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  1. ECigMafia Official

    Smok Tanks

    ECigMafia offers the best Smok vape devices like smoke vape pen kits, tanks, and coils at a cheap price. Visit today and place your order.
  2. W

    Need a New Tank!

    Hi guys! Need some recommendations for my home vaping setup! I am looking for a new tank for great flavour and vapour production. I am currently using the Fireluke 2 tank using the triple mesh coils. I usually vape around 75watts then going down as the coil burns out, usually ending up at about...
  3. ECigMafia Official

    TODAY ONLY 15% OFF all Voopoo Products

    TODAY ONLY 15% OFF all Voopoo
  4. ECigMafia Official

    Wotofo NexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank is available now in New Colors

    Wotofo NexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank is available now in New Colors Product Specifications: Diameter: 28mm Overall Height: 40.5mm Threading: 510 thread E-liquid Capacity: 4ml (5.5ml tube included) Filling Method: Top filling Coil Type: nexMesh coil Airflow Type: Adjustable side airflow Insulator...
  5. BigBird

    WTS vape box mods/sub-ohm tanks!!

    I'm not really sure what these things are worth or what I can get out of them so if you're interested in something shoot me a fair offer on it! Thanks. Also willing to sell it all as a bundle deal too. Vape box mods: -Eleaf istick pico s (blue) come with original packaging and everything in...
  6. Ms. Trixy


    All gone!
  7. W

    Heat resistant/Metal tanks?

    I'm no noob when it comes to vaping. I started with a pen vape and moved to sub-ohm about two years ago now. My issue is that lately I've been stressed out so much that I vape a lot more. It's still less nicotine than I was doing but the thing is that my tank glass keeps cracking when I use my...
  8. N

    Moving On

    I have been using a little Eleaf 40w kit for a little bit now and it has recently just packed up on me. I was wanting to move on to something new but I have no idea what to go for. I don't vape heavily so I don't think I need to go huge. Don't have a load of money to spend ether. Just looking...
  9. G

    Hello from Portugal/newbie doubts...

    Hello to all this vaping community! I am a total newbie to all this vaping scene and information but I am impressed although a bit confused too..I smoke a pack of cigs a day for more than 12 years and 10 days ago I bought a vaporesso Swag kit nrg 3,5ml almost no cigarettes since but I am not...
  10. CloudKings

    CloudKings™ Vape Shop | Discount for VU Members! | Great Prices | Fast Shipping Use code: #bestforumVU for 10% off your entire order! What is CloudKings™? CloudKings™ is a Midwest-based online vape shop dedicated to making vaping more affordable without sacrificing product quality. We pride ourselves on the excellent shopping experience we offer...
  11. mikeybee

    CANADIAN SELLERS: I want to buy

    As the title says, I'm in Canada and looking to buy something, and I can't buy off of US Sellers because shipping is damn expensive. SOOO people in Canada, list down or put up a pic of what you're selling and how much. :) Looking for mostly cheap tube mech mods ~ so clones are fine long as it...
  12. G

    Need help picking out a sub ohm tank with good flavour (for a beginner)

    So, I'm relatively new to vaping. I'm currently using the Innokin TS20 and I want to upgrade. I started using the 0.8 coils and I really enjoyed the feel of the vapor and the resistance but the flavour was so very lacking. I then bought a pack of 1.5 coils because that's all my local Vape store...
  13. V

    product searcher

    i want to help anyone who is looking for a mod or ejuice i will find the best price for you and try to find free shiping for you let me know what you want me to search for
  14. Mrs Nova XTC

    Shopping for Vape Supplies on

    Hello all! My name is Ally and I am a Brand Ambassador for I just wanted to take a moment to share how I feel about their site! is a great online store to obtain all your favorite vaping products, anything from juices, coils, mods and tanks. The site is super easy to...
  15. B

    Broken Melo 3 Mini, Need 2 New Tanks, MTL & DTL, Need advise regarding flavor as well

    Hi Everyone, * Before we begin, I'm from india, we do not have grand vape shops here (not in my city at least), so trying this out is not really an option for me. I order everything from aliexpress (exceot eJuices), it take over a month to reach me. I'm new to the forum, vaping since a year on...
  16. L

    Different RDA on a Squonk?

