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  1. WotofoOfficial

    NEW ARRIVAL-Manik Mini Pod Kit

    Manik Mini Pod Kit Be Flavorful. Be Mini. COLORS AVAILABLE PRODUCT INFORMATION Dimensions: 92 x 28 x 16mm (with pod installed) Pod Capacity: 3ml (Standard Edition) / 2ml (TPD Edition) Coils & Resistance: M11 Parallel Coil 0.6Ω M12 nexMESH Coil 0.6Ω Main Material: Zinc Alloy + PCTG...
  2. V

    Heisenberg The Berg

    Hello all, After smoking KEEP IT 100 Blue Slushie I have been looking into some flavors with a similar profile. I've heard Heisenberg provides that cool slushie taste that I cant seem to find in another flavor. The Berg seems to be a popular juice and just wanted to hear some feedback from...
  3. TyTokes

    Need VG

    Liquid Barn has been out of gallon sizes of VG for what seems to be months now. Any other suppliers with high quality VG I can get it from??
  4. VaporEmpireDotCom

    Why the PMTA is Benefical in The Long Run

    Back in 2016, the Food and Drug Administration made an announcement stating all tobacco products not present in the market prior to the 8th of August in 2016, would need to have approval through a PMTA prior to entering the tobacco market. Additionally, all products introduced before that date...
  5. cloumix

    New Arrival! Aphrodite Vapor Melanie Disposable Pod Device 400mAh

    Brand: Aphrodite Vapor Product Name: Melanie Disposable Pod Device Type: Disposable Pod Device Introduction Melanie Disposable Pod Device holds 400mAh built-in battery with 2.4ml juice capacity. It has lush ice,blueberry ice,pineapple ice, litchi ice, mint freeze, grape ice for choice, also we...
  6. vapefly


    Did anyone try out the Kriemhild sub ohm tank by vapefly? A 5ml large capacity tank with easy top refilling, bring you an amazing vaping with intense flavor and huge cloud, a huge success after Brunhilde RTA, great job Vapefly!
  7. E

    Uwell Caliburn flavor.

    So I got this pod system because I heard it's way better than the Juul and that it has good flavor, better battery life, etc. However, when I try it, the flavor is non-existant. Is this how it's supposed to taste?
  8. 3Avape Official

    510Vape SPAS-12 Resin Starter Kit 950mAh

    Product introduction 510Vape SPAS-12 Resin Starter Kit has a built-in 950mah battery to support long time vaping. It support to refill 2ml juice capacity with replaceable coils.The included cartridge adopts 0.8ohm coil and 0.4ohm mesh coil bring you the better flavour. Parameters: Power: 8-16W...
  9. 3Avape Official

    Orchid Pod System Starter Kit 950mAh

    Product introduction The Orchid, with 950mAh internal LiPo battery and 3.0ml e-juice capacity, is an extremely versatile and innovative Pod System Starter Kit. The Orchid utilizes a 0.8ohm ohm mesh to make the fantastic flavor and cloud production when used with freebase and salt nicotine...
  10. 3Avape Official

    Yachtvape Meshlock RDA (Wotofo Profile RDA Killer)?

    Product introduction Yachtvape Meshlock RDA, with 24mm diameter, constructed of stainless steel and resin, is a super innovative rebuilda-ble atomizer specifically designed for mesh coils, this RDA features press-to-open terminals (no screwdrivers) for extremely easy and fast coil installation...
  11. 3Avape Official

    IJOY AI EVO Resin Pod Starter Kit 1100mAh

    Product introduction IJOY AI EVO Resin Pod Starter Kit consists of a 1100mAh built-in battery and a redesigned 2.8ml refillable pod. It comes with 0.7ohm Mesh Coil and 1.4ohm Coil and engineered to support max 20W output. Parameters: Max power: 20W Capacity: 2.8ml Size: 94x 30x 18mm Output...
  12. 3Avape Official

    Gas Mods HALA BF RDTA (Postless deck & Remarkable flavor)

    Product introduction The Gas Mods Hala RDTA, with post-less build deck, is an RDTA of mini size and compatible with squonk mod when the bottom feeder pin is installed. The airslots will appear once you rotate the top cap clockwise and the airflow can be adjusted in this way. Parameters: Size...
  13. 3Avape Official

