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  1. Jane_Qiu

    $26.5 Authentic Ystar Baby Mesh Sub Ohm Clearomizer

    $10.79 Vazzling Dvarw V2 Style 22mm 316SS MTL RTA Top Filling Version Features 316 stainless steel construction; Diameter: 22mm; Capacity: 2ml; Dual post build deck; 1mm bottom and 7mm by 1.9mm side airflow hole; PEEK insulator; 510 threading connection $46.99 Authentic Smoant Battlestar 200W...
  2. elegomall

    ElegoMall Promotions & Deals & Coupons & Events!

    Among the five most popular and classic devices, which one do you think wins the vape throne? Joyetech Family eGo AIO Kit  All-in-one style, attaches the best anti-leaking structure with 2ml e-juice capacity. Quite easy to take.  Fashionable good looking with mixed colors, so easy to...
  3. elegomall

    SMOK Vape Tank Atomizer Promotions - TFV8/TFV12 Family

    SMOK Vape Tank Atomizer Promotions - TFV8/TFV12 Family Hello Folks, Good day, Remember to Make Money from Elegomall here: Login and Make Money from Elegomall Here are some cheap SMOK Vape Tank Atomizers for sale. Shop the best and cheap SMOK Tank Atomizer from Elegomall ASAP. SMOK TFV8...
  4. Ave40

    Quick Preview---Smok Species With New TFV8 V2 Baby Tank

    Greeting!Smok Just Launches One New Kit.Check It Out With Me. Newly Designed 1.45'' Colorful Touch Screen,Clearer Info Display,More Colorful.Another,Independent Lock Button,Make Safer Vape.Mainly I Want To Tell You About The New Coil Here.As What You See From The Pic,Dual And Triple...
  5. A

    TFV8 cloud beast M2 coils for sale

    3 pack of coils for TFV8 cloud Beast for sale. I ordered these thinking they would fit the baby beast tank. They don't. I took one out of the package and it was obviously too big to work! I put it right back in the package. Other two are sealed. $10 shipped in conus. If the price sounds high...
  6. M

    Tesla 220w W/ OG Cloud Beast No atomizer found

    So i have a Tesla Punk 220w with the original cloud beast tank with T8 V8 coil in it. I sat down today with it in my jacket and went to pull it out and noticed it was pretty hot and it smelled like burnt juice. If i had to guess i would say it was firing for maybe 30 secs or so at anywhere from...
  7. Zentacles

    SMOK TVF8 Cloud Beast Coils - V8-T10 & V8-X4 Experience?

    Hey there fellow vapers, Got myself the TFV8 about 2-months ago, and it's been going really well. I've managed to try out the V8-T8, V8-T6, and V8-Q4 coils. But haven't had the chance to try the V8-T10 & V8-X4 yet. Does anyone have any experience with these coils? Pros and cons? For those...
  8. T

    Need help with smok tfv4 and tvf8 baby beast

    Fairly new to vaping and still learning all the ins and outs of the mod and its features / settings. Im currently using a Smok Alien 220 with a tfv4 tank, and the sextuple coil 0.41 ohms. Had pretty good experience so far, but it burns up juice really fast. Not too big a deal. I usually run it...
  9. Vape Path

    SMOK T-Priv Kit. «Working horse from Cybertron»

    Mornin` to all of you, friends! In my archives i have a review on SMOK T-Priv Kit. Let me introduce it to you, maybe somebody finds it useful!;) Well, kit came to me from Sourcemore in a bright and not very big box. On the face side you cans see aa earth crater with magma and the kit by...
  10. Mr. Mavan123

    Smok TFV12 vs TFV8

    Hi. I have a tfv12 tank with an alien 220. I've noticed when I take a pull from my vape it makes very faint poping and crackeling noises and has never been very smooth compared to my friends TFV8 tank. I don't think I've installed my coils incorrectly. Is the tfv8 just that much smoother? I...
  11. cloudvape

    SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Unboxing and Review

    Hi everyone! I unboxed and reviewed the Cloud Beast by Smok, see the video here: Enjoy and feel free to comment!
  12. SignMan

