental Wellness” (on the impact of gluten and grains on the brain) which goes live TODAY on the “The Mental Wellness Journey” event. Click here to sign up and hear this important presentation.
This event, hosted by Laurie Goldman MD, brings 20+ extraordinary experts to offer you some of the most unique pathways to embrace mental wellness - especially during this time of crisis.
Click the image below for free registration to hear my talk - and all of the other speakers.
Dr. Laurie is a practicing psychiatrist and functional medicine physician, and she shared a lovely message for me to give my community:
If you’ve struggled with mindset or mental health, you are not alone. I have struggled with depression and anxiety. Often, anxiety would rear its ugly head anytime I wanted to try something new. For instance, I'd have a presentation, be well-prepared, and it would be for a small friendly audience … but I would get overwhelmed by anxiety and couldn't remember what I was supposed to say.
So I began to turn down opportunities that I was really interested in. I’ve worked hard to get past this and want to share so much of what I learned - and some of the experts who are doing the best work in the world on mental health.
To be honest, I didn't understand how much anxiety was getting in the way of my life, until it was gone! This is why I put together this online series: The Mental Wellness Journey. I hope you will join as my guest. I’m super excited that Dr. Tom said yes, and I know his talk is going to support you at the HIGHEST level.

Click here to attend, and I’ll see you there.
To your well being, body, mind and soul,
Dr. Tom O’Bryan


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If you are over 35, chances are high that you have estrogen dominance.
This is the #1 hormone imbalance I see in women, and it is what's behind so much of the suffering we face in perimenopause (severe PMS, heavy bleeding, fibroids, fibrocysting breasts, and more).
Estrogen dominance is NOT something you want to mess around with or let linger. Letting it go unchecked is a leading cause of breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer -- and, likely, a hysterectomy.
If you're ready to get a full rundown on what estrogen dominance is, what symptoms to watch out for, what causes it in the first place, and 4 simple strategies to help you address it head-on, check out this blog post today.
You are NOT alone. You are not destined to feel this way forever. Let me help you achieve whole-body healing, naturally (without added hormones), beginning today.
Much love,
Dr. Mariza

P.S. There are 9 different potential root causes that could lead your body into estrogen dominance, including stress, trauma, nutrient deficiencies, and liver congestion. Are there any that you identify with? Check out the full list here >>


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Good day, Jimi!​

How we understand, research and even treat cancer can be controversial.

There are those who believe that almost anything (including cancer) can be treated and/or cured by using only nutrition, herbs, supplements, essential oils and more.

Then there’s conventional medicine advocating chemotherapy, radiation and surgery along with other emerging technological advancements in the way we understand our own complex body.

Question is: who is "right" and who is "wrong?"

What if...

...everyone IS right and everyone IS wrong, to a certain degree, and the only thing we’re missing is "how" to put it all together?

--->>We'd love to have you join us for a new, 9-part docuseries called The Answer to Cancer (starts Tuesday)!

In today’s world we’re living longer than ever. The average human lifespan has been steadily increasing throughout history, but we’re on the cusp of some amazing breakthroughs when it comes to aging and health.

Scientists now believe that over the next several decades we could discover technology to DOUBLE our human lifespan to almost 150 years old.

The problem is: we’re living LONGER but we’re not necessarily living BETTER, especially with diseases like cancer and other conditions rapidly rising.

Who wants to live to be 150 years old and have a body that’s broken down with multiple chronic conditions and disease? We sure don’t.

Fortunately, some of the most remarkable advances in the way we treat cancer, may very well hold the key to living to 150, 175, 200 years or more!

--->>Learn more when you join us for a new, 9-part docuseries called The Answer to Cancer (starts Tuesday)!

The Answer to Cancer is taking place August 4-12, 2020. This series poses answers to questions, new protocols, new methods of prevention and a variety of different explanations and insight into traditional and non-traditional treatments alike.


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Exposure to immune disrupting mycotoxins from mold exposures often leads to chronic sinus inflammation and infections. In turn, this often leads to a negative feedback loop of more antibiotics, which kill off good bacteria, lowering your immune system, and cause yeast fungal overgrowth, making you even more susceptible to recurrent infections and more antibiotics!

Did you know that Chronic Sinus Infections can lead to? :
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Dementia
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Hormonal disruption

Learn more about each of these topics, and how to treat in relation to sinus infections, in my upcoming interview with ENT Dr. Donald Dennis MD on
Chronic Sinusitis is Fungal!
Most chronic sinus infections are fungal (1), with a secondary bacterial overgrowth. How does this work? The sinus immune system is activated by molds, white blood cells then create a biofilm of mucus surrounding the fungal organisms. The biofilm creates a sticky terrain, which then harbors unhealthy bacteria, providing the environment for recurrent infections.

Unfortunately, these bacteria often become resistant to multiple antibiotics. Thus, the infection never quite clears. In recurrent sinus infections, by treating with antifungal protocols instead of more anti-biotics, the toxic biofilms can be eradicated, markedly improving the health of the sinuses!

If you have had recurrent allergies, sinus headaches or infections, and any sinus surgery, you may want to strongly consider anti-fungal protocols both for your diet and to directly treat your sinuses.

Learn more at the upcoming where I interview renowned Ear-nose and Throat specialist Dr. Donald Dennis, who has pioneered anti-fungal sinus treatments with astounding results!


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NEVER FORGET: Swine flu vaccine rushed to market ended up paralyzing 500 Americans – Will the same or worse happen with the extremely rushed covid-19 jabs?


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The coronavirus vaccine is the “final solution” depopulation weapon against humanity; globalists hope to convince BILLIONS of people to commit “suicide-via-vaccine”


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Why did Ohio ban hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 patients – to increase suffering and mortality rates?


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Tim Hammond recently released the most popular video from the Grow Food Not Grass summit on to his Youtube channel.
With prepping for fall gardens under way I figured now would be as good a time as any to send that video out.
If you have not had a chance to watch it (or even if you have) you should check it out if you ever struggle with getting seeds to germinate.
This will help you get more consistent germination rates and better over all yields.
So go give it a watch:
The Seed Starting Mini-Masterclass
Keep Grow'n,
PS - While you are there please give the video a like and subscribe to Tim's channel. His content is amazing and he is not nearly popular enough. Go check it out!

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