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  1. littlebrovapes


  2. Efun.Top

    Only $6.99 for IJOY Katana Box Mod!

    Only $6.99 for IJOY Katana Box Mod! $6.99 new arrival Sale Products US Warehouse
  3. vvapestore

    Weekly new vape products from vvapestore

    In this thread we vvapestore are going to introduce the weekly new vape arrivals for vape fellows. Our website: General inquiries: [email protected] And welcome to comment below to let us know your thoughts on these new products or anything else vape related...
  4. Planet Vape

    Wismec Active Kit Pre-Order at Planet Vape!

    The Wismec Active Bluetooth Music kit is available to pre-order at for $77.95! Use code "UNDERGROUND" to get $5 off your order, plus free shipping on orders over $50! Get yours on pre-order today! The WISMEC Active Bluetooth Music Kit is right here for you! The compact kit...
  5. Ave40

    [Promotion]Big Discount---Smok Devilkin Box Mod

    So Many Discounted For You Here,I Think You Won't Miss This One Only $40 Either. Only $40 You Can Get This Box.What Are You Waiting For,Click Here:Smok Devilkin 225W TC Box Mod - $40.9 - 1682 - Ave40 For More Discount:Clearance Sale For E-Cigarette


    :vu: **ENDED** Gone for now, thanks. The last of my vape gear. :wave: OFFERS ACCEPTED :wave: -Sigelei Fuchai 213W-plus regulated mod. Box, docs, USB cord and rubber sleeve. Fantastic condition. SOLD -Uwell...
  7. M

    Need Suggestions..

    Hi Everyone, I'm not new to vaping or anything but I am looking for suggestions on the best all in one box mod. I currently use the Aspire Plato and I like it but, I've had it for about a year now and its getting a little run down.I'm pretty clumsy so its taken quite a beating but still works...
  8. Karjallo

    Searching Samael from el diablo philipines

    Hey guys I want to buy a sama el box mod from el diablo philipines, please feel free to contact me if you want to sell one or if you know where I can buy one used or new. Thanks
  9. MoFasterMo

    Raptor Chip Mods (lets see them)

    With all the new box mods coming out everyday, I thought it would be nice to see how many old Raptor chip boxes are still out there. Post those pictures and give us a description. Here's mine: 200 watts, dual 26650 powered, still working ! Lifetime warranty (life of the company) I think they...
  10. W

    iJOY RDTA Box broken?

    Hello, I have noticed while vaping that my iJOY RDTA Box randomly starts dropping watts, and I can't pretty much do anything, it just drops down to 5W and stops there until I press a button, then I can take a few hits and it will happen again. I have checked everything, the batteries & if the...
  11. elegomall

    A solid ,strong and massive mod as everyvaper’s dream

    A solid ,strong and massive mod as everyvaper’s dream – Desire BOX-X Mod I bet you all of vapers here all have knowledge about The mad dog rda or gta , now they’re backing with a new mod named BOX-X while the designer have been coming for us Elego this week. This is a beastly-looking mod...
  12. M

    Wismec - Customer Support - NOT

    Just a warning about Wismec and their products. Over the last 8 months, I have purchased 4 Wismec boxes and tank combos. The electronics on all units have failed within 3-5 months. Recently I contacted them offering to return the units for their quality control unit to evaluate - hoping they...
  13. Mikhail Naumov

    Custom built iPWM & DNA mods (And MORE) by Mikhail Naumov

    PLEASE USE MAIN THREAD IN UNLISTED VENDOR FORUM, LINK IN SIGNATURE. iPWM CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ: The Big Al's iPWM board works by first reading the input voltage. 2S-6S (Li-Ion or LiPo). It then powers up and you can use the potentiometer to cycle through maximum battery voltage, all the way...
  14. Mikhail Naumov

    M&PWM Modding's Custom Built PWM, OKR-T30, Unregulated & DNA/SX Mods (And More!)

    Hello, and welcome to the M&PWM Modding official VU sale thread! I specialize in PWM mods, but I will make just about anything! Thanks for stopping by. ADMIN SAYS: There seems to be a dispute going on of a buyer in here not receiving his paid product. So Buyers Beware until this issue is...
  15. Mikhail Naumov

    Mikhail's Modding Guide 2017

    It's too long to fit so I had to pastebin it. I hope this helps anybody who needs it, truly. ALTERNATE: Added Info: WHAT TO BUY: Soldering shit: So this one is actually kind of hard when you have no idea what to look for. A lot of people will tell you to go...
  16. B

    Best Box mod and tank combinations

    Hello there, while discussing about batteries I bumped into an interesting topic. Some box mods might not be fully supporting some tanks. One such example was Wismec rx series and SMOK tanks. Please add in your thoughts to the list below (RDTA preferably) (BM - Box Mod, NFC - Not Fully...
  17. VapingMurse

    Review: Limitless RDTA Box Mod

    Hey everyone, So it finally came in, and holy hell. This device is an amazing 2x18650 200W device. 12.7mL juice well is probably the focal point of this device, but the customization building deck, massive firing button, and the gorgeous, yet simple, OLED screen is perfect. I don't want to take...
  18. cloudking666

    Batteries BLOWING UP in Beast Box 75Watt???