    I recently bought a Squonk BF Pulse off my friend but it only came with the Mod. I am able to buy another RDA, but im not really sure if its safe to put another RDA or RDTA on it.
  17. _mylesc_

    Looking for an RTA

    Hey everyone, I tried a friends RTA for the first time and am interested in purchasing one to learn how to wick my own coils. I wouldn't want to build the coil itself but just wick the cotton. Any good beginner tanks in mind capable of high wattage and user friendly? I would be using it on my...
  18. C

    Maxo v12 tank issue

    So I got the maxo v12 tank a couple of days ago and I’m getting great clouds and you can smell the flavor of my juice but there’s no taste. I’m not sure if it’s a tank/coil problem or what. the coils are brand new and it’s the same with both of them. Any suggestions?
  19. A

    Tank rules (Norway

    hi. I recently bought a vape that has an 8.8ml tank and a vape that has an 5ml. But later i read somewhere that it was not legal to import a vape that has a bigger tank than 2ml. Can someone confirm this? Thank you
  20. Aadilsid

    help me guys for choosing a mod and sub ohm tank

    i am new to this forum and basically let me tell u first i am a beginner and have been using kangertech subox mini c for about two month or so and well m not satisfied with this device. it gets heat-up real quick. the drip tip i cant change it and it hurts really bad after 2-3 long puffs. m a...
  21. naughtyjuuso

    ?Smok T-Priv 220w box + Tf-V12?

    Help me.. Just ordered new mod: smok t-priv 220w. And I need to know if my 'tf-v12 (27mm) tank' will fit on it or not. My friend just pointed to me that the mod has a 'hump' on top of it and sure it looks like 27mm will be too big for that. But I think that it's weird for smok not to allow...
  22. aaronh94

    Discuss. Best tank for long, juicy hits?

    Hi there guys, first post! *please pardon the typo in the title* I want to know what are your go-to tanks for long hits. I'm using a smok stick v8 rainbow kit right now and I'm finding that the 0.25 ohm m2 coil is struggling with long hits. Burns after a couple of seconds which is a real downer...
  23. E

    Tank question

    Hi everyone. I have a question. Do all tanks connect the same? I bought a celito aspire 120 tank a few months ago with a supply of coils, and I'd like to upgrade my mod. I'm deployed so I can't exactly walk into a shop and ask a local expert. I'm looking for a nod that can go at least to 120 to...
  24. S

    Alternative tank for target pro

    Hello ;) I love target pro tank no leakage, great taste, love ccell coils. At first i can change my coil and the chimney with the glass. But now I can't change my coil ;( . I attach some image. And now I gave up i tried everything but still can't change my coil ;(. So I decided to change my...
  25. TheElectricTobacconist® - Online Vape Shop

    VAPE SHOP | ELECTRIC TOBACCONIST® USA At Electric Tobacconist® USA we stock e-cig and vaping products from over 40 brands. With headquarters recently moved from New York to Boulder, Colorado, we are America's number one vape store! Our e-cigarette store has vaping equipment from starter kits...
  26. W


    Hey just looking for thoughts. I have been vaping for a while now started on those ego stick things that were 10 quid a shot at the market and crap cheap juice. Upgraded to sub ohm a little over a year ago and had a smok stick plus 1 kit with the tfv4 tank. Got the v8 stick baby with the 2ml...
  27. W


    Hey just looking for thoughts. I have been vaping for a while now started on those ego stick things that were 10 quid a shot at the market and crap cheap juice. Upgraded to sub ohm a little over a year ago and had a smok stick plus 1 kit with the tfv4 tank. Got the v8 stick baby with the 2ml...
  28. V

    # # Coupon VLEX15 to Get 15% off for Everything, Ends on Dec.6th

    We will update big promotion sales in this thread and help you guys save more.. Hope you can enjoy shopping at our website.
  29. P

    Obs v glass

    afternoon everyone. Broke my new Obs v glass after a week and looking to order bunch of spares. Normally get glass from slowtech but don't show any on the site Do any of you know what other glasses work? Thanks
  30. VPROCITY | Introduction, Authentic Products, Fast Shipping

    Hey Vapingunderground community! We are new to the vapingunderground community so we just wanted to introduce our company to everyone! Our team at VproCity, LLC launched both our main website as well as our eBay seller's account back in 2014. Our eBay account turned out to become wildly...
  31. Angelv942

    Venders associated with the page??

    Hi sorry im sure some of you guys have seen i am having probs with my tank. Anyway my question is i love this page and the help that was offered. I also like the fact that much of you guys are working class heros like myself. Anyway i would like to show some love by purchasing my next tank from...
  32. Tony Stark

    Looking for recommendations

    Whats up VU? I have a quick question for you all. I have a Wismec RX 2/3 on the way and I am looking for recommendations on tanks and RTAs. I know that they have the shorter 510 connection so I'm not 100% sure on which brands and tanks/rta's will be best suited to the mod. I had a Cuboid and...
  33. Tony Stark

    Looking for recommendations

    Whats up VU? I have a quick question for you all. I have a Wismec RX 2/3 on the way and I am looking for recommendations on tanks and RTAs. I know that they have the shorter 510 connection so I'm not 100% sure on which brands and tanks/rta's will be best suited to the mod. I had a Cuboid and...
  34. Kiwironic

    [Guide] Leak-proof and NLU (Never Leak Upright) tanks **Updated 19/12/2016

    Started: 26/11/2016 Last updated: 19/12/2016 *** This topic is about leak-proof tanks and tanks that don't leak upright. This topic is not about tanks which will not leak if you wick it right or if you do this or that. *** Note: The following tanks are not in any particular order. I have been...
  35. Chainvapor

    MTL Tanks - I know this has been asked before but.........

