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  1. ECigMafia Official

    $1.99 Only | Drip Bar Disposable Device - ECigMafia

    Specifications: Battery Capacity : 280mAh Puff : 400 E-Juice Capacity : 1.6ml Some of the Flavor Profiles: Lush Ice: The taste of a freshly ripened watermelon with a menthol base Strawberry Ice: The succulent flavor of summer strawberries with a cooling menthol base Mint: The authentic taste...
  2. V

    Heisenberg The Berg

    Hello all, After smoking KEEP IT 100 Blue Slushie I have been looking into some flavors with a similar profile. I've heard Heisenberg provides that cool slushie taste that I cant seem to find in another flavor. The Berg seems to be a popular juice and just wanted to hear some feedback from...
  3. Dylanneuly

    Voopoo Drag 2 KIT with Batts and Juice

    Voopoo drag kit in mint condition with original box and charging cable. Includes: Voopoo Drag 2 Mod Uforce Tank Atomiser 3x Vape Juices 2x Samsung 18650 Batteries Warranty card USB Cable Replacement Sealing O-rings Replacement Atomiser Glass Tube User Manual *If This Add Is Still Up, This...
  4. D

    I bought a juice i dont like..mix suggestions??

    i bought a flavor called pink punch lemonade and its too sweet. Any suggestions on what i could mix with it to make it more tolerable. The exhale is also kinda spicy..reminds me of snorting pink lemonade sugar. I dont wanna throw this flavor away since it was about 20 bucks. Thanks!
  5. W

    Struggling to find a good e-liquid, need some suggestions!

    Hey, I'm brand new to vaping, I really want to find the perfect fruit flavour. I'm looking for something fruity as the tobacco flavours never really sit well with me, also I haven't got the time to mix my own. I don't want the juice to break the bank either! Somewhere with a sale on or discount...
  6. I

    Important UK Study on Effects of Vaping

    Hi! As part of a study taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University, we are conducting an online survey to collect data on the effects of vaping on muscle function and lung function. Coronavirus has meant that this study can't take place at the uni anymore so being part of this study by...
  7. Bwright

    tfv16 coils burning with recommended vg/pg

    on my wismec rx300 im running a smok tfv16 with the single mesh coil rated at 120w (best coil ive tried so far) which calls for 70/30 according to the instruction manual for the tank. the coils seem to not wick that great and burn fast but when i tried 75/25 it leaked like crazy which doesent...
  8. JuiceChris

    Inventory Issues...

    Hello all - we hope you had a safe weekend and kept your social distance just a quick update - with everyone staying home, we are literally running out of juices again so please click here to reserve your favorites.. Fortunately, shipping is still going on without delays, so you'll receive...
  9. C

    looking for regulated vape juice

    I'm a new vaper living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA I've been vaping for a little over a month now but my father has provided my with all my vaping needs. He also vapes but lives in the UK so things are different. I would now like to get my own vape juice and want to find the best...
  10. V

    RTA as RDA

    So I use an RTA right now and I love it, but can I use it as RDA, I dont mean dripping through the drip tip, but i mean wick the coil, screw it on and vape without filling the tank. And then when its done, unscrew it and drip on coil. I am asking this, because I love an RTA, but sometimes when...

    SMOK Beast King TFV12 Coils not taking in juice?

    Hey all got a concerning issue, As the title says I have the SMOK Beast King TFV12 with V12-T12 Coils, I have also used V12-T8s as well as as Snowwolf mod. My issue is when I'm using this Lemon Twist Iced Pink Punch (6MG/70VG-30PG) , the coil doesn't seem to be taking in the juice from its...
  12. Whargoul

    WTS Fuggin Vapor Co liquid All bottles are 3mg. Flavors are In Da Loop(fruit loops), Butta Booze(butter beer) , Blueberry Waffle, and Fuggin Donuts(strawberry frosted donut). Bought them a week ago and I’m not really liking any of the flavors. In Da Loop and Blueberry waffle have probably...
  13. vapehead101

    Has anyone tried this brand?

    Hey guys! My buddy sent me this picture and told me to try it out. Has anyone tried it before? Is it worth buying?
  14. inthedark

    What are safe nicotine strengths in vape juice?

    I went to a local shop to buy vape juice and since I add menthol flavoring (no such thing as too menthol) asked for strength 24 - which i have been buying. The very personable young man raised his eyebrows. "Depending on the device. we limit strength to 6, usually." Then he went to fill my...
  15. B

    For the love of God I Desperately need HELP!

