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new member

  1. M

    Obligatory new member post

    Hey all! Vaper from the great state of Maine here. I've lurked on and off here for a few years, not really into social media (or social most things!) so held out on signing up until just recently... due to DIY fever finally catching what with the impending vape doom that our allegedly elected...
  2. Theboss

    Hello from Canada!

    Just wanted to pop I'm here and say an official hello! I was a very active member of the ECF forum up until recently, I've been watching this forum for a while and like the vibe a lot better. I was a 25 year smoker who had tried literally everything to quit, vaping worked for me. I threw the...
  3. dez

    Hello from Georgia! I'm a newbie

    Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself and say that I'm glad I found a place where you won't get chewed out for asking a question that has been asked before. So, it's great to find a place where I can discuss vaping and CBD oil in the same place. (I would love if you had a skin care forum...
  4. Naxerux

    New member here

    Hi everyone, I felt free to post my first thread, so as to say hi to all members here! This looks like a great international community, and I wanted to visit and join you. I'm a happy vaper for 4 years now. I come from Serbia and we also have a small, but very great vaping community. I decided...
  5. B

    My Vaping Timeline - New Member

    Hi guys - I hope I can give a background story based on my personal experiences since starting vaping. Throughout my years of smoking, I haven't really felt any major issues perhaps because I am still relatively young. I have never had a smokers cough, and generally felt very well. However...
  6. Crafty E-liquids

    Hi, from Crafty E-liquids

    Hi all, Frist off, thanks for having me on board your forum. Crafty E-liquids all started when I was working for a funk store here in New Zeland. I was a pack a day smoker and ready to quit. A customer came into the store one day and was vaping this very big mechanical mode. We started talking...
  7. Pauline13

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Hey y'all, I'm Pauline and I'm obvs new here!! like most of you I've been lurking for far too long, and decided to just create an account already
  8. M

    From pen to mod

    Hello Everyone! New member here! Back in February of 2017 I picked up my first pen. It was a Logic Pro and I used this for about 2 months. Then I moved on to an E-Leaf 40w. This was another two months and then I moved onto my current setup. I have an OBS Engine/ TFv8 big baby with a Smoant...
  9. SurroundedByCloudz

    Hello From @SurroundedByCloudz!

    Perhaps some of you are familiar with me, but if not, I make Vape related art and Vape Trick compilations on YouTube :D Look forward to participating in the community.
  10. SirChalice

    Not New to Vaping But New To The Community

    Hello Guys and Girls, I'm Barry West I also go by Sir Chalice, from North Jersey and I consider myself a moderate/advanced vaper. I buy RDA's and Mechs that state that the mods are for advanced users only but then I have to go to my brother to get intricate builds. I can make a pair of fused...
  11. Donny B

    Going Live for the 1st time!!! Come join the chat!

    Going live for the 1st time at 3pm pacific 6pm eastern on Vaping Underground Live!!! Please drop by and say hi 8a everyone! :)
  12. O

    New member & a beginner to mixing my own ejuice. Looking for a very simple watermelon recipe. Thank

    Looking for a simple watermelon recipe for a beginner.
  13. germs95

    Hello VU! :)

    Hey there :vjc:! Another new member here! All the way from Brunei Darussalam in ASIA. Been always checking this site for some time and I decided to join it cause hey! Why not join the community? Its great to be a part of VU ;) Anyway, short story of how I started vaping.. Been vaping for, 1...
  14. skullyoneleg

    Hello Vape Advocates!

    I hope everyone is having a great week, and getting healthier by the second thanks to our Vaping Revolution! Just a quick intro to share some blah blah blah's about meself: My name is Carla, but everyone calls me Skully. I was tagged with this nickname because while in basic training for the...
  15. pcdocstl06

    Hello fellow vapers.....

    I have been vaping for almost three years and not smoked an analog since. I tend to lean more towards tobacco flavored vapes. I started with S&S Mods Old #4 which was my absolute favorite but since they have disappeared I had to find a new flavor. EKCO Vapuer makes a tobacco called "Forte Gras"...
  16. Redscaddy22

    How long b4 new member title is gone?

    How long till they remove my new member title? Anybody got a link to a thread with all the badges explained? For ex. How many for bronze, gold, diamond? Ty for help
  17. Synphul

    Hello fellow vapers!

    Hi to all, I go by synphul or syn in online forums. I'm a relatively new addition to the vaping community, been off of cigs for around 3mo now. My decision to get off cigs was a health choice. I was a smoker for 20 years, between 1-2 packs a day. The past couple of years I developed a nasty...
  18. SoulVaper

    Hello ppl

    Hello my friend, i have been vaping for 1 year and about 4 months back i had a brake down and gone back to the stinkiest but last monday i went and got a new vape kit and i'm determine to keep on vaping. I'm rocking a Evic VT by joyetech with a vaporesso atomizer (still trying to figure out how...
  19. Etown smoke

    Another Canuck

    Hey everyone, another Canadian here. I've been really enjoying the forums here at vu, have read a lot and had lots of questions answered from that before I figured I should join you all. Been vaping for almost 2 years now and I'm sure I'm not the only one who started with a simple spinner and...
  20. DisasterousDan

    Time to change coils?