    Hello Everyone. My Wife is stuck on using a KFL+ tank. The airflow is perfect for her and she is having a hard time switching to anything else. Here is the problem I have. The KFL+ works really well with Juice that is 50/50 or higher PG. My Wife is sensitive to Higher PG juice and needs higher...
  36. D

    Custom Metal Vape Tanks

    I am looking into possibly start making custom full metal vape tanks. i am wondering how many people would actually be interested in buying them. And of so how much would you pay or it?
  37. A

    New Vaper tank question

    I just got the Joyetech cuboid mini and I want another tank to have another e-juice to switch up instead of having to clean and change flavours. What tank do you suggest? I'm new and vape mtl. I'm so new I don't know what other info you need to help with your suggestions!?
  38. A

    Best tank for a beginner?

    hey guys, been vaping now for a few weeks and to be honest im having a bit of a nightmare with it. Started with an endura T22.. which was fantastic.. until it constantly leaked.. everywhere! So from there got a nautilus x tank with a cool fire 4 plus mod. Specifically got that tank as its leak...
  39. S

    Tank Advise (bc vape shop employees suck)

    Ok, so I'm fairly new to vaping and started to quit smoking. So far, so good, 8 days without cigarettes! I'm looking for advise on tanks because when I bought my mods and tanks I knew nothing about the world of vaping or hardware. I bought a VapeForward Vape Flask 100w and a Uwell...
  40. cooltommy100

    What tank to buy?

    Hello vapers, I just bought my first vape, but i need a tank with it. I ordered the Eleaf Istick 100w TC. I'm looking for a tank that can reach 100w and have some nice flavour. Im mostly going to vape around 40-50w, but if i feel like blowing big clouds, im going for the higher wattage. So can...
  41. Rv16

    Ruckus Vape shop @ Prime Outlets

    Come on by and check out the new shop, lots of hardware and juice to select from. Make you choice, it's your life, Vaping is not smoking... Bring in 10 full Cigs in a pack and receive 10% off. Come on out to the shop today in this gloomy day out today. Got @GrimmGreen on the tvs come on out...
  42. C

    Tank options for new vape... (need help)

    I have only been vaping for 2 months, so I probably shouldn't have purchased such a thing as Lost Vape's Efusion Duo DNA 200 , but I couldn't help myself. I'm not going back to butts, so I figured I would treat myself. Anyway, I have tried contacting several websites for help regarding...
  43. Ms. Trixy

    New Gear mods/tanks, etc. that have your toes tingling?

    Is it just me, or does the Herakles Honor look awesome. It may have come out at any point in time, but I'm seeing a 9/10 rating for it. I like the heat dissipation too. Quite nice, actually. A bit wide in mm, but we can all accommodate that, right? China - $21.39 vs. US Seller at $22.49...
  44. stevenbuker12

    Stuff for trade

    hello I have a bunch of stuff I want to trade, not sell. LOOKING FOR AVOCADO, TWISTED MESSES 2, LIMITLESS RDTA OR anything of those natures! Mods: Anarchist blood splatter mech Brass bandit mech mod Noisy cricket (silver) Rx200 black Tanks: Aspire triton Micro tfv4 Horizon cerakoat Horizon...
  45. S

    Anyone recommend mod for dripper affordable?

    Looking for recommendation for mod to use with rda I have cool fire tc 100 and it works worried about wearing out the internal battery because of the power consumption and having to charge so often looking for something affordable. Any suggestions?
  46. Z

    Need tank help - pipe

    I recently got a e-pipe (pipe 618) and it came with 2 plastic 3ml tanks. I am looking to get a new tank (glass) that's is preferably larger. My issue is that my pipe is drag activated and so the tank needs to work with this. I can build a new mouthpiece if required. My other preference is that...
  47. dubcvapor

    ★★★★★ In Stock ★★★★★ 25mm VCMT in Black and 30mm VCMT in Stainless by Vaperz Cloud
  48. Baba Fats

    Sub Ohm Tank Overwhelmed

    To start, I have very limited experience with the plethora of sub ohm tanks out there. I started with the V1 Atlantis (which I still love), the moved on to the Silo Beast. I eventually sucked up up and got a Sub Tank mini, and Triton. Now I have the Toptank. Of all of these tanks, I...
  49. Paratech

    Lack of good seach engine or web site data base

    It'd be awesome if those who managed websites did it the way I used to. Or at least put forth an effort to care. It really doesn't take that much more work to update and manage a database. I'm referring to searching for new hardware. If you were in the mood to look for a new mod, you could use...
  50. BigCryBaby

    What do you think the future of mods and tanks will be ?

    If we are in the crawl stage of vaping, what will it be like when we are running. I am using this metaphor, we are past crawling I believe . I would like for someone who has some insight and imagination for the ultimate mod and tank. Should be exciting.

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