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  1. Bleducsi

    Can someone provide a list of materials.

    So, I just started vaping again and I want to get into building my own coils instead of buying premade clapton or staple spools. Can someone provide me or point me towards a list of wire sizes and types to start making things like frapples, Cat tracks and other advanced builds. I'm tired of...
  2. Jdenny14

    Kylin 2 RTA Coil Build Help

    Trying to find some good coils for this rta. The two that came with it worked great. Now the premade coils i bought are too big(3.5mm ID i think) because of the postless design. Definitely a beginner at this and am looking for a good "thin" gauged wire that i can run at a cooler temp. 100W is a...
  3. Lawless_lou

    Getting into the mech world

    I'm thinking of jumping into the world of mechs, does anyone have any suggestions on reasonably priced tubes that would be good to start with. I'm a single dad so I don't want to spend a ton of cash just in case I don't end up liking mechs. I know I could grab a clone cheap but I see so many...
  4. S

    Hookah smoker looking for low budget alternative

    Hello, I am smoking hookah now since about 3 years and recently one of my friends started vaping and borrowed me his mod for a couple of puffs and it almost felt like a hookah on the go and even healthier than the real one. So I started searching for a nice mod that could produce comparable...
  5. L

    Vaporesso Veco One Plus honest opinions?

    I stumbled upon this device and it seems to offer me exactly what I need in terms of vaping but I want some honest opinions about it from users. Please do not compare it to other products. I am strictly talking about the PLUS version. Thanks in advance!
  6. tcookj

    Beginner Vaper OIF Vet requesting help with getting a mod

    My name is Tim. I recently decided to quit smoking. My brother has successfully been off ciggs for two years since he started vaping. I tried his vape and cant believe how it satisfied my craving with smoke that tastes like fruit loops. He let me borrow his vape for a week and im stuck. I really...
  7. Z

    Vape n00b w/Predator 228

    I need help :( I am not very educated in the vaping world, I mainly just started them as a less stinky & better tasting alternative to cigarettes. I've been using smaller vape pens for years now and decided to take the plunge and get a bigger vape so that I don't have to charge it multiple times...
  8. G

    Need help picking out a sub ohm tank with good flavour (for a beginner)

    So, I'm relatively new to vaping. I'm currently using the Innokin TS20 and I want to upgrade. I started using the 0.8 coils and I really enjoyed the feel of the vapor and the resistance but the flavour was so very lacking. I then bought a pack of 1.5 coils because that's all my local Vape store...
  9. M

    I am so lost!

    Hello, I am trying really hard to find the best vape and e-liquid for me. I am mostly concerned about safety & health since I am trying to do this to quit smoking cigarettes. I don't want to do just a different bad thing. I read some articles like this one . It seems like it is important what...
  10. D

    Suorin Ishare All-in-One Pod Vape Kit Free Shipping $ 45.00

    $ 45.00 Suorin Ishare All-in-One Pod Vape Kit ETA Mar 24th The Suorin iShare Twin Kit is a robust and versatile ultra portable pod system that features an intuitive on-the-go power bank that holds two Suorin iShare Single devices...
  11. A

    New here.

    Hello!! I am new here. I joined other vape forums too, so I can get advice. What vape are you currently using? what is good for beginners?
  12. HealthCabin

    SMOK Rolo Badge, Start Your Vaping Journey With It

    Look at this exquisite Smok ROLO Badge, shaped like a brilliant emblem,it is the symbol of identity and honor! It presents the nobleness, elegance and simplicity. ROLO Badge is your passport to travel around the vaping world.Whether in a casual party, a club, a bar or at family...
  13. HealthCabin

    Good Choice for Beginner - Justfog P16A

    Mini Starter kit swept whole 2017, in such a great number types of kits for beginners, why this one performanced noticeably? see why through the following descriptions P16A is the excellent kit from Justfog Justfog P16A Kit uses Japanese organic cotton coils. The product offers great...
  14. HealthCabin

    Mini Starter Kit Will Keep Hitting in 2018

    Looking back the past 2017, there are many big events happened, like the breakthrough in vape industry, full touch screen and smart kit... and vaping regulatuion adjustment so on and so many. One thing i want to mention is that apart from squonk, other trend - mini all-in-one kit, though it not...
  15. Hillbilly Pig

    Flavors For Starting DIY

    This is my attempt of making a guide for picking your flavors when you start your DIY journey. This is merely a guide, you don't have to get every flavor listed, just meant to give a general idea of where to start. These are flavors I have found to be easy to work with and versatile, but it's...
  16. B

    Which new mod to get

    Hey need help on which mod to get. My budget is around $60-$80. I'm not really an expert vaper... just need an upgrade from my iStick Pico 75W. I looked around and I did find some that caught my attention. I also watched and read some reviews of it online. The main reason on why I want to buy...
  17. T

    Looking for a vape to buy a friend for her birthday.