    Freemax Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Tank $22.5

    Product introduction Comes with 24mm diameter and 5.0ml capcity, Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank features 360 Degree E-liquid Leading Holes to speed up the leading and vaporizing process. And Fireluke 2 combines Slide-to-top filling design and Patented vent hole design to prevent leakages. Parameters...
  14. 3Avape Official

    Mechlyfe Slatra RDA 25mm (Perfect match with Arcless Mod)

    Product introduction The Slatra RDA, a collaboration between Mechlyfe and AmbitionZ Vaper, is a dual mesh rda that features with 25mm diameter and supports squonk. Included in the package are 2 types of mesh coils: 2 pieces of Kanthal A1 Mesh Coil and 2 pieces of Ni80 Mesh Coil. In addition, the...
  15. V

    Lorann flavors (distinguish between oil-based and soluble ones)

    Hey guys!, how are you? I am a little worried because i dont know how to check if the flavoring contains or not oil and other chemicals that could harm my lungs and my hardware. What should i ask/check before buying? I know that a flavor is good when it is water soluble, without any artificial...
  16. 3Avape Official

    OVANTY Falcon VW Pod Kit 950mAh (Tempered Glass& Zinc Alloy)

    Product introduction The OVANTY Falcon Pod Kit, featured with the advanced VW function, is an innovative VW Pod system that adopts the high quality tempered glass and lighter zinc alloy material, which offers a wonderful visual experience. Included are 2 types of pod cartridges: one Regular Pod...
  17. 3Avape Official

    Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit 1400mAh

    Product introduction The Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit, including a Galaxies Tube Mod and a Galaxies MTL Tank, is featured with ergonomic design, making it comfortable to hold in hand. Also, the 1400mAh large capacity internal battery enables an all-day-long vaping. In addition, the 9 levels...
  18. 3Avape Official

    Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA 3.2ml (Durable & Flavorful)

    Product introduction Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA, the updated version of Voluna RTA, is a 25mm diameter RTA with 3.2ml e-juice capacity. Constructed by stainless steel and glass, the Voluna V2 is durable. Featured the dome shape chimney, the Voluna V2 RTA can bring you an extremely flavorful vape...
  19. The HillBilly

    Noob flavor chasing

    Howdy, I recently quit smoking after 30+ years. My son gave me a Nexus (2 months ago) and it accomplished that. Got a Pico 75 last week and very happy so far (does have cons for me). I switched to TC Eleaf EC Ni 0.16 ohm after a few tanks on VW 0.3 ohm stock coil. Eleaf ECL SS316L 0.18 ohm...
  20. vapehead101

    Has anyone tried this brand?

    Hey guys! My buddy sent me this picture and told me to try it out. Has anyone tried it before? Is it worth buying?
  21. E

    Vapor has no flavor.

    Umm, what happened, I even changed my coil, still no flavor. Hellbeast atomizer 0.2 ohm coil, eleaf istick power mod @ max watts (80)
  22. WotofoOfficial

    Wicking Tips for Getting the Best Experience on Profile Unity RTA

    How to wick for the Profile Unity RTA? Three tips to get the best experience with Profile Unity RTA 1. Find the widest point of the wick channel, and cut the cotton along the virtual line that extends from the reference point to the rim of the deck. 2.Tuck the bottom cotton into the wick...
  23. vapenvain

    New tank, new mesh coil, no flavor?

    ok so the guys at my local vape shop think I’m crazy. I picked up the force t2 tank and a fire luxe mesh coil which I have heard is the most flavorful coil on the market. The first coil was amazing loads of flavor loved it. Came time to change my coil I got another fire lice coil and NOTHING no...
  24. S

    Too Little Flavor

    Hello. I've been vaping for only two months and not very heavily. I'm finding it unsatisfying because the flavor is so muted. I'm more interested in big flavor than a nicotine hit. I've tried a few tobacco-flavored e-juices, one with 6 mg of nicotine and a couple with zero. I added menthol...
  25. Parrish

    Best Pre-Made Coils for Flavour (Dual and Single)

    Hey guys! I cannot and will not for the life of me make my own coils, I just choose to live the easy life and buy pre-made coils. :xD: That being said, I wanna hear other people's thoughts on what pre-made coils they think have the best flavors. I'd appreciate it if you guys would include a...
  26. Parrish

    Best RTA For Flavour

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for RTA's with the best flavors, preferably something that's not around a $100, haha. Things about what I like: - I find that I like my vape warm as I think it brings the most flavor - I like ones with not a lot of airflow (but not MTL) - I also happen to...
  27. Jenn F

    Savory Flavors Visited...