    ENDED - WIN a SMOK GX350 + TFV8 Kit from - ENDS 9/20

    Hey Everyone! We have another giveaway thanks to! This time we would love to hear you voice your ideas on the perfect box mod and/or tank. Or might I say show your ideas Sketch out something on paper... Get creative with it! Just make sure you show your example however you can so...
  13. E

    Help with innokin kroma and tank compatability

    Hello, I've been using the Innokin Kroma 75W for a while now and the slipstream 2ml tank is just too small. So I also got a Smok V8 Baby Stick. I tried using the TFV8 Baby Beast tank it came with on my kroma and I get a "shorted' message. Now I know it's not because of a dirty 510 connector...
  14. cloudvape

    Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast

    Hi everyone! Here is my unboxing and review of the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast:
  15. Billy G.

    New to vaping, need some help!

    Hello, Im very new to vaping and could really use some help. I bought the Innokin iTaste Kroma which is a fine starter kit, but the 2ml slipstream tank is just frustrating! There's an adapter that comes with the kit in order to use other tanks, so I just want to know what kind of tanks could...
  16. smokstore

    TFV8 Epoxy Resin Expansion Replacement Tank $2.99

    HI,guys,the epoxy resin TFV8 expansion replacement tank only $2.99 per piece,five different colors available. made of epoxy resin,diameter 33mm,can hold 6ml e juice. Link:
  17. M

    Do entire tanks need to be replaced?

    Hey there everyone, I'm new to this forum but have been vaping a little under a year. Back in December I bought my first real set up, an XCUBE Ultra mod with a TFV8 tank. Everything has been great with it, but all of a sudden it has just stopped working. Everything turns on, and my mod reads...
  18. D

    Smok baby beast coil questions!

    Hello vaping world! I have a question about my big baby beast. I am looking to find out which non-smok coils are compatible with the baby beast, as I am looking for something new to try in it. I would appreciate any and all feedback on this issue. I have heard rumors, but nothing verified...
  19. jstyezy

    TFv8 Big Baby RBA Replacement Glass

    Hey Guys, I recently broke my TFv8 Big Baby RBA Glass and I am unable to find a replacement, in United Arab Emirates. I looked around and nobody seems to have it. I am back to my regular coil. I tried looking at online stores but nobody seems to ship those to U.A.E and even if they did I am...
  20. R

    TFv8 Cloud Beast too much flavor???

    Hi, i recently purchased the TFv8 Cloud Beast for my Alien 220 mod with the Q4 coils, and i have been receiving too much flavor from my juices, i've tried all my juices on the tank but i still get way too much flavor and its overwhelming. Sometimes, ill even have to spit because the flavor is...
  21. Pharmamans

    TFV8 tank overheating - advice needed !

    Hey all, I'm a new to vaping, using Alein 220w mob, with baby beast TFV8 tank, and T8 coils. The problem is that, i can't Vape on watt over than 40? The coil and tank is getting very hot with 10 puffs over that wattage, and temp reads up to 40 c. What could be the problem? Is it the coil, tank...
  22. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    I only get good flavor from a full tank on my tfv8?

    Any speculations? I'm tired of refilling the thing
  23. Vaping_Orchard


    What's yalls most Flavorful brand of ejuice? Not the flavor type...but the Brand. Chubby Bubble, Smoothie Man, etc. I've used Chubby Bubble, Mr Bill, Smoothie Man, Pop Clouds. That's it. Kinda afraid to switch from Chubby Bubble or Smoothie Man. Because I wasted money trying all the others I...
  24. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    Are the tfv8 rba stock coils both ss and Kanthal or Kanthal all he way?

    I read where they're made w Kanthal but is it just the outer wraps or something? I thought most claptons were ss
  25. P

    Smok alien with Tfv8 cloud beast cuts off after 0.5 seconds

    I've searched the entire internet without luck so i thought i would give this a go. I have a smok alien 220w mod. about a week ago i decided to upgrade my Smok Tfv8 baby beast to at cloud beast. After about 2 days it started acting really weird. whenever i go above 60w the vape simply cuts off...
  26. Vaping_Orchard

    How to properly wick a coil?