    Ok so I have this friend who really likes taking hits from my vape and she says she wants one so I wanna get her one for her birthday. I'm looking for a beginner one because even though she knows how to vape she has asmatha so I want to get her one that won't be rough on her and she's never like...
  18. Paratech

    ParaTech Review of Vaptio P-III Gear Starter Kit

    This kit was sent to me by Vivakita\Vaptio for review. Some manufacture pics:
  19. AioIslikeVapingStone

    Smok GX350 + Skyhook

    So i bought this RDTA and i need a new prebuilt coil from geekvape wich one should i choose? and what settings? -_Settings asked_- Strength xxW Coil Steel, Ni200 or TI And then some kind of steel/Ni/TI 0.00100* I am a beginner dont judge :)
  20. RAYNE Blanco

    So, I wanna buy a vape!

    I want to buy a vape. but what is a decently cheap vape that can help blow some clouds? I was looking at this one, but I don't know if it is for beginners or what! What do I look for? Any tips for newbies? HELP A BRO OUT!!!
  21. M

    710 Vape Kit

    I've had this for over a week now and I've been using it a lot. So, it's a cigalike with a PCC that holds two assembled ecigs. The stats from the website says the kit includes: 2x Vape710 Batteries, 5oMAH each 2x Vape710 Cartridges (2.2 ohm atomizer + clearomizer tank) with 510 threads 1x...
  22. C

    new coil builder needs help

    so i just started building my own coils a few weeks ago and went from a single coil rda to a dual coil rda, and was wondering if for example i usually run my fused clapton as a single at 50w should i be running 2 at 100w to get the same performance out of each coil or will it perform the same at...
  23. C

    Should I move to sub-ohm vaping?

    Hi, I am a vaping beginner currently using a 30W Eleaf iStick with a 1.2 ohm Aerotank Mini. The tank can only store 1.5 mL, so I have to fill up 3-4 times a day. I need a larger tank, but they seem to be all sub-ohm and my 30W eLeaf doesn't seem to support sub-ohm tanks. I'm still learning and...
  24. H

    coils for kangertech subvod starter kit

    i have a kangertech subvod starter kit, which i've had for a few months. that being said, i have never replaced the coils. i am relatively new to vaping and i forgot that was something that was necessary. where can i find new coils for this vape? i cannot seem to find them online, would they...
  25. Origin Vape

    There's a lot of new beginner kits out there - about time someone dissected and compared them all!

    So we made a blog post about them! We are going to be adding more as we see them pop up. 2017 is going to be the most successful year yet for people quitting cigarettes. There's so many options, and success rates with quitting smoking are skyrocketing...
  26. R

    Temperature control coil

    Hi, im a beginner and planning to buy Eleaf Istick Pico 75W. Can someone please let me know if Eleaf EC Head Atomizer Coil 0.3ohm will be good enough for temperature control or the best coil that can be used for temperature control? I want thick clouds and good juice. (I have heard Stainless...
  27. gbalkam

    How to build you first basic coil for new vapers

    Just like the title says, this is for brand new vapers who are thinking they might like to try building a coil. Consider this learning to take your first step. Even the fastest runner on the planet had to learn to take that first step. This is the basis for all other coil builds, therefore...
  28. P

    Which RDA is best?

    Im looking to buy an RDA but not everything is available to me bc i live in the netherlands. But which of these is best ? or if you know a better one available in the netherlands tell me ! EHpro Indulgence Mutation XL EHpro...
  29. E

    New to Vaping, Need Advice

    Hello everyone, I have decided to get myself a Box mod(not one of those vape pens or cigalikes) and I need some advice. The question is what setup is good for beginners ? I looked at some reviews and both the Joyetech Evic VTC MINI and the Kangertech Subox Mini are recommended. Are these really...
  30. Don Droga

    Advice on buying second Vaporizer

    I purchased a V2 Void sub ohm starter kit. I found it ok. A bit fiddly. Modifying airflow was hit and miss. Customer care was terrible. It had 2 coils. I liked it's size. could slip into pocket without fear of leaking. I use 50VG/50PG and 60VG/40PG juice. I dropped it in some water so I'm...
  31. D

    RDA setup

    Hey guys, i'm looking into setting myself with a RDA. I currently have a RTA (The mini volt 40w kit), but after running into some issues with it I think I want a RDA. I need both a RDA and mod for under $40 (A bit over is fine) Any suggestions are open. I am a complete beginner to RDA's, but I...
  32. O

    New member & a beginner to mixing my own ejuice. Looking for a very simple watermelon recipe. Thank

    Looking for a simple watermelon recipe for a beginner.
  33. Seyn95

    New to DIY Liquid vape! Help.

    so, here is what I have: *VG (Essential Depot) *Flavors (LorAnn) *50/50 3mg strength nicotine (Nicotine River) I have Tried 3 Times using steam engine calculator. I have left them over night then I tried them and they are so hard on the throat! I feel like i add to much nicotine. is 2ml of...
  34. A

    Best tank for a beginner?

    hey guys, been vaping now for a few weeks and to be honest im having a bit of a nightmare with it. Started with an endura T22.. which was fantastic.. until it constantly leaked.. everywhere! So from there got a nautilus x tank with a cool fire 4 plus mod. Specifically got that tank as its leak...
  35. Twickvape23