    This YouTube video was recommended for me in my notifications. I didn't watch all of it since it was not what I expected. I did scan over a few flavors but. ... Thought I'd share for those who were inquisitive! :-)
  28. godhelpme

    Questions about coils and flavor

    I've started to buy tanks for building, but I am new to this. So from what I've seen in the flavor chasers corner SS316L Claptons seem to be the crown favorite, but wasn't sure if there were other options with just as much flavor. There were many variations of the claptons and then there's the...
  29. godhelpme

    Best MTLs RDAs or RTAs for flavor

    What are the best MTL RDA/RTA/RDTAs for flavor? So far I gathered the best to be: Ammit RDA/RTA Berserker RTA v1.5 Serpent RDTA Hastur Mini RDTA - Said to be like the Kayfun v4 in performance, but not as high quality materials Kayfun v4 Galaxy RDTA - unsure about it, but I like the look...
  30. 3Avape Official

    Advken Manta RTA Resin Version (Dual Coil, Flavor Chasing)

    Product introduction The Advken Manta RTA Resin Version is here to attract you at first sight. With 4.5ml juice capacity and 24mm diameter, the Manta RTA is flavor-chasing with resin tube and drip tip. It also features the tri-hole bottom airflow system and top filling design for an optimal...
  31. D

    Are there any sites/calcs I can enter in the flavors I have and it spits out recipes based on the

    Ones I already own? Title says all. Just got a vape mail package from my mom of all people (LOVE HER) and am curious if there's a website or calculator I can input the few (5) flavors I have available and it spit out a few recipes and the ratios to mix it? Also, look like I'm stuck mixing by...
  32. K

    Help with Goon 1.5 ( With original goon cap) build

    Hello all,so back when it came out I bought the goon 1.5 which was extremely dissapointing even tho I am a huge fan of the original goon 24mm so I ended up putting him in my drawer and pretty much never used him again,couple of days ago I found some of the original goon caps online and since...
  33. 3Avape Official

    Thunderhead Creations TEEMO Sub Ohm Tank $9.9 Only

    Product introduction The Thunderhead Creations Teemo Tank, with 22mm diameter, constructed of food grade 304 stainless steel, features 2.5ml juice capacity and supports coil resistance of 0.55ohm. Besides, the top filling system makes refilling e-juice simply. Parameters: Size: 22x 44mm...
  34. 3Avape Official

    20Pcs/Box Hovap Pure Cotton $2.45

    Parameters: 3mm cotton diameter 50mm single cut length 20 pieces in one box Package includes: One Box of Hovap Pure Cotton
  35. HealthCabin

    Hey, you should DIY this way if you've never tried

    Hey, you should DIY this way if you never tried Today's new flavor recommendation. try them today, at a lower price 20% OFF code: Vapelf20 see more see more see more see more see more see them see more In the end, Kindly take an Eliquid survey here to help us improve and provide you...
  36. 3Avape Official

    All Colors Instock VOOPOO RimFire RTA 5.0ml $33.5

    Product introduction RimFire RTA, with 30mm diameter, the first RTA released by Voopoo, is designed with user-friendly and highly-detachable structure. The Voopoo RimFire utilizes dual full-wrapping airflow system. Air goes down directly from top to coils and travels through two side cavities...
  37. 3Avape Official

    Best Pre-Built Coils For Flavor And Vapor

    For beginners or veterans who does not have time to make their coils, 3Avape would like to recommend the Vapor Storm 8 in 1 Prebuilt Coil. Alien Clapton Coil Clapton Coil Mix Twisted Coil Quad Coil Hive Coil Tiger Coil Fused Clapton Coil Flat Twisted Coil
  38. Daneszko

    DIY in Hungary

    Hello all, I couldn't find a Thread which involves this topic and I mean I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. The thing is that we could google the best aroma that thousands of people recommend but the shipping from the UK or the US would increase the price very much. I'm curious...
  39. Hucky

    20% OFF ! | Halloween Sale | Jean Cloud Vape

    For our second year anniversary we offer you 25% off all flavors and concentrates.* Coupon Code: HBJCV *Valid only on flavors and concentrates, from Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September. Excluding products in promotions.
  40. HealthCabin