    Hey guys Im new to the rda and coil building thing and don't know how long coils are supposed to last. Are you meant to use a coil until it burns out on its own and then change it? Or is there a point where they just become less effective? This is my first build and I've been using it for about...
  21. DisasterousDan

    Max wattage for sub-ohm coils

    hey guys I am new to box mods and rda's. I currently have a fixed wattage mod at 40w and have a 0.5ohm tank. I bought my first rda and built a 0.3 ohm dual coil set up and it works great. I am looking to buy a new box mod which is variable. It can go to a max of 70w and says that it can use...
  22. tt350x

    New guy from Austin!!

    Hello everyone, Figure I'll do a quick introduction, I am fairly new to the vaping world but it's very fascinating to me and I got involved because of the art more than anything else. I was never a "smoker" I'll have a cigarette or two when I drink or really stressed but yes (I do however...
  23. Lambreau21

    The Other Side

    So after reading a good bit of forums and threads I've seen a tremendous amount of inspirational journeys that have overcome the addiction to cigarettes. Those that have overcame it, those that are striving to overcome it, and those that are just trying to figure out if vaping is really worth...

    Vaping for over a year, posting first time!

    Hello, My wife and I are converted smokers. I used to smoke around a pack a day, and then I switched to American Spirit roll-ups. We were still smoking a lot. We started vaping at the end of 2013, and we haven't looked back since! We started running Kangertech Evod pen vapes, but now we are...
  25. D

    Just need help starting out!

    Hi Guys A forum friend started me out on a Regal Smokey vape pen for Christmas. It has a 510 thread battery of no known capacity. I need to invest in something which produces vapor when needed not just after a few hours of soaking. Most of what I have read so far is obfuscated by a too...
  26. leanne9963

    Newbie!! Need battery help?

    Hi guys :) I've been vaping for almost 2 years now on the Eleaf I stick 30w and aspire mini tank. I've decided to upgrade to the kanger subox nano kit in a gorgeous pink shade :p I've ordered the kit and a battery (Samsung inr18650-25r 18650 2500mAh flat top high drain battery (SAMBTY) - it's...
  27. Pauuuuula

    Vaping Essentials? Newbie

    Hi, newbie here! I am going to list a few that I am about to purchase online in Malaysia (I am from PH, btw) I want to know if it is really needed and want to know your suggestions on what I still need. 1. Evic VTC mini mod 2. Billow V2 RTA 3. Lg HG2 batt 4. NiteCore i2 charger Add-ons (for...
  28. L

    Hello, Howdy and Hey!

    Hi! I'm LadyVapentine, and I quit smoking about a month ago after I tried e-cigs at Vapor4Life. Since then, they've hired me on as the social media coordinator, so I'm dipping my toes into the vaping community to learn more about the folks that make up this wonderful world of e cigs! I'm here...
  29. RagerVapor

    Cloud9 Vapor chain PA/ Cloned E Liquid Management

    Hey guys I am extremely excited to be a part of this forum. My family started a vape shop last February in PA called Cloud 9 Vapors. Now we have an E-Liquid company CV9 E-Liquids which we have released one line so far called Cloned E-Liquids. We have another line we are very excited to...

    HELP!!! vaping for a year but now smoking

    Hey guys I need help... I've been vaping for over a year now and I love it. But recently due to income complications... I ran out of juice and was needing some nicotine and got a cigarette off a buddy then once the money was tight for a week I grabbed a pack of cigs (*$11.00) basically because I...
  31. I

    Help a new dripper get an optimized build

    Hey guys first post here was wondering what build would be ideal for a ehpro plumeveil sitting atop an iStick TC40W. I'm more of a flavor chaser I don't need huge clouds or temp control as I'm mostly vaping cheap high pg e-liquid anyway. I got a 30 foot spool of 26 gauge kanthal but thats it...
  32. S

    Above or Resistance Ohming

    I am brand new to vaping and eventually would like to try subohming however i don't want to jump straight into it. i have heard the smoke can get pretty hot and i would like to ease into it. I can't build coils and right now my needs are for good flavor and decent to big clouds, I'm more...
  33. A

    New to coil building...Dont know if my build is safe?

    hey guys, so Im rather new to coil building but I just built my first dual coil build in a dark horse. Im using an IPV4S and two Efest IMR18650 2500mAh batteries. Im pretty sure the wire is 24 gauge as well. My box tells me its running at .13 ohms and 2.54v at 50 watts. Im just wondering if this...
  34. G

    Temp & Wattage on an Arctic Tank

    I have an arctic tank on an iStick 40watt battery. Recently all my coils are burning up. I think I have the wrong settings. Currently I have a .2ohm coil set at 29 watts and 350 degree F temp. (coil is not a temp control). I also have a .5ohm coil I have not used yet. Can anyone tell me the...
  35. J

    Advanced setup.

    Yo. Cloud chaser here. So I started vaping yesterday with an eGo, top coil tank, drip tip, the basic setup that comes with juice for like 25 bucks. I like it, but the draw is really tough, and the clouds are tiny, not at all what I was hoping for. I'm used to hookah clouds. Anyway. I was...
  36. R

    Coil Upgrade Suggestions

    Hey everyone, New to the site, pretty new to vaping in general, and very new to coil building and drip tanks (built my first coils yesterday). So right now I'm working on upgrading from what I have set up. Though I am very satisfied with the amount of clouds I am getting and how good the flavor...
  37. ScribbleWobbles

    Hullo from WA

    Hey, this is my first post here. Just doing the normal intro thing. Just here to hang out, blow clouds, rebuild some coils, and all that fun stuff. A little about me: 21 year old guy Enjoy PC gaming (Steam: Matty Meme Master, LoL: ScribbleWobbles) Have a cat 420/Liquor friendly Love...

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