    Seen this Review, I was considering this box but I am reconsidering, I'm sure I'm not the only one who accidently put in the batteries the wrong way, but didn't mind because on reverse polarity protection. I know "just pay attention" but still. does any one have any experience with this box?
  19. Khaoticfury

    Trinity Glass Cap

    So i am looking at the Trinity Glass Caps on and want one for the Tobeco Velocity V2 RDA clone I ordered. Wondering if anyone can answer the following questions: 1. Will the cap designed for Velocity fit a clone...
  20. Khaoticfury

    bEST sQUONK bOX?

    I took a look at a friend's kanger squonk box and it looks fun! I love the vape from a dripper, just hate the hassle of dripping. That being said, what is the best squonk type device out right now?
  21. dylany2k

    URGENT HELP! Buying a Vape

    Help! I am in need of an expert vaper's knowledge. I am supposed to be buying this box mod and tank. I am unsure if they will work together. He said the tugboat is an 80 watt but the coils in the tank are .5 ohm isub g coils... from my understanding..... those coils wouldn't handle that wattage...
  22. KingClouds

    My battery limit? WHAT LOL

    Okay so I just got the smok h priv (reg box mod) and i put a rda on it, so I use two 18650 batteries 20 amps each. Im just confused on how to stay within the amp limits, could someone please help me better understand? Since I have two batteries does that make it 40 amps all together?
  23. M

    Making a leather sleeve / case for your mods

    I'm a new member and new vaper so I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I've been lurking but learned a lot from this forum and have seen others ask for leather cases. I do leather work as a hobby and have made things like sheaths, holsters, wallets, etc.. Vaping gave me something else to...
  24. Jonny.87

    What mod to choose!!!?

    Hi, I can't decide what box mod to get.. I am moving up from my Kanger emow. I want to make big clouds to make tricks and etc. price IS an issue for me, my budget is under $100. i have 2 batteries that my friends can toss me + dual charger. so i can cut out the price of batteries . size is also...
  25. lange145

    Triple Parallel box mod question

    Hello all, this is my first post and thread so be easy one me. Anyways, I built a triple 18650 parallel box mod from scratch, and Im almost done except Im having a few problems. I cannot get the voltmeter to work and the Led push button is flickering when not in use. It is not firing but it is...
  26. T

    Series Parallel switch circuit?

    Hey guys, I'm building an unregged dual 18650 box mod thats using a mosfet. I love the small form factor of a dual 18650, but like both series and parallel setups. Is there a circuit or switch I can set up which would allow me to switch between a series circuit and a parallel circuit with the...
  27. 5dollarvapebox

    5 Dollar Vape Box -- a subscription box for vapers from vapers

    Happy holidays! I'm from a startup called 5 Dollar Vape Box, an e-juice subscription box that offers premium products delivered right to your door at a fraction of what the big boxes do. We are also home to -- you guessed it -- a box that only costs $5. With the average entry box of the big...
  28. S


    was wondering what would be the best box mod to use for the tfv4 tank ? Help is appreciated.
  29. Mitch.Chan

    Joytech Evic-VTC mini with a Turbo v3 RDA

    Got this thing about three weeks ago. I was expecting a shifty little box as a stepping stone between a Snowwolf or Sigeli but I was suprised. Anyways, it functions absolutely fine, updated with the 1.4 hardware. Nothing is wrong with it, aside from some small scratches on the display, I just...
  30. Sexvaselin

    Box Mods

    Hello, so my situation is that i'm going to the military and need a box mod that i can charge with an usb. I'm thinking of the Simeiyue SMY 170 TC... Or do you guys got something better? I would like a high wattage mod.
  31. D

    Few questions

    Hi, im new so not sure if this should be posted here. But basically im rather new to vaping, and I have a few questions. One: I have a aspire odyssey kit (which is the Pegasus box with I believe a nautilus tank) and I also have a ego one mini. Now, the ego one mini was 50 bucks, while the box...
  32. ajmboarding

    ENDED - Kanger Subox Nano Giveaway - 10/15

    Hey everyone! I got another giveaway this week. This time i'm doing a Kanger Subox Nano Kit! Check out how to enter in my video below! And yes, it will be a brand new one, not the one used in the video! Want more entries for a better chance at winning...

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