    Beginner help! Kangertech topbox mini

    I've just upgraded from an eleaf istick to a kangertech topbox mini on my local vape shop's recommendation. However I'm getting a lot of spitting and the vape seems extremely hot even though I've tried messing about with the different temp. and watt Settings, any advice on how to reduce these...
  36. Kiwironic

    My first attempt at vaping with this setup

    Hey guys, New guy here from New Zealand, middle earth :) for all of lord or the rings fans. I have bought a few things to give vaping a try, I watched some videos, read some articles and did my research and here is what I got so far: 1- Mod: Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Box Mod - FULL BLACK...
  37. jnine493

    Best Build for Cuboid Mini

    I am new to vaping and I just got a Cuboid Mini. I would love to start building coils on my own so I also got a Indulgence Mutation x S. I have a basic idea about how to build coils. It would be amazing if someone could provide me with the best wires to get ( I've heard a lot about 28 gauge...
  38. M

    Refll e-liquid

    hi im a new vaper, and got two differrent types of e-liquid. And now im done with the first one and want to switch to the other. Can i just fill the other in eventhough there is still some liquid from the last one. Or do i have to do something else? Thank you so mutch for helping me!
  39. D

    More ejuice questions

    So after some consideration I have decided to order some mt baker green apple ejuice. 1. What is steeping / do I have to steep this? 2. What is pg/ vg and what should I get? 3. How much ejuice will I use if I don't vape that much? I will be vaping on a mini volt kit. Thanks
  40. D

    Finding ejuice for beginner

    Hey guys. I am a beginner (I have not even received my setup yet) and I am looking for a good ejuice to use. I was thinking a citrus-y flavor (Like lemon or lime) or a fruity flavor (Green apple, strawberry, raspberry). I am most likely going to be vaping 0mg or a 3mg juice. Price is kind of an...
  41. D

    New to vaping; Help with setup?

    Hey I am new to vaping and I am wondering what the best option would be for a rather tight budgeted setup. I was considering the following setup: - Kanger pro tank 3 mini - Ego twist battery I was wondering if there is a different setup I should get, as well as what kind of ejuice I should...
  42. Vapes City UK

    What is a Mechanical MOD, Beginner Guide.

    You can view the original article at Vapes City UK | E-Liquid Shop UK So, you’ve decided to ditch smoking for vaping. Welcome to the world of vaping!! You may of hear the term "mech mods" (mechanical mods) but wondering what the hell is a mechanical mod. We have created this guide as a...
  43. epjarv

    Hello From Toronto!

    hello everyone, my name is Ethan. I just started vaping about 6 weeks ago, started with an ego kit and recently moved up to a subvod. since i began I've managed to quit smoking, save a ton of cash and now i have a great hobby with an amazing community to dive right into. On a second note, I've...
  44. I

    Need Help - Vape Constantly Gurgling

    Hi, im pretty new to vaping, and dont know much about the technical aspect of it. Ive had my vape for about a month now, and since yesterday, it constantly gurgles. I have a cheap aspire tank, not sure what type, and an itaste MVP. I've tried everything i can think of: refilling the tank...
  45. V

    Bought glycerin but i have doubts and im new to making eliquids frankly will be my 1st attempt. So

    Igly'm vaping for 6 months and the cost of premade eliquids is being stressful so i want to make my own. So it is about the glycerin i bought and the flavours and where to get pg . So please read on and give me some proper response . Searched the whole place every single pharmacy around ny town...
  46. T

    Totally lost with vaping..

    So.. A bit personal here, but I've basically smoked a couple packs a day since I was 15 (16 years ago!), and I recently quit cold-turkey-style after an oral cancer scare (that isn't even done yet..).. Trying to replace my ancient cig habit with vaping, but.. this is more overwhelming than...
  47. R

    Shipment / buying from fasttech / first order , SG

    I've recently started vaping , using my friend's device and wanted to order my first vape device (kangertech subox nano ) from fasttech shipping to Singapore. Any advice on what i should or should not do when ordering from fasttech and shipping to SG? Seeking help from SGVAPERS~~
  48. G

    very new to vapeing and have a few questions!!!!!!

    Hello i have only been vaping for about 2 months and i have tried out a few different juices and had some good and bad results im trying to figure out where to go. i am currently vaping on a joyeteck evic vtc mini mod and i have tried 2 different liquid companies one is called stimulus i used...
  49. mountainmanvape

    Innokin ENDURA T18 Complete Vaping System

    Let me start by saying this item was sent to me for review for you. I will always give my honest opinion on these products good or bad…..So let’s go!!! This one is for all you out there who are thinking about getting into vaping, or aren’t happy with the device you have now. You know that...
  50. V

    Another dripping noob! Assistance with a lot of questions please!

    So I know that diving into RDAs really suddenly when I'm only fairly new to vaping, only three months experience after quitting the stinkies for six months, but I figured seeing as I'm a pretty hands-on crafty girl I'll get into dripping at some point anyway, and pre-built coils are expensive...

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