    Ok, so I really cant find ANY how to video on properly filling and wicking a tank. The filling part probably seems fairly easy..but the wicking. I think the reviewers just assume everyone knows how to do that. I just received a TFV8 cloud beast (sent wrong tank but going to keep it) and it has...
  27. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    Are there any non brand coilheads are interchangable w smok tfv8 coilheads?

    Are there any non Smok brand coilheads that fit tfv8? I wish there was one for *** ****. The *** ***** by Mig Vapor really has me turned on but the price isnt reasonable.
  28. C

    Cloud beat spitting small segments of juice!!!

    Hi guys. Got a cloud beast a few weeks ago and it was going fine with the dual coil I couldn't have been happier. Then I tried using a couple of different coils and it just spits continuously! Not to the point where it's big thick lumps but just lots of small ones and I can't remember the last...
  29. smokstore

    Vaporesso Target Mini Vape Kit $36.2

    hi,guys,the silicone drip tips for TFV8,big baby TFV8 and TFV12 tanks with amazing price on smokstore,only $1.99 per pack,each pack include 5pieces drip seven fashionable colors available. URL:
  30. E

    I'm looking for sub ohm tank...

    Hello Everyone, my name is Karol and it's my first post here. ;] I've got a TFV8 tank and rx 2/3 for about 4 months and generally I'm very pleased with that, but there's two things with TFV8 which annoy me. One is leaking problem. It doesn't happens so often but still I don't like to have...
  31. smokstore

    Silicone TFV8/TFV8 Big Baby/TFV12 Drip Tips In Stock

    hi,vapers,the newest silicone TFV8/TFV8 big baby/TFV12 drip tips in stock now,seven fashionable colors available,only 1.99 per pack,each pack include 5pcs drip tips.
  32. Goatteaparty

    Best coils for the Cloud Beast?

    Just got myself a Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast tank and I'm a little overwhelmed with the selection of coils. I'm using an Alien 220w(which is also new to me). For a long time I was using a little 75w Pico with .4 ohm coils and I loved it. But I got Alien for better battery life, and to be able to put...
  33. S

    New H-Priv PRO with TFV8. Can't get TC to work, can't open tank.

    I just bought a new H-Priv Pro kit which has a TFV8 Big Baby tank included along wih a V8 Baby-X4 (0.15ohm quadruple) core preinstalled and another V8 Baby-T6 (0.2 ohm sextuple coil) in the box. The documentation is a bit sparse, and I've searched through the web and can't seem to find a...
  34. H

    Smok tfv8 tank help!!!

    Ok so I just picked up a new smok tfv8 tank today to go with my ipv4s mod. First off when I got home to set it up it wouldn't even register with my mod, it would just say check atomizer. So I tinkered a little bit with it and got it to register. But now that with the coil set up I have with it...
  35. V

    Which Produces more cloudage? Thoughts?

    I was looking at the Tsunami 24 Plus RDA and the TFV8... Which do you guys think makes bigger clouds? Thoughts?
  36. Acgraves

    Head scratcher TFV8

    Hey everyone. I've been beating my head against the wall over an issue I'm having with one of my TFV8's. Quick background, I bought my 1st (black) one brand new about a month ago. I've had 0 issues with it using both premade coils and the rba. It fires great every time. I picked up my 2nd one...
  37. NoID

    TFV8 Issues- Any help appreciated

    My mod is a Wotofo Sentorian Chieftain 220W Box mod About ~2 Months old - Along with the TFV8 Basically what happend is it started to short out in wattage mode (i'm assuming because the ohms are jumping to 0.30-0.45 + ) When i switch to Ni/Ti in TC the ohms drop down to 0.25 (Normal) and it...
  38. Youngvapor

    Recommended wire for Tfv8 Rba head?

    Hi guys, so i was looking at this Tfv8 atomizer by Smok and was thinking to buy it but i want to know what wire i should use for rewiring the RBA? i have tried calculators but i dont understand how to use them. If someone could find the correct wire for the Turbo RBA head 0.28OHM i would be...
  39. B

    Smok TFV8 RBA section is poop.