    For Vape DIY Lovers, All The Vape Flavors Listed Here 20% OFF

    Hi vapefam, If you’re familiar with HC flavors, it comes this time holding the goal that provides you with more superb vaping experience and makes your vape DIY fun and easy. If you’re not familiar, it’s ok, let’s get the acquaintances Vapelf, developed from the brand HC, aims to make your...
  41. HealthCabin

    One week only! 20% off Vapelf new concentrated flavors

    For HC concentrated fruit flavors lovers Our most innovative and classic flavors yet FRESH, NATURAL, COOL! Buy Now, Only $2.5 for 10ml bottle coupon code: Vapelf20 date: 27th Aug - 1st Spet shop here Flavor brief introduction Vapelf is here for everyone to find their flavor of vaping, and...
  42. HealthCabin

    Flavor Offer! Buy 5pcs Get 6pcs for Free!

    Hi Vapefam, Good News! We are offering great sale on the HC Tobacco Concentrated Flavors; A. Buy 10ml Tobacco Concentrated Flavors: Buy 5 Get 6pcs for Free B. Buy 100ml Tobacco Concentrated Flavors: Get 20% OFF with Coupon: HCTBC20 This will ends on 26th Aug, hurry to get the deal now...
  43. CapVanillaCustard

    Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm tank: A short and sweet review

    Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank Review Hey everyone! Freemax sent two of their new Mesh Pro sub-ohm tanks to me about a month ago. I'm usually not a fan of sub-ohm tanks but I've put 65+ fills through them because of how good the flavor is! It's a 28mm tank that comes in 6 resin finishes. The...
  44. HealthCabin

    Welcome to Vapelf - Flavor for YOUR taste.

    Vapelf is here for everyone to find their flavor of vaping, and it aims to make your DIY making fun and easy. Vapelf flavors are divided into 11 taste categories: Berries, Fresh & Fruity, Tropicals, Mango, Nutty, Mints, Coffee, Sweets, Vanillas, Milks & Creams, and Vegetables. In total there...
  45. Ave40

    A Taste Of Flavour Mode---Artery Hive 200 Kit

    First Time You See This Title,You May Wonder What's Flavour Mode?But To Me,I Want To Try This Mode First.Well Let's Check This Kit Out First. I Just Post The Highlight Of This Kit Here.The Official Of Artery Said The Inspiration Of Designing This Mod Comes From Hive.Well You Can Find Hexagon...
  46. mikeybee


    I can't make my own juice for personal reasons, but would love to try other's. I've had problems getting fruit flavoured juices to be "sweet" or "strong" enough, and I find it silly to spend $30 on a bottle of juice you don't even know you'll like. I'm looking to buy DIY juice from anyone...
  47. Jo_VaporVapes

    Save up to 50% this weekend only! VAPORVAPES.COM Easter deal now on!

    OUR DIY 5-PACK IS AVAILABLE in 6 sizes. Select any 5 flavors from our 145 DIY aromas from only $7.99! Don't forget to stock up on PG/VG Base to start mixing your own vape juice. Check it out: Use the NEWBIE code for FREE US...
  48. VapeCraftInc

    New Vape Flavors + Ejuice & DIY eliquid Sale | Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50!

    Get 20% off site wide eliquids, DIY supplies, and we made new versions of our Members Only & Taste of the Orient flavors from our High Class line! *Website Exclusive* Free (U.S) Shipping on orders over $50. Just use code: "VAPE" in your cart! Happy vaping!
  49. CapVanillaCustard

    Ehpro Fusion 2-in-1 Kit Review - Vape two flavors at once!

    Ehpro Fusion 2-in-1 Kit Review - Photo Album with more photos Hello everyone! Ehpro Fusion 2-in-1 kit is a pretty unique setup. At first glance it's standard a dual coil RDTA + dual 18650 regulated mod combo. However the RDTA has two chambers and the mod has two chips, letting you vape two...
  50. G

    Need help picking out a sub ohm tank with good flavour (for a beginner)

    So, I'm relatively new to vaping. I'm currently using the Innokin TS20 and I want to upgrade. I started using the 0.8 coils and I really enjoyed the feel of the vapor and the resistance but the flavour was so very lacking. I then bought a pack of 1.5 coils because that's all my local Vape store...

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