    Hi All, I've made up a few juices from ELR (the most popular ones). They are only steeping a couple of days - I've tried a couple of them and I can taste nothing!!! off them. I know its only a couple of days but I should be tasting something? I've put a drop on my hand and I can taste flavour...
  16. M

    Question about nic

    Hey guys, new user here. So I am very much an amateur. Ive been vaping for probably around nine months ish, ive gone through a few mods and juices and found ones i like but unfortunately ive had to move. I used to vape a 6% salt based nic but where i live now there are no stores nearby that...
  17. 101vape CLEARANCE ITEMS

    Hi VU! We have a lot of items on clearance, so we'll be highlighting the best deals here. All clearance items will not be restocked and it's limited supply, so if you find something you like, pick it up quick. We'll kick things off with clearance Naked 100 vape juice. Cuban Blend Green...
  18. Soundsystem00

    Need to get better at making liquid

    I have a lot of flavors by flavor west, flavor apprentice, and a few others. But mostly those two. My friend said that all the premium juice that I buy is a rip off, and that he can make the same thing. I have literally never tasted a juice by him that even came CLOSE to premium! I have been...
  19. Decstrose

    A Citric Flavor

    This was an interesting recipe that I created. Its really good in my opinion, and has a mild citric flavor to it. It needs at least 3 days to steep or it will be too sweet, but after that, its really good. (subjective of course)
  20. Goobervapes

    Twice On Sundae By Vaper Empire

    A delicious thick & creamy vanilla custard with a small drip of caramel. Nicotine Strength 0mg 6mg 12mg 18mg 24mg Vaper Empire Social media Website Facebook...
  21. Alchemist Mods

    First time trying Bad Drip

    Picked up this juice on a whim in a local B&M. I have to say ..... I am in love, this juice is so fruity and tropical but not overly so. Its so well balanced while still being complex and interesting to vape. 10/10 will be buying again. Anyone have any opinions on the other Bad Drip flavors?
  22. lovelyg4m3r

    Where do you order from?

    Hey guys, I am looking to order some new fluid. Now I normally order from ELiquid Depot online because of their pricing but they don’t have a ton of flavors and... I’m getting bored of them. So, looking for somewhere else to order some decently priced fluid from but...a lot of the websites I’ve...
  23. nkara1981

    Awsome New Site For Great Cheap ELiquid
  24. B

    Mello Buddha "Namaste" Recipe

    Has anyone duplicated the Mellow Buddha "Namaste" flavor?
  25. Planet Vape

    Planet Vape Has 15% Off of All Juice!

    Happy Friday VU! This Friday and Saturday, Planet Vape is having 15% off of all juice listed on the site! Visit and use code "JUICY" to get your savings! Sale ends at midnight on Saturday 8/18! Hurry!
  26. mistvapor

    [Joyetech] Now Available: eGo Aio 10th Anniversary edition

    The eGo Aio is back and redesigned:xD: Joyetech eGo AIO Kit 10th Anniversary edition is a compact and unique-designed pen-style vape device. Powered by a built-in 1500mAh battery, it can fire up to 25W maximum output. With 2ml e-juice capacity, which applies Bottom-Feeding apparatus with dual...
  27. B

    EliteElixirs Grand Opening Sale!!

    Use code "vapingunderground" without the quotes for an additional 25% off everything on the site! Or you can try your luck getting a better coupon by spinning the prize wheel on the bottom of the website. Prices are already very affordable, why not save more and get great juice while you're at...

    Buy one 120ml $14 get a free 60ml you pick!

    Buy One 120ml and pick out a free 60ml bottle! use link below! USA MADE & SHIPPED
  29. Tuna

    Does preheat ("hard mode") consume more liquid?

    So recently I tried out the "HARD" setting on my Tesla Steampunk 220W. I do know that all it does is practically modify the ramp up speed so that the hit goes in quicker. I vape in a way that I usually take like 3 +- 1 hits every about 15 minutes (roughly), so I kinda enjoy this feature. Now my...

    Pre Fourth Sale! $11.40 / 120ml

    Use code "FIREWORKS" at checkout and get any of our 120ml ejw bottles. www.EjuiceRetail.Co regular price is $18.99.. Save 40% choose from EjuiceChilled EjuiceReserve or EjuiceRetail Lines. Flavors- Carnival Ultimate Custard Smurfberry Cinnamon Cookie Custard Melon Burst...
  31. L

    Smok Prince T10 & Prince Q4 coils

    (Please bare in mind im a beginner vaporist and havnt really a clue what im doing, please correct me if im doing anything wrong) Recently bought a Smok X-Priv vapor, used the pre-installed coil (Q4) and got a really nice taste from the oil (Nasty Juice Slow Blow). Because its a high VG oil i...
  32. Countrypami

    3rd Annual GSFA Auction Live Stream on VU Live July 8th.

    It's the 3rd Annual GSFA Auction by HiggyCigs! We've got Mods, Tanks, Attys, Driptips, E-liquid, Swag and more! Some new, some vintage, and all AWESOME! Over $30,000 in merchandise to be auctioned off! June 24th 2pm - 10pm Est June 30th 2pm - 10pm Est July 1st 2pm - 10pm Est July 8th 2pm -...
  33. Countrypami

    3rd Annual GSFA Auction Live Stream on VU Live July 8th.

    It's the 3rd Annual GSFA Auction by HiggyCigs! We've got Mods, Tanks, Attys, Driptips, E-liquid, Swag and more! Some new, some vintage, and all AWESOME! Over $30,000 in merchandise to be auctioned off! June 24th 2pm - 10pm Est June 30th 2pm - 10pm Est July 1st 2pm - 10pm Est July 8th 2pm -...