    So, let me tell you guys a little lesson about the TFV8 RBA that I just learned the hard way. I got my TFV8 about a week and a half ago. After using the Griffin 25mm, which I learned has very week screws that strip very easily making it completely useless, I was really excited about the RBA...
  40. smokstore

    0.12ohm TFV8 V8-T10 decuple Coils IN Stock

    hi,vapers,the 0.12ohm TFV8 V8-T10 decuple coils in stock now, Link: Resistance:0.12ohm Material: kanthal clapton vape heating wires Turbo:10T Working wattage:50w-300w,Best 130-190W Compatible: TFV8 only
  41. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    Tfv8 reads but won't fire

    This after I fixed it on my own in this other discussion... New Problem. The black tank was working fine on the Bec pro until I woke up this morning. Now it won't fire. No error msgs. It's reading the...
  42. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    SMOK Bec Pro 50w 26g & 32g wrapped coil dual RBA

    Working on my dual coil build using a 3 mm nail to jig. My Bec Pro reportedly supports Resistance ranges from .2-ohm to 9.9-ohms but my 6 wraps ohm at 5.5 or so and my Bec pro keeps saying power reduced and gets all the way down to 10w after I'd set it around 23-30w or so. I don't understand...
  43. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    TF V8 Leakage question for all owners

    I just got my tfv8 and all the reviews said it didnt leak but now that I got mine I just realised that that's horse sh!t... My question to u guys is how do you fix it? I did the pushing the bottoms of the coils in and tucking them thing which helped but I fell asleep and woke up to an empty. The...
  44. E

    Marrying 18650s that have one charge/discharge and Mod help please :)

    Hello :) I'm planning on changing my hardware and really thought it would be best to ask about this... Please bare with me as this is as much a brainstorm as it is a request for help ;) I've posted this on one other forum, but I would really welcome the input of this forum also, as it has been...
  45. smokstore

    Smok TFV8 Coils In Stock

    hi,vapers,all smok TFV8 coils avaliable, V8-T10: decuple coil,resistance 0.12ohm,best working at 130w-190w V8-T8: octuple coil,0.15ohm,best working at 120w-180w V8-T6:sextuple coil,0.2ohm,best working at 110w-150w V8-Q4:quadruple coil,0.15ohm,best working at 90w-150w V8-X4:quadruple...
  46. Angel Cigs

    Angelcigs Clearance 2nd Round - add more RTA/Tank under $5

    Angelcigs Clerance 2nd Round Add lot of new items into flash sale Check those amazing deals now!!!
  47. smokstore

    TFV8 V8-T10

    v8-t10 is the newest smoktech 10T turbo coils for TFV8 tanks,the new coil made of kanthal clapton vape wires,resistance 0.12ohm,can working between 50w to 300w,best 130-190w now the new smok tfv8 coil only $14.99 per pack(3pcs/pack) link:
  48. Angel Cigs

    Angelcigs Clearance: RDA$1.99,Sub Ohm Tank$5.99,Mod $10.99

    Angelcigs is running a blow out clearance. RDA $1.99 Sub ohm tank $5.99 Box Mod $10.99 Check those big steal deals here:
  49. Cpt.Black'Briefs

    Tfv8 on a 50 watt

    Has anybody tried the tfv8 on a 50 watt? I haven't got it yet, but I went ahead and ordered a bunch of 26awg Kanthal since the coils on this thing apparently only just barely works with 50w, but that's just word of mouth to me as of yet. I got two 50w batteries the BEC pro by Smok and the...
  50. vapingbest

    Welcome to order Smok TFV8 Tank with Blue ,Gold New Color,So cheap !

    Happy to hear that the smok tfv8 will be in stock with Blue and Gold colors ,amaming color in the vaping market ,it must be your best choice ,and you wil enjoy the low price with Cool Color . Check Here To Buy Awesome tfv8 tank Smok TFV8 Features and Specifications: Thread: 510 Size...

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