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  1. R

    Smoke free 7 years new member.

    Hi obviously I'm a new member. I've been Vaping since 2013 and doing rdas and Rtas since then. So I've been smoke free going on 7 years after 20+ years of smoking. Current setup Aegis Legend+Griffin 25 dual airflow dual coil at 100watts. Do you fine members of the community have any...
  2. ziadtorkey

    Can't get the same flavor from different build and same RTA and Juice!

    Hi everyone I have SMOK G Priv 2, Griffin 22m. I have a build with dual Hybrid Alpha Braid coil from geekvape and bacon cotton v2. I was vaping Secret Sauce Grape (32 watts) and the flavor was amazing. Now i don't have any more of this coils (Hybrid Alpha Braid). I have purchased Kanthal A1...
  3. s droid

    First RTA/RDTA -- Cooler vapes / Lower wattage??

    I'm somewhere between newbie and intermediate... I'm looking to buy my first rta/rdta... and I need some advice. I've only built on the tiny clr head that I got with my joytech vtc-mini... using 0.7 ohm wire (not sure if it is ss or ka)... Anyway, I'm buying a new mod and tank and I want to...
  4. Cbasten92

    Limitless Mech Mod questions and build help.

    OK so my boyfriend has a limitless matte black copper mod and the griffin 25 plus atty. He runs a dual build and has the LG brown and yellow batteries. He seems to have to change his batteries often. His question is what's a good build and what it should read (ohms) that won't drain his battery...
  5. Ste-vapes

    G-G-G-G-Griffin 25 Mini

    Well what can I say about this, First impressions are that this 'Mini' tank doesn't seem very mini in my opinion, it's not huge by any means but its a nice size tank and it looks the 'business'. I got mine in silver and it looks sweet sat on top of the RX2/3 with no overhang, sitting just 25mm...
  6. crew

    Griffin 22 FIXED

    Well i dont know where to start but ill just go from the top. Bought a Griffin 22 from my local vape shop. Worked awesomely for about 2 months. Then it all started to happen. My tank and mod fell on its side on my coffee table. Didn't think nothing of it at the time. The next morning half of the...
  7. mountainmanvape

    New Griffin 25 plus for $29.58 from

    Anyone interested in the new Griffin 25 plus can get it now through October 16th with FREE worldwide shipping. Use coupon code: "griffin" at checkout to get this price. follow the link below to get yours now!
  8. Vape_FTW

    [Vape FTW] Griffin RTA marked down to just $14.99!

    Hey VU! Just wanted to let you guys know that we've marked down our remaining stock of Griffin RTA's to just $14.99! We only have a few left, so snag 'em while you can! I also feel that we should mention our current 50% off e-liquid promo is expiring as...
  9. Khaoticfury

    Griffin 25 Plus!

    Is this the answer to my prayers? It appears they have fixed everything I didn't like about the Griffin 25. 1. They removed juice flow control. Some may see this as a con, but I blame the juice control for the mysterious "seapage" many, including myself, have encountered. 2. They fixed the...
  10. Khaoticfury

    Herakles RTA-2 vs Griffin 25

    Just wondering what the consensus is regarding these two. I have a Griffin 25 right now but have had vacuum problems and "seapage" from between the AFC ring and the bottom ring of the tank. I am considering ordering the Herakles RTA-2 next paycheck.
  11. xkimberlyrenee

    Griffin 22 problems?

    I got the Griffin 22 tank about a week ago, and I'm really disappointed. First, I barely get any flavor, I always end up going back to my dripper. I've tried temp control nickel could which sucked (though they've sucked in everything I've tried them in, but that's another thread) and I've used...
  12. iki

    Cuboid TCR Mode: HELP!!!

    So im having probelms with my cuboid, i put a ss316L 24G dual coil On the griffin in it, and it almost aways when i try to put in TCR or in Ss316 mode it jumps back to power mode. Please help me.. What can i do? Lower the watage? Or lower the Temp? Or another way? Idk just help me here. Thx
  13. iki

    Re-wick coils for RTA?

    Do i need to keep rewicking my coils And cotton everyday with my RTA? Ive got the griffin and the herakles.
  14. iki

    CUBOID TCR or SS316

    so i got my cuboid last week, today I got my griffin RTA. And i put dual SS316L 24G coils. So you that have a cuboid or you that can answer my question, do i use my cuboid in TCR mode or do i use it in SS316 mode? Right now im using in TCR 160 , 430*F , 60W and 0.22 coil. Please help me here...
  15. iki

    Will i ruin a cuboid by using a ego one tank?

    so my question is, will I ruin my cuboid by using my ego one tank 0.5 coil in watage mode.. 23W im Using. I think not.. But let me hear about u guys. Oh and btw i ordered the griffin RTA it will be here monday i guess. And some ss and kanthal wire & some japanese organic cotton. So let me know...
  16. iki

    Gemini vaporesso MEGA vs the griffin

    Wich is the better? Wich is the better for ss? Wich is the better for kanthal? Wich has the better airflow? Wich has the better tank? Wich is easier to build?
  17. Thejackson5

    WTS REULEAUX DNA200 & Black Griffin

    All sold
  18. M

    RTA on hybrid mech mod

    Whats up guys, I just got a griffin the other day and I was wondering if it was safe to use on a SMPL+ mechanical mod. The SMPL+ is a hybrid mod so it has a direct battery to atomizer contact. The griffin has an adjustable gold plated 510 pin so it seems to be safe but my local vape shops have...
  19. fantasticplastic

    Taking apart Griffin RTA

    Hello, I just got a new Griffin RTA in the mail today, very excited to use it. There are some machine oil present, so I want to take it all apart to give it a good clean, however I cannot seem to figure out how to take apart the bottom build deck section. I unscrewed the centerpin off but it...
  20. Everzon

    Geekvape Griffin- The Best Dual Coil RTA Available at Everzon

    This is the best dual coil RTA ever according to The Vapor Chronicles. Check the review below: It is nice looking, two post desk, easy top fill, air flow control, dual coil. The Griffin RTA Tank by Geekvape is the first RTA with the...

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