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  1. simplynewt

    Grumpy Old Bastard

    In my effort to replace a 120 mil bottle of Vanilla Custard that has been seeping in my Vape Cabinet for the past 6 years, I found a splash of heaven while supporting a local Vape Shop. The juice is oddly called Grumpy Old Bastard and just a dab on my finger to taste was all I needed to make the...
  2. MichelleTearsofCrimson

    TOC'S Creamy White Christmas Stuff

    So, I was sipping my favorite holiday drink, Eggnog (Barbers btw), and an idea hit me in the head (not literally because that would probably hurt). Eggnog is thick and creamy, sweet and in the one I enjoy loaded with nutmeg. I fell in love with Flavorah Vanilla Pudding, and that light bulb...
  3. Decstrose

    Oasis (A Tropical Flavor)

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here, so I wanted to give you all my favorite flavor (of course this is subjective). Let me know what you think. :) Ill post some more of my favorites later. Sorry, I just relied I put this in the wrong thread. It was not supposed to go to requests...
  4. JuiceChris

    64% off Psycho, now $10 for 100ml!

    Its a crazy deal this weekend at Ejuice.Deals! Our Psycho 100lm flavors are just $9.99 each. Note these dessert flavors have an 80/20 VG/PG ratio and the the Yeti brings that cool menthol flavor. Try one today!
  5. JuiceChris

    63% off BIG Bottle Co eJuices!

    Enjoy 63% off all BIG Bottle Co delicious sweet flavors! Now on sale are these great tasting flavors ~~ Shop at eJuice.Deals today! Custard: A classic vape juice twist of your favorite vanilla custard. Jelly Donut: This sweet juice reminds you of a thick, moist slice of a perfectly baked...
  6. JuiceChris

    64% off Strange Fruit ejuice!

    Like that sweet flavor when you vape? Ready to try something new on the sweet side? Now you can pick up your favorite flavors or try something new for only $9.99 at Ejuice.Deals! Available in the following sweet flavors by the popular Puff Labs brand Fried Eye Scream: Strange Fruit Fried Eye...
  7. G

    Vaping for sugar craving

    Question: I do not vape regularly, but have done it with friends. When I do, I always make sure it has 0 Mic. I'm considering starting on my own with it as I have a huge sugar craving all the time, but just for something sweet. I diet often, but my family always have some cake or pie or brownies...
  8. P

    Red Dragon Cream

    Red Dragon Cream is a eliquid i made which is 91% 70VG/30PG base 3% Revolute Dragon Fruit 3% K-Boom Strawberry Explosion 3% TPA Bavarian Cream Steep for about a week Dont oversteep so dont make huge batches For me personally it tastes like a "watermelon" eliquid i once bought which actually...
  9. MagicJosh

    The best thing I ever bought

    There are so many e juices under sweetened
  10. Lucifer_Dreams

    MILF Muffin

    1% Almond = 3 Drops FlavourArt 1% Cream Cheese Icing = 3 Drops LorAnn 1% Catalan Cream = 3 Drops FlavourArt 1% Malted Milk = 3 Drops Flavor Apprentice 1% Passion Fruit = 3 Drops Capella 2% Sweetener = 6 Drops Capella 2% Marshmallow = 6 Drops TFA 2% Bavarian Cream = 6 Drops Capella 2% Rice...
  11. dmagicp

    Erythritol The surprisingly natural sweetener with a weird name.

    I have gotten a lot of questions about this over the last few months so I figured that I would write an article about it to help shed some light on this new sweetening phenomenon that is erythritol. Have you ever had some of those sugar free Reese cups from Walgreen? Or how about those Turtles...
  12. Lucifer_Dreams


    The Watusi /wɑːtuːsi/ is a solo dance that enjoyed brief popularity during the early 1960s. It was the second-most popular dance craze in the 1960s in the United States, after the Twist. Sorry but as you can tell from my name I use, been around for awhile. 15ml Recipe Glass bottle. If going for...
  13. Marine3313

    The longest you vaped same brand and flavor

    I am addicted to Doused "the drank" by fogwind. I have been gaping this for past week or 10 days. It's super sweet and just yummy. Is it possible to NOT get vapors tongue? There are others I'd like to try like unicorn milk and a few others. I'm looking for a value brand to vape. Any suggestions...
  14. vsemchik

    Propaganda siubliminal recipe wanted

    Dood day, I really need to have this recipe cause it is my favourite e-liquid. I will be really happy if someone will clone this taste. Thank you.
  15. noahk1998

    What is a good Vanilla Concentrate?

    I have been looking for a good Vanilla Concentrate for DIY E-Juice. I'm looking for that perfect Sweet Vanilla Flavor. So I'm planning on mixing some Vanillin in with it plus a bit of Sucralose. Then I will allow it to steep for 1 week. Then I will allow it to Breathe for 12 hours. To end the...
  16. Lambreau21

    Has You Wanting More

    The Originals continues to amaze my taste buds with their dynamic and complex flavored liquids. When you first inhale you get an explosion of flavor that hits your mouth with a smooth blueberry and cream. I can’t emphasize enough the smooth aspect of this liquid. As you continue to inhale you...
  17. Lambreau21

    OCD Liquid-Full Line Review

    OCD Liquid-Titanium Blue Very complex flavors in this one and they all come together in a perfect succession. With the inhale you get a full embodied blueberry flavor. It lingers for a bit and when you think that is going to be the only flavor you are going to get out of the liquid is when the...
  18. kimsmm

    Sweet Heavens :)

    YEP!! I'm having a moment! I need this in my life right now. Does anybody know where I can find a vape recipe like this??? In need of some sweet temptation but this is not good for my diet. So the sencond best thing is to find this in a vape. Please help ;) Creamy Cloud Eclairs If you...
  19. mountainmanvape

    Lazarus Vintage CLEOPATRA Ejuice Review

    Again, let me start by saying this product was sent to me to review for you. I will always give MY honest opinion good or bad….so let’s go! This juice to ME was a pleasant surprise. It has a few different layers, giving you different tastes at different wattages. Here is the description from...
  20. HitShane

    Do you even vape bro?

    I just started making my own juice. I bought 1 liter of 3mg 70/30 from Nude Nicotine and several flavors though Wizard vapes. I made 12 things off the bat to let steep. I also made a 30ml of Sherbet/Sweet Cream/Marshmallow/Smooth and Sweet. It tastes like Slurp or Looper.
  21. D

    Crema Cream Soda or Cotton Candy Recommendations?

    I started vaping with Vuse Crema and quickly switched to e-juice. I still crave the sweet Cream Soda and Cotton Candy flavor of Crema cartridges. Does anyone have any recommendation for similar flavors or DIY recipes?

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