    $5-$6 / 60ml Summer Clearance Sale

    No Codes Needed. Just jump over to our site and click the Clearance Button in the menu bar. Here's a link just in case.
  35. pizzadave80

    Pizza Dave Reviews - Northland Vapor Company

    Hello everyone and welcome to Pizza Dave’s vape reviews. Today I’ve got an e-liquid review for you all. This liquid is all made my Northland Vapor Company based out of Fargo, ND. I am a Fargo local, and the guys from Northland caught wind that I have been doing reviews for some time and asked...

    30% OFF till midnight tonight!

    Come visit us at for some awesome bundle packs! Over 40 flavors including menthols! We also have a clearance sale going on for 60mls starting at $7.99...
  37. RioTorxx

    Are some flavors RDA only, and flavorless in a tank setup?

    I just got the Fireluke Mesh tank for my tesla 220 Punk and put my favorite juice of all time (“Nilla Cake”, by Elysian Labs) in the tank. I have gone through about 10 tanks at this point so I know my coil is broken in. All of my other juice flavors (even “Golden Ticket” mixed with banana “Hella...
  38. Ckplayer73

    Juice question

    I like having coolada in my juice's or a little menthol like in the Zesty Grappy by Monsta. My question is this. Would using a cheap 10ml (16mg) mint flavoured juice added to a 50ml shortfill instead of a nic shot work ok or would it make it rough to vape as most the cheap liquids are 50/50...
  39. VapeCraftInc

    Weekend Sale: Grab 3 Vape Craft 120ml's For $35! Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50

    FATPACK is Back for 48 Hours! Get 600mL of Vape Craft Eliquid For Just $60! Use Code: 'FATPACK" in your cart Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50
  40. S

    Looking for Juice help.

    Hey! thanks for reading, so ive been pretty faithful to the same juice for the past two years and ive deiced to switch it up and try some new things, the only thing i used before was 50/50 VG/PG at 8mg of Nic. Ive been experimenting with different flavors and VG levels but only been buying 3mg...
  41. C

    Juice recommendations

    hello peeple so rn I’m vaping on nasty juice wicked haze and I’m loving the low mint on it so if any of u know any other juices that have menthol but aren’t just plain mint/spearmint I would appreciate it Thank you
  42. B

    Flamingo juice lemon lime watermelon clone

    I love this flamingo juice lemon lime watermelon .I got nice base 100vg I will buy flavor monks aroma cause I like them, but I can't find the right recepie for it, anyone know it or made it. Thnx for the help
  43. RhwsGG

    VapeWild - BEST E-Juice Vendor Review

    Hey everyone, So, I've been ordering my E-Juice from a vendor that I randomly stumbled upon, one that I'm sure many of you already know about. This review is for those who do not already know, or haven't yet had any experience with VapeWild. First of all, it is incredibly cheap to order...
  44. Ashd4391

    Going through so much juice!

    I'm a not exactly a new vaper but I feel my question is best left here. I vape on a SMOK stick V8 and I have noticed I am going through 150 ml of juice in about 5-7 days. That's over $50 a week in just juice!!!! A carton of cigarettes is cheaper than that! My question is why am I going through...
  45. B

    Something Odd

    What is “propyl glycol” not propylene, PROPYL glycol, I’m newish to vaping and that doesn’t seem right
  46. Caterpillar

    Hi there! Worried about DIY Flavor vendors

    Hi so I am starting my Diy vape juice project to safe money, I am still doing research as to what is safe and found that non- water soluble (able to be dissolved) Flavors are hazardous to vape, (such as popcorn lung) like oil based, and some vendors re-label other company products and even a...
  47. Vape Path

    Monster Jim e-liquid review. "An indestructible super-cosmo-cyber-liquid"

    Today, when I got the parcel, belived for a moment, that Psy-crow shot the spaceship with rebel above my city, and that Worm Jim exists! The team Rebuslab from Moscow made me believe in all these things, sent the set, which was named - Monster Jim! Juice came to me wrapped in a bubble film...
  48. VapeCraftInc

    FATPACK 600mL E-Juice Bundle Sale! Free Shipping (U.S) Orders Over $50

    Get Your 600mL of Vape Craft E-Juice today! Use Code: "FATPACK" in your cart 20% off all 120mL bottles site wide Free Shipping (U.S) orders over $50
  49. St3zzY


    Okay so i have been doing DIY E Juice for a while now probably around 2 months and for the last 2 months i haven't been putting any nicotine in my E Juice but recently i decided to buy myself some nicotine from Can Vape its 48mg VG Base... Every juice i have made without nicotine taste amazing...
  50. Vape Path

    Invisivle man e-liquid. "What hides the invisible man?"

    Today I would like to talk about the interesting set, which intrigues even by its name – Invisible Man from Saint Petersburg. What does it mean? No flavors and only VG/PG in bottle, hidden components in mix? Let`s solve this key! The set came to me, wrapped in a cardboard box